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Mom 2003

In 2005, my mother, AJ Berry, began the task of transcribing New York State Revolutionary War Veteran pension applications.   Partnering with Jim Morrison, and spending up to 18 hours a day for nearly 10 years, the transcriptions for pensions from NYS were competed in early 2014.  They then moved on to Massachusetts with the intent of completing each state in turn and see who served in NY.  

While doing this she managed to write numerous books, fiction and non-fiction, about the content she found in the pension applications.  She was not limited to that material, writing about other items of interest.  She was a force of nature all by her self.

Unfortunately her body did not have the same indominatable force, and she met our Lord and Savior on Dcember 23rd, 2014.  Joyce, Mom, Grandma, friend we love you and miss you.

In keeping with her passion, I am now offering free access the this volume of work, and to their combined contribution to preserve this amaizing history. While the content is free, please do not resell, or use the material for profit.

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In her own words . . .

When I (AJ Berry) transcribe a pension, I make no attempt to do the entire file.  I select a deposition made by the soldier, so the reader can hear his story in his own words.  Some files are hundreds of pages long and are repititous.

Jim Morrison has corrected the transcriptions and added end notes on anything that caught his eyes, and pensions that he can document. Original source material is not always accurate and should be cross-checked with other compatible period documents.

Any reference in the site to "Return to Morrison's Pensions" please ignore.  On this site, the links will not work.

Transcriptions for New York have been completed, currently working in finding a few strays and looking at other states.  To see the very latest, check here for the new files.

Names with an asterisk * indicate Jim Morrison has corrected the pension and added end notes.  The REST of the transcriptions have NOT been corrected.  The text in black print without links is where AJ is working.
Remember that spelling was not standardized, there were many ways to spell a last name or a word! 


Our Approach

Jim Morrison documents the service of the men and proof reads the transcriptions. This takes very specialized knowledge; Jim has been a student of history his entire life. Jim has an amazing amount of information stored in his head and elsewhere.  In addition, he's very easy to work with! 

AJ Berry transcribes the pensions, does web work, formats the books, and pays the bills.   We are partners, without either one of us, the work would not be done.


How things change. . .

When the work began, I (AJ Berry) typed from photo copies Jim had in his possession.  In that day you had to write to the National Archives, and they would arbitrarily select no more than 5 pages to send to the person requesting the pension.  I would work with a magnifying glass, trying to read the documents.  Often I would comment after typing, that we obviously didn't get nearly all the information in the pension folder.  Important pages were not sent.  I also visited the Natrional Archives in Washington, D.C., and paid to copy the pensions.  It was expensive.

Now with memberships, we can view all the documents in a pension folder from our own computers.  We offer easy to read transcriptions with selected crossed checked by Jim Morrison for accuracy.


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