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Pension Application for Peter C. Hogeboom

This pension is hard to read, the text from the other side bled through and it is nigh on impossible to read.
Ghent Oct 5th 1833
Hon’ble John P. Van Ness
Dear Sir
            Last winter my said Brother Pete had his papers made out by a Mr. McKegg of Hudson for the purpose of procuring a pension for his services in the Revolutionary War, among other services which the papers state he performed, and possessing your Father’s House, who then as I always understood acted as Dep’y Com’sy purposed of Military stores for the use of Army and that as acted for many of the public in his House—The papers made out for my Brother were considered would be satisfactory and sufficient to obtain the pension after those papers were forwarded to the proper officer in the war department at Washington, my brother died Yesterday I was at Hudson and enquired of Wm. McKegg whether the papers sent to Washington had been considered satisfactory to obtain the pension, he stated that he had received a communication from James S. Edwards Commissioner of Pensions at Washignton that the proof was not exactly satisfactory so far as to prove that your Father acted in the capacity above stated, for the Army, and that additional testimony had been procured and sent to Washington to supply that deficiency—I then stated to Mr. McKegg that I believed you was a year or two younger than myself, still I supposed from your intimacy with your father’s business and papers, your recollection on that subject would willingness now satisfactory to state to Mr. Edwards Commissioner of Pensions that your Father actually acted in that capacity—Mr. McKegg who is a very worthy man, requested me to ask the favor of you in behalf of the loss of my deceased Brother to call on Mr. Edwards and state what your recollection is on the subject, which I promised to do, your compliance will oblige the heirs of by Brother as well as Mr. McKegg, who I understood has made some advances my Brother at the time the start papers were made out—I believe that Jacob Curler of Albany has long since died was the Company [?] whom your Father called.
            Mr. Hoffman and family I believe are all well.
            With sentiments of great respect, your [?] Jno. C. Hogeboom

(Written sideways in the left margin.)  “The words no widow & but inserted before the Executed of the above affidavit by me.  Isaac McCogg Jus, Jus. Court.”
State of New York
Columbia County SS.
            On this 11th day of November 1833 personally appeared before me the undersigned Justice of the Justice Court in the City of Hudson in the County & state aforesaid Richard A. Hogeboom of the Town of Stuyvesant in the County & State aforesaid to me well known who being first duly sworn according to Law deposes & says that he is the Brother of Peter C. Hogeboom deceased, who was an applicant for a pension that the said Peter C. Hogeboom is now dead that he died the 2nd day of March 1833 at the Town of Stuyvesant aforesaid, and was buried from the House of Said Richard C. Hogeboom when he was brought soon after his death that the said Peter C. Hogeboom has left no widow & but one daughter Sally, now the wife of Nicholas Sampman being in this vicinity that he also had a son named Adam Hogeboom who left this part of the country sixteen years since and has never returned neither is he know where it he is or whether he is living or not as he has not been heard of for many years and where he is heard from nor is that Indiana Territory & since which his friends have not heard as far as this deponent has been able to learn wither he is living or not. 
(Signed) Richard C. Hogeboom
            Sworn & subscribed the day & year before above mentioned before me.
 Isaac McCogg, Justice Court
Information as Contained in his (or his widow’s) application for pension on file in this Bureau.  Peter C. Hogeboom

Dates of Enlistment or Appointment

Length of Service


Officers under whom service was rendered








June 1777

6 mos


*Cornelius Hogeboom

Militia Peter Van Ness


Dec. 1777

2 mos


Peter Van Ness


Apr. 1778

6 mos.

Cornelius Hogeboom

Peter Van Ness


1778 & 1779

3 mos.


Peter Van Ness


Oct. 1780

1 mo.

Cornelius Hogeboom

Peter Van Ness


(was discharged at Claverack)






*Soldiers Father.






Battles engaged in, with Indians at Ft. Plain
Residence of soldier at enlistment, Clavarack, NY
Date of application for pension, Feby 19, 1833.  His [?]
Residence at date of application, Stuyvesant, Columbia Res, NY
Age at date of application.  Born at Claverack afterwards called Ghent, Columbia Co., NY.  Mar 7, 1763
Remarks: Died Mar 2, 1833 at Stuyvesant NY.  Left no widow, but one daughter, Sally wife of Nicholas Lampine and a son Adam, who disappeared in 1817.  In 1833 had not been heard from for many years.  When last heard from was in Indiana.

State of New York
Columbia County SS
            On this nineteenth day of February 1833, personally appeared in open court before the Justice of the Justice Court now sitting Peter C. Hogeboom a resident of the Town of Stuyvesant in the County and State aforesaid aged [?] sixty nine years & eleven months, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
            That he was born in the then Town of Clavarack (now Ghent) in the County and State aforesaid and in which place he resided during all the Revolutionary War that he was born on the 7th of March 1763.  That the record of his age is in his Family Bible.—
            That he first entered the service in the Militia in the month of June 1777 as a private under the command of Capt. Cornelius Hogeboom Lieutenant Delong & Ensign Jackson that the company to which he was attached was placed as a guard to Government Monies and Government property left at the house of Colonel Peter Van Ness who was Commissary of Purchasing and who has generally large quantities of Publick monies & Provisions at the Establishment Kept by said Commissary of Purchases in the Town of Claverack.  That said Company was kept & on guard at the said establishment and on Scouting the said mentioned night or day until about the first od December 1777 when he was Discharged he thinks disbanded?
            Term of Services, Six months as private and this applicant further says that during the summer in and fall, while their said Company of which he was a member was on duty as aforesaid the Militia Generally from thence section of the Country were at the north and west doing duty and that the Company to which he was attached was left & solely for the purpose is for them understood of Guarding this Establishment of the Commissary of Pinchares? That the Company was a part of the Regiment of Colonel Peter Van Ness.
            He then says that in the winter of 1777 & 1778 he was ordered by said Col. Peter Van Ness in the Special duty of Carrying Flour to Albany & Pougpsie and other places that he was Consistentially Entrusted with larger quantities of monies which was [?] in the Storage [?] and taken by this applicant from Albany to Clavarack aforesaid to the said Commissary of such [?] that he was actively and arduously engaged in the aforesaid several from the middle of Dec. 1777 and til the latter part of March 1778.
            Term Three months as private in the month of April 1778 was again ordered out , the aforesaid Company under the Command of Capt. Cornelius Hogeboom, Lieutenant Elias Delong & Ebenezer Williams, [?] was again placed in our old guard at the place where the Commissary of Purchasing held his guard they and remained on such guard until the month of October 1778 when we was again discharged verbally.
            Term Six months as private.  In the winter of 1778 & 1779 was out again in the Continental Employment of the Government under the Commissary of the aforesaid did [can’t read a paragraph]from Albany Several command in this month of December & ended in March 1779.
            Term Three months.  And this applicant from the [?] he was again called into the service as he believes in the month of October 1780 under the aforesaid officers and marched from Claverack as aforesaid to Fort Herkimer on the Mohawk River thence to Fort Plain where they had a scrimmage with the Indians under the command of British and Brandt, Lieutenant DeLong and some of those with [?] marched to Fort Herkimer and the [?] Lake saw this enemy thence who encamped in their boats,? thence was marched by their same [?] and was discharged at the Town of Clavarack in the month of November 1780, that he had no written discharge.
            Term one month add he gurther says that these services made at any time during his services [?] Continental Regiments or Militia Stationed where he was that he was well acquainted with Capt. Peter J. Dornbergh? Capt. David [?] Capt. & Peter Harden? And Capt. Hans? Belonged of the Continental Line, that since the Revolutionary War he has lived in the Towns of Claverack, Kinderhook & they are out all in the County of Columbia, that he has no documentary evidence and the only living witness that he can procures are [blotted] C. Hogeboom & Richard C. Hogeboom, whose affidavits are hereunto annexed that he would refer this deponent [?] to the Honorable Martin Van Buren Vice President elect the Hon. Jas. P. Van Ness who he is positive will recollect although young at the time, that his position was commissary of Purchasing and also that this was [?] kept them also to Midard Butler esqr, one of the Judges of the County Court to [?] A. Van Buren esqr, Joseph D. Manell esqr, Clerk of the County that he has not been able to obtain the certificate of a clergyman in as much as the clergyman who officiates in the Town of Stuyvesant where he resides has been settled there a few months and he begs leave to add that although he can not specify the times yet and can safely say that he has served the United States during the Revolutionary War more than five years his claim for a pension for nineteen months service as a private.
            And he hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension rolls of the agency of any state.
(Signed) Peter C. Hogeboom
            Sworn & subscribed the day & year first above mentioned.  JS Parker, Clk.

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