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Disability Application for Shepherd Johnson

Johnson, Shepherd
            His name appears on a list of applicants for invalid pension returned by the District Court for the District of New York, submitted to the House of Representatives by the Secretary of War on May 22, 1794, and printed in the American State Papers, class 9, page 126.
            Rank: Private
            Regt: Colonel McDougal’s
            Disability: Being on a scout in pursuit of a party of refugees, was wounded, and had his arm broken by a musket shot received from the enemy.
            When, and where, disabled: May 1777.  Bergen County, N. Jersey.
            Residence: Orange County.
            Remarks: Militia, no rolls in the office.
            Evidence, complete, except that he has been examined but by one physician, who certifies that he is not so far disabled, as to prevent him from bodily labor.

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