Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for George Hakney or Hackney

State of New York SS.
            George Hackney, now a resident of the City of Schenectady, County and State aforesaid, aged sixty eight year and upwards, being duly sworn, deposeth & saith that he was a soldier in Col. Marinus Willetts Regiment of New York State Troops in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty one – attacked to Captain Crosses Company in the Revolutionary War, against the common enemy and this deponent further saith he was wounded, taken, partially scalped and left for dead by the enemy on the field of battle in the month of October of that year in the battle at Johnstown, Montgomery County State of New York and this deponent farther saith he was sent to the hospital in Albany where he remained five months and was discharged which is [?] and declared unfit for duty—and this deponent says farther he had been more than one year in said Regiment on the establishment and this deponent farther said that he has heretofore been able to support himself & family by labor but that he is now as and unable and by reason of his reduced circumstances in life in need of assistance from his country for a support and has never had any pension—but could by the laws of the United States and this deponent [?] saith not.
(Signed) George Hakney
            Sworn before me the 11th day of April [?]
            David Boyd Judge Court Com. Pleas County of Schenectady        

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