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Invalid Pension Application for Henry Lewis

Lewis, Henry
            His name appears on a list of applicants for invalid pension returned by the District Court for the District of New York, submitted to the House of Representatives by the Secretary of War on April 25, 1794, and printed in the American State Papers, Class 9, page 93.
            Rank: Ensign
            Regt: Col. Vischer’s
            Disability:  Wounded in the shoulder in an action with the Indians.
            When and where disabled: Aug 6, 1777.  Oriskie
            Residence: Mohawk Town
Remarks: There are not militia rolls in the office.
            Evidence transmitted by the District Court complete.

Next document is terribly faded.
State of New York
Montgomery County SS.
            Henry Lewis being duly sworn doth depose and say that he resides in Charleston in the said County of Montgomery.  This deponent further saith that he served as an ensign & was on the United States Pension list of in valid pensioners that he was first placed on the said pension list in the year 1794 according to the best of his recollection and belief—That from that period until about 1819 the drafts was always arrived & paid until which time [?] ended as several agents and made several [?] written [?]  That he has been informed by [?] whom he last conferred that before he could have any money he must produce his certificate as being entitled to a pension—This deponent further saith that after various examinations of his papers and the latest search he has not been able to discover in and any such certificate and that he verily believes that all papers from the United States officers to him Certifying that he was Entitled to such services are lately lost.  This deponent further saith that Sundry papers relative to the said pension were handed by him to a person in the City of New York several years ago when he this deponent employed their [?] as agent to Disability pension but whose name he does not recollect at [?] which time this deponent has even seen the said papers this deponent [can’t read a line] that he has been much harassed in his [?] has been considerable in debt and been imprisoned in the gaol [?] of said county & that prison there caused the first [can’t read a line] that deponent further said that no one was [?] deponent was placed on the invalid  list the sum was increased but the precise sum which he was entitled to draw either before of after the increase he does not recollect –the money always coming to him through the hand of agents whom he employed whatever [?] they chose for their [?] what he thinks and believes the first time he received the rate of thirty dollars per year but the only paper he has in his possession relating to the same is again which  he received from the person in New York that he believes was agent for the United States in here with [?]

Letter in pension folder is also badly faded.
April 7, 1838
Mrs. Roy W. Eartman
526 W. Market Street
Wooster, Ohio
Dear Madam:
            Reference is made to your letter in which you furnish further information in regard to Henry Lewis, a soldier of the Revolutionary War, in whom you are interested.  You state that you have found that he served as ensign in the 3d Regiment, Tryon County, New York and was wounded at the battle of Oriskany.
            The record has been four of a Henry Lewis, who served as ensign in the New York Troops and was wounded in the battle of Oriskany.  His record is furnished herein as found in the papers filed in pension claim S.27085, based upon disability resulting from a wound received in service in the Revolutionary War.
            Henry Lewis was born in Charleston, Montgomery County, New York.  The data of his birth and names of his parents are not shown.
            Henry Lewis served as ensign in Colonel Vischer’s New York Regiment, was at the battle of Oriskany, where he was wounded by a ball which passed through his shoulder.  No dates of service are given.
            He was allowed pension from September 2d, 1793, on account of disability resulting from the above noted wound.  He was then a resident of Montgomery County, New York, where, he stated, he had always lived.
            There are no data as to this officer’s family.
            In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, the name and address of person paid and possibly the date of death of the Revolutionary War pensioner, Henry Lewis (S.27085), you should address The Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, this city and cite the following data: Henry Lewis, Ensign New York Regiment; Certificate issued February 1, 1823; Rate, $3.25 per month; Act April 24, 1816; New York Agency.
            Very truly yours, A.D. Hiller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator.

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