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Pension Application for Beekman Livingston

State of New York
Montgomery County SS.
            On this 19th day of September 1832 personally appeared in open court at the court house in Johnstown in said county now sitting Beekman Livingston aged sixty nine years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.  That he was born at Poughkeepsie in the County of Dutchess and State of New York on the 11th on December 1762.  His father Henry Livingston (now deceased) kept a family register of the births of his children and this statement is taken from the original record.
            In the spring of the year 1779 a company of volunteers was formed for the purpose of aiding our country in what ever way they could be most useful the members composing the company were volunteers from the regiments of Militia under the command of Colonels John Bailey and John Freir both commanding regiments at that time in the county of Dutchess in the state of New York
            The name of the man that commanded the company when it was first organized was John Shenk, he continued in the command about one year—when he left the command and went in the Quartermasters department – our next Captain was Stephen Hendrickson, who continued in the command about fourteen months—when he was succeeded by Jonas Kelsey who continued in the command of the company until they were dismissed the service.
            The whole time of this deponents service was near three years.  The names of the subalterns were Elias Frier—James Cooper – and George Brooks the names of the privates almost all forgotten—among those recollected are McCuen, Matthew Tappen, William Pitt, John Maxfield, John Smith.
            We were at the disposal of the general government and our duty various—at times we guarded the public stores at Fishkill and at Poughkeepsie intheState of New York and frequently repelling the armed torys under the command of Colonel DeLancy commonly called Cowboys who was understood by us to be under British pay those armed torys remained on the lines between our army and New York—and when the continental troops withdrew form the lines, those torys made incursions in Dutchess County, plundering, and not unfrequently killing the inhabitants—It was principally our duty to repel this enemy.
            At times we performed duty in company with the regular army—such as fatigue duty with part of Colonel Jackson’s regiment of the New England troops—a company of said regiment particularly recollected under the command of Captain Keath and Lieutenant Pearce--And at times with parts of the regiments of Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt and Colonel Anthony Lambs regiment of artillery—under the separate command of Captains James Fairlie of Cortlands regiment Captain Thomas Matchin of Lambs regiment of artillery the last named officers were attached to regiments of the State of New York in the regular army—during our service was captured three of the enemy by the names of Jacox, Yongs, and Baker they were executed at Poughkeepsie, all at the same time the two former on a gallows near the Jail, the latter being a spy, was tired by a court martial the president of which was Major Melancthon L’d Woosley of the regular army—he (Baker) was hung on a gallows a little distance from his companions.  This letter circumstance is minutely recollected as I was on guard the night previous – and also at the time to their execution.
            The above named Beekman Livingston removed from the county of Dutchess in the year 1802 to the County of Montgomery in the State of New York in which last county he now resides—and from all the enquiries made by the above respecting the officers under whom he served are that they are all dead.
            He herby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed) Beekman Livingston
            Sworn in Open Court 19th Sept. 1832. Geo D. Ferguson, Clerk

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