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Pension Application for Isaac Johnson

R.5615 (Widow: Hannah)
John Johns & Ginney Conkling was married in 1802 February 18
Isaac Johnson & Hannah Lemunyan was married in 1775 November 9
James Johnson & Sally Jane Slots was married February 11 in yr 1832
Hannah Johnson & Amos Haite was married December 1st 1832
Isaac Johnson and Anor Stone was married February 9 in 1833.
“Cut from the Bible myself, Henry Palmer”
John Johnson was born in the yr of our Lord 1780 March 15
Ginney Johnson was born in the yr of our Lord 1780 October 10
Hannah Johnson was born in yr 1753 arch 10
Jane Conklin was born in the yr 1798 November 10
Sally Jane Johnson was born in yr 1810 October the 14th
Chatharine Johnson was born in yr 1803 July 1
Isaac Johnson Jr. was born in yr 1805 March the 5
Hannah Johnson was born in yr 1807 August 15
Jacob Johnson was born in yr 1810 January 18
James Johnson was born in yr 1811 July 10
Elizabeth Johnson was born in yr 1813 September 25
Ulster County
State of New York SS.
            On the Thirtieth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty personally Appeared before me the undersigned one of the Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Ulster aforesaid Hannah Johnson a resident of the town of Plattekill in said County & State aforesaid aged eighty seven years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836.  That she is the widow of Isaac Johnson who was a private in the militia of the war of the Revolution.  That in the winter of 1776 there was an alarm for men to go to New Jersey and that he the said Isaac Johnson when and staid six weeks under the command of Captain Ransom and in the year 1777 he listed for three months and staid the said time and was at the taking of Burgoyne to the close of the war and from that time was what was called a minuit [minute] man and served as such under the command of Colonel Paulding two weeks on and four weeks off or one month on and two month off which of the two this deponend [deponent] cannot recollect but further states that he was guarding the frontiers on the western part of Ulster county at least as much as two years fro he was often called out on an alarm at his time for staying home.  She further declares that she was married to the said Isaac Johnson on the ninth day of November seventeen hundred and seventy five that her husband the aforesaid Isaac Johnson died on the eighth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen and that she has remained a widow ever since that period as will now fully appear in reference to the proof hereunto annexed.  (Signed with her mark)  Hannah Johnson
            Sworn and Subscribed before me this 30th day of May 1840.  Abraham A. Deyo one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the county of Ulster.

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