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Pension Application for Joseph Lobdell

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S.13797 (Awarded pension of $80.00 per annum)
State of New York
Jefferson County SS.
            On this 12th day of September 1832 personally appeared in open court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, in and for said County now sitting, Joseph Lobdell a resident of Watertown in said County, aged 69 5/12 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of congress passed June 7, 1832.
            That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as herein stated.  That he was born in North Salem, Westchester Co, N. York 18th April 1763—That at Little Falls in the State of New York in the Summer of 1776 (1) [1779] he entered the service of the United States in Captain John Keyser’s Company Daniel Lobdell (2) Lieut—Colonel Clock’s Regt, Genl Herkimer’s, (3) Brigade New York State Troops—That he entered a minute Man or Indian Spy—his duty was to be always on the Look out for Indians and Torys That he was out on frequent scouting parties—Kept the most of the time on the Look out for Indians and Torys and report to the officers commanding the forts—and continued in that service till he was taken prisoner—In the month of April 1777 (4) [1780] when in company with Lieut. Lobdell and several others when a party of Indians and Torys in number about 80 and in command of Capt’n Crawford surprised and took our whole party prisoners at a place called Youker’s Bush about seven miles north of the Falls.  Carried to an Indian Castle on Carlton Island when the Indians sole me to an officer who took me with him to Niagara—where he remained to the close of the war a prisoner.—When orders came to release all the Prisoners—was put on board of a vessel and taken to Montreal—then put into the Provost______ _____ _____ _____ and went to St. John & from there to Fort Edward and delivered me to Genl Schuyler as Prisoner of war—who gave me a pass with which I returned home—
            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any State.  (Signed) Joseph Lobdell
            Sworn to, and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid.  P. Burchard, Clerk.

State of New York
            Jefferson County SS.  On this 23rd day of November 1832 personally appeared before the Subscriber First Judge of Jefferson County Court—Joseph Lobdell to me well known  as a credible person who first being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he was taken prisoner by a party of Indians & Torys under command of Capt. Crawford taken to Carlton Island on the St. Lawrence—there sold by the Indians to Capt. Gilbert Tyce (5) [Tice] of the Indians department in the English service who kept me in his service as waiter to him _____four years_____That he was not _____this deponent at any time to ___ ___ from said Tyce___Witthout___ ____ ___ ___ ___ That this deponent was at Niagara____ ____ was ____ ____ Colonel Bolton a British officers in command at that place ____ ____ ____ That all who were then prisoners ___ ___ had been taken by the Indians ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
            This deponent & did & finally returned home and ____ in his application for a pension ___ ___ ___ ___ (Signed) Joseph Lobdell
            Sworn & Subscribed before me the day and year find above written.  Calving M. Knight first Judge of Jefferson County.

State of New York
Jefferson County
            On this 12th day of September 1832, personally appeared in open Court Zadock Lobdell who first being duly sworn doth depose and say that he is Brother to Joseph Lobdell—was taken prisoner by the Torys and Indians at the same time Joseph was—That the deponent was about Eleven years old when he was taken prisoner—was taken to Carlton Island to a Capt_____and detained by him about 7 years—That he saw his Brother Joseph several times when he was a prisoner—
            Does not know the exact time that Joseph was released always understood it to be at the close of the war & further saith not. (Signed with his mark)  Zadock Lobdell
            Sworn and Subscribed in Open Court by a _______ having never learned to write the day and year _____also _____P[eleg] Buschard Clerk.

End Notes by James F. Morrison

  1. The year is wrong.  It is 1779 when he would have been 16 years of age.  Captain John Keyser [Cuyser, Kaiser, etc] in Colonel Jacob Klock’s Regiment of Tryon County Militia (Second Regiment).
  2. A Daniel Lobdell [Lapham, Labdon, Lapton, etc.] is listed as a corporal in Captain Keyser’s company, there are not Lobdell’s as a Lieutenant in Colonel Klock’s Regiment.
  3. Brigadier General Nicholas Herkimer.  General Herkimer died August 17, 1777.
  4. The date was April 3, 1780 when they were captured.  On pages 560-562, Volume 2, The Frontiersmen of New York, by Jeptha R. Simms, published in 1883 gives a good account of this raid but gives the date as April 3, 1778.  The date of the year is wrong as are a few of the names.  He gives Mr. Lapham and his sons, Joseph and Sidney.
  5. Captain Gilbert Tice had owned a tavern in Johnstown before going to Canada in 1775.
  6. The prisoner returns, James Labdon or Lobdell was 12 in 1780.  A Zadok is not listed in any returns that I have found so far.

Additional Notes
Public Papers of George Clinton, Vol V, pages 589-590, 1901.
      A letter from Colonel Jacob Klock to Governor George Clinton dated Apr’l 5th 1780 says the settlement of Snydersbush was attacked on April 3, 1780 and nineteen men were taken prisoner.
      Snydersbush is now in the Town of Manheim, Herkimer County, New York.
      In the Clinton Papers, Vol. VI, pages 723-727, a letter dated Albany, March 27, 1781 with a list of prisoners states Daniel Lapton’s 3 or 4 sons.
Return of Prisoners in Fort Chambly 1 July 1780.

Jacob Van Slyke
Jno Chyper (Cypher)
Jno Forbes
Jno Helmer
Jno Garter
Dan’l Labdon
James Labdon



Where born

Where Taken & When
3 Apr 80 on Mohawk R[iver]
Page 17, Rebel Prisoners at Quebec 1778-1783 Chris McHenry, Compiler, 1981.

Gavin K. Watt of King City, Ontario Canada has sent me some prisoner returns as follows:
            List of Clothing Furnished the Prisoners by the hands of Mr. DeCoigne as opposite each person’s name agreeable to direction of Abraham Cuyler Esqr Acting commissary of Prisoners, Add MSS 2 1825, pages 280 & 281 lists the following.
Joseph Lobdell




Joseph Labdon

Pairs Shoes
English Canadian

From what Province and from what Township were blank.
Return of the American Prisoners [1783] Add MSS 21825 page 137.


Daniel Labdell
Daniel Labdell Jun’r
Joseph Labdell
James Labdell

Province from
New York


Where taken
Mohawk River

When Taken








Rations per day

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