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Invalid Pension Application for Philip Martin

We the subscribers, Abraham Ten Broeck and Peter Gansevoort Jun r DO Certify that upon an Examination, in pursuance of the Law, entitled, “An Act making Provision for Officers, Soldiers, and Seaman, who have been disabled in the Service of the United States.” Passed the 22d of April, 1786, We Do find that Philip Martin residing in the State of New York—Aged Thirty four Years, late a Private in Cap tn Ab m Veeders Comp y in the Regiment of Militia Commanded by Coll Frederick Visscher and Claiming Relief under the Act of Congress, recited in the said Law, as an Invalid in Fact; and that he became disabled in the Service of the United States, in Consequence of wound s Through his Thigh on the 6 th August 1777 at Oriskie (1) and on the 25 th Octob r 1781 in his left arm.

And do further Certify, that upon the Principles of the said Act of Congress, and said Philip Martin is entitled to the Pay of Three Dollars per Month.

Given under our Hands, in the City of Albany, on the Twenty fifth Day of November in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Six.

Ab m TenBroeck; Peter Gansevoort Jun r

The following document was partly burned in Albany [Capitol] fire of 1911.

That he was examined by Abraham Ten Broeck and Peter Gansevoort Jun r Esquires appointed by the [?] for that purpose obtained or had his Certificate examined and Countersigned setting forth that he had served as a private in Captain Abraham Veeder's Company [second] in the Regiment of Militia Commanded by Col o Frederick Vischer [Visscher, Fisher] [Third Regiment of Tryon County Militia.].

That he received wounds thro his Thigh on the 6 th of August 1777 in an Engagement [Battle of Oriskany] with the Enemy at Oriskie and on the 25 th of October 1781 at Johns Town [Battle of Johnstown] in his left Arm and thigh he now lives in the District of Cachnawaga [Caughnawaga]and in the County of Montgomery.

(Signed with his mark) Philip Martin

Sworn before me this 26 day of April 1789. Simon Veeder Justice.

End Note

  1.   Philip would have served at Oriskany under Captain John Davis who was killed in the same battle. Abraham Veeder afterwards was promoted to Captain.

SOURCE for Invalid Pension: Special Collections and Manuscripts, New York State Library, Albany, NY

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