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Miscellaneous Certificates & Receipts from NY and War Dept.

            Received 8th Novm’r 1792 from Gerard Bancker Treasurer, Five Certificates, amounting to Thirty Eight Pounds, Seven Shillgs & Elven Pence as under Stated Pursuant to Five Orders hereunto annexed Vizt.—

Thomas Aires


Daniel Sherwood

8  7  1

Thomas Aires

8___  ___

John Green

8___  ___

Timothy Wood

8___  ___


£38  7  11

            Daniel Penfield
            The original of this document was copied in the R.& P. Office, War Department in October 1896 and then returned to the Comptroller of New York, by whom it had been loaned to the R.& P. Office.
R.& P. 454712
It was in Volume 14 page 23.
[Unfortunately many of these original records were destroyed in the capitol fire in Albany in 1911.]

Thomas Aires & Daniel Sherwood had served in Captain Thomas McKinstry’s Company, Thomas Aires, John Green and Timothy Wood served in Captain Daniel Delavan’s Company in Colonel William Malcom’s Regt.  Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Series M246, National Archives, Washington, D/C.

June the 12th 1781
To pay master of Col. Duboyses Regiment
Sir plase to pay John McBride three mens pay who names are: John Walker, Jacob Van Every, Pump [Pomp] Williams a Negro who served in the three months service under Coll. Malkim [Malcom] in so Doing you will.
Oblige your h’le s’t.  John Walker(1)
Witness Present -- John McBridge & (Signed with his Mark)  Gabrell Huston

1.  All three men had served in Captain John Morris McFought’s company in Colonel Lewis DuBois Regiment of New York State Levies [Second Regiment] in 1780.

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