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Pension Application for Isaac Groot

On the Matter of Isaac Groot of the Town of Watervliet
County of Albany
Brief Application for Pension under Act of 7th June 1832.
Declaration Shews

            That then is no record of his age but was christened 13th Nov 1757.  Born in Niskayuna in infancy removed to Watervliet Albany County resides there now and he has always resided there.  That in the spring of 1775 while he resided in Watervliet he was called into service as a private soldier and volunteer.  Militia man in the New York State Militia.

            His officers were Ostrom, Weaver, Heemstreet and Schuyler.  Company officers, Colonel Nichols, Lieut. Col. Schuyler, Major Fonda, General Ten Broeck.

Was out in actual service as follows:

1775 23 days

1776 1st time 23=2’d  21 time of 3 time’d 21=88 days

1777 1st trip 29 days 2d 28 days 3d 32

1778 out three times this year

1779 out this year 1781

1780 out 105 days, 39 days 1782 66 days


77 Days



_____563 days


            That 1777 he was appointed sergeant and continued in that capacity during the remainder of his service as above stated.

            That above is all the days he remembers serving has no doubt there were others.  Out frequently on scouting parties.

            Never in a battle but a skirmish.

            Never discharged or had any warrant or Commission.  No documentary evidence of his services. That he knows during service in no civil pursuit.


State of New York

City and County of Albany

            On this twenty eighth day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty three personally appeared before me Gerrit L. Dox, one of the Justices of the Justice Court in the City of Albany, Isaac Groot of the Town of Watervliet in the County of Albany who in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832, make the following declaration to wit:

            That he was born in the Town of Niskayuna in the County of Schenectady and was Christened on the thirteenth day of November 1757 as appears from a copy or extract from the record of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in the said Town of Niskayuna which copy or extract he now has in his possession.  That he knows of no record of his age, and at an early day removed to the Town of Watervliet in the County of Albany where he has since resided and still resides.

            That in the spring of the year 1775 and while he resided in the said Town of Watervliet he was called into the service of the United States in the War of the Revolution and entered the said service as a private soldier and a volunteer militia man in the Militia of the State of New York. 

That his officers as far as he now recollects the same were as follows.

Henry Ostrom (1) of the Town of Watervliet aforesaid Captain, Jacob Weaver of the same town First Lieutenant, Philip Heemstreet Second Lieutenant, Peter Schuyler Ensign.  That the Colonel of his regiment was Francis Nichol (2) as he believes of the County of Albany but of what town he does not recollect.  Philip Schuyler was Lieutenant Colonel and Abraham Fonda Major, both of the Town of Watervliet and General Abraham Ten Broeck of the City of Albany was general but whether a Brigadier or Major General he does not now recollect. 

That in the year 1775 aforesaid he marched from Albany to Fort George in the State of New York to guard that fort and was there on actual duty twenty three days and returned home and in the spring of 1776 he was again ordered out and went to Saratoga and Fort Edward and remained there twenty three days then returned home and in July of the same year was again ordered out and went to Fort Edward and remained twenty one days and in the fall of same year was again called out and went to Fort Edward and remained there twenty one days.  That his officers were the same as he believes during this year. 

That in the year 1777 was again ordered out together with half his company as he believes and was attached to a regiment under the command of Major Jacob Schermerhorn (3) of Schodac.  Went up to Fort Edward and on his way from Fort Edward to Fort Ann met the army after the battle at Fort Ann (4) and returned with them to Fort Edward where he remained on duty for Twenty-nine days.  Was ordered out in July of same year, went to Fort Edward and remained there and about there on duty twenty eight days, returned home and in the month of September as he believes was again ordered out and joined the Northern Army under command of Major General Gates where he remained thirty two days and was there at the surrender of General Burgoyne. (5)

In the year 1778 was ordered out and went to Schoharie to guard the country against the disaffected or Tories and the Indians.  That he was called out three different times during this year on the same service and was out on actual duty seventy-seven days in all.

That during the year 1777 but the particular time he does not recollect he was appointed a sergeant and acted in that capacity during his services in the succeeding years, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781 and 1782. 

That in 1779 he was again ordered out and went to Schoharie and remained out on actual duty during that year ninety-nine days.  That in 1780 he was again ordered out to Fort Hunter above Schenectady and to Schoharie four different times and was out all during this year one hundred and five days.  That in 1781 he was out to the same places all during this year thirty nine days and 1782 he was ordered out to Schoharie and Fort Herkimer in all sixty six days. 

That the above number of days service are those in which he now recollects he was actually engaged in the service and he does verily believe that the same are put down within bounds.  That he was frequently ordered out on scouting parties and was out for short periods at different times which are not included in the number of days above stated.

That in the above attachment he has been careful to put down only such days and times as he can now recollect with certainty.

That he cannot state at this late day who were all his officers but believes that Caption Ostrom continued as his Captain till the end of his term of service.  That he never was in any battle was has been in skirmishes one between men under the command of Sir John Johnson and Americans under command of General Van Rensselaer (6) in the year 1782. [1780]

That he never was discharged and never held any warrant commission as sergeant that he now recollects and if he ever had any it has been lost or destroyed.  That there is not to his knowledge any documentary evidence of his services.  That during the time he was in the service of the United States as before stated herein he was not employed in any civil pursuit.

That his declarant is well acquainted with Peter Shafer, Henry Runkle, William Orlop, Mynart E. Vandenbergh, all now living and residing in the Town of Watervliet in the County of Albany and that they all or some of them were in the service of the United States with him in the War of the Revolution and are personally knowing to his services as herein detailed or a part thereof.

That he hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state and I the said Justice do hereby declare that from my knowledge of this man and the history he gives of his services that the above named was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states.

(Signed) Isaac Groot

Subscribed and sworn this 28th day of March 1833 before me, Gerrit L. Dox one of the Justices of the Justice Court of the City of Albany.


State of New York

City and County of Albany SS

            Be it know that on this eighth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty three before me the subscriber came, Isaac Groat to me known who being sworn make the following declaration in addition to his former declaration hereto annexed. 

            That from his earliest recollection he has resided near to and been intimately acquainted with Wynant E. Van Den Bergh and Peter Shafer.  That his services as private and Sergeant in the Revolutionary War where rendered as stated in his said Declaration hereto annexed at the same time and for the most part in company with them.

            That this deponent was as he has stated in his said former declaration appointed a sergeant in the year 1777 the day or month he does not recollect.

            That his said declaration and the declaration of said Wyant (7) and Peter have been again read to him and he understand them and believes them in all respects true.  That when his said last declaration was drawn it was suggested to this deponent that he should together with said Van Den Bergh and Shafer and others set down and make out a particular memoranda of the days and times they were actually out on duty.

            That in accordance with the said suggestion they did together make out a bit of such times and days as they were actually out and were together in the service.  That he has no hesitation in stating there were other times when he was out and which he could not particularly detail and which he then had omitted.  That the services mentioned as his declarations were as he does verily believe truly stated and the times and characterization of his different tours of duty were taken by the drafts about what has been his declaration for the memorandum carefully made by him as aforesaid.  That all his services detailed in his said declaration mentioned were performed in company with the said Peter and Wyant. That this deponent entered into the service with the said Wynant and Peter and continued during the same times they respectively did except eight days since at fort Ann which they were not accompanied by said Peter Shafer and which is not computed in said declaration. 

(Signed) Isaac Groot

            Sworn this eighth day of May 1833 before me. Gerrit L. Dox, Justice.


End Notes for Isaac Groot S.8604

By James F. Morrison

1.     Capt. Henry Ostrom and his company were part of the Third regiment of Albany County Militia.

2.     Francis Nicholl was Colonel of this regiment until he resigned; Lieutenant-Colonel Philip P. Schuyler was promoted to Colonel and received his commission on the 22 of June 1778.

3.     Major Jacob C. Schermerhorn of the Fourth Regiment of Albany County Militia.

4.     This took place on the 8th of July 1777.

5.     General John Burgoyne surrendered his army on the 17th of October 1777.

6.     This is the first time I have seen the Battle of Klock’s Field which was fought on the 19th of October in the afternoon being referred to as a skirmish.  Lt-Col. Sir John Johnson may have had close to 700 men engaged and General Robert Van Rensselaer may have had 800 men plus at his disposal.  The battle lasted almost an hour or more.

7.     Wyant VanDenburgh and Peter Shafer [Shaver] both served as Sergeants in Captain Lansing’s Company in the same regiment.  There were two Captain Lansings in this regiment Jacob and Levinus.

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