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Pension Application for Garret Newkirk

W.24229  (Widow Rachel, married Garret Newkirk on the 2nd June 1787.  Garrett died 12th November 1839 at Caughnawaga by Rev. Thomas Romine.)
State of New York
Montgomery County SS
            On this Seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and thirty tow personally appeared in open court before James Grunman a Justice of the Peace of the town of Florida in and for said County and State aforesaid aged seventy two years who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.  That he entered the service of the United States under the following name officers & served as herein Stated.
            That in the year 1777 he belonged to a company of Militia in the Town of Florida in said County whereof William Snook was Captain in a Regiment Commanded by Col. Frederick Fisher of the New York State Militia.  That tome time in the year 1777 or 1778 as he believes, the time he cannot with any certainty remember Col. Frederick Fishers Regiment was called out to march to Sacondaga to an old Block House for the purpose of building and new Block house which was afterwards called Fort Fisher.  That this deponent was ordered out and actually went in Captain Snooks’ Company and marched from the town of Florida across the Mohawk near Tripes Hill & took this [?] for Sacondaga, arrived at the place and Built a Block House named Fort Fisher.  This deponent cannot remember the time he was stationed at Sacondaga while building said Block House, but he well recollects that he was ordered a second [?] a third time to take his Tour of duty among the forces stationed at that place after the Fort had been built, but the length of time [?] at the several times he was stationed at Sacondaga he cannot with certainty pretend to relate.  And this deponent further saith the garrison at Fort Stanwicks was short of Provisions as it was so understood and that Captain Snook’s Company was ordered out to carry Provisions for their place, that they marched from Florida up the Mohawk River and collected a large drove of Cattle collected therein from both sides of the River and gave people certificates for the Cattle.  That they also collected a large quantity of flour and put the flour on board of some Boats, which were taken up the River for the purpose.  That part of Company went by said and some by rafs & managing the boats, collecting on their way provisions generally for the troops at Fort Stanwix.  That after having gathered a sufficient quantity of flour & Breadstuff and collected a large drove of cattle, they delivered them to the American forces at Fort Stanwix and then returned down the Mohawk River to Florida and then discharged from further service at that time.  That this deponent cannot recollect the year that above services was rendered, nor the number of days or weeks that he was absent, the distance from Florida to Fort Stanwix is between seventy & eighty miles.
            And this deponent further saith that Captain Snook’s company was ordered out to march to Stone Arabia in the now Town of Palatine in Montgomery County, upon an alarm; That this deponent [?] opinion & believes that Col. Fishers Regiment was also called out at the same time.  That the Forces called & Stationed at Stone Arabia remained there for some time, but how long this deponent cannot say, and then returned home, That it is impossible for him to remember the year that this service took place or many particulars about it.
            And this deponent further saith that he was drafted from Captain Snook’s Company and stationed in a Fort at Johnstown and lay there for some time.  But the year and the length of time he lay there he does not remember, nor can he state in any particulars which took place while stationed at the fort.  But he does recollect that one William Colun was the Sergeant at the fort during his stay there.
            And this deponent further says that he volunteered with a number of American Whigs to go in Search of one John Helmer a notorious Tory who was in the habit of going from the County to Canada & then returning again & would persuade the Continental Soldiers to join him & go to Canada and who took off several soldiers in that way as this deponent as been informed and believes.  And this deponent and his company went from Fort Putman on the Schoharie Creek across the Mohawk to Tripes Hill and surrounded a House in which it was supposed that John Helmer was then in; That this deponent and another man entered the house, leaving a guard on the [?] and by the [?] & went upstairs in search of Helmer and a man jumped from the upper window whom they supposed to be Helmer at got away from the men stationed round the House—
            And this deponent further says that while stationed at Fort Putman on the Schoharie bank; he marched from that place with one Victor Putman, who was a Lieutenant in a Company of nine months men then stationed a[t] Schoharie in the County of Schoharie with a view to accompany him from Fort Putman to Schoharie to join his company; That while on the way this deponent was taken Prisoner by a company of Hostile Indians and was detained two days with them & then made his escape at night and returned to Fort Putman.
            And this deponent further says that he was ordered out and went with Captain Snook and a number of others to take one Harry Hare a British Spy who was then ascertained to be in a House in the town of Florida, and the Company surrounded the House in the night under the orders of Captain Snook.  And they took Hare who was afterwards Hung as a Spy at Canajoharie—And this deponent further says that during the principle part of the war he held himself in readiness to serve the County, whither called upon by the Public authority or by individuals friendly to the American cause.  But from the great lapse of time, he cannot pretend to Remember the particular times & days that he has been called upon as well as volunteered to serve the Country.  But this deponent does remember that he was stationed in Fort Putman for two Summers whereupon on the Schoharie Creek, which the deponent believes was in the years 1781, & 1782 as near as he can recollect that he was ordered out some time during the Revolution in Captain Snooks Company including Col. Frederic Fishers Regiment & they marched from Florida to Fort Stanwix across the Mohawk at the German Flats and arrived at Fort Stanwix & spent some time there & then returned—Col. Gansevort Commanded the American Forces at Fort Stanwix.  But this deponent is unable to state many particulars relating to the army at this place he well recollects the Americans in going to Fort Stanwix, shot an Indian on the way at Germantown or what is called the German Flatts.
            And this deponent says that he was Born in the year 1760, in the town of Florida in Montgomery County.  That he has a Record of his age which was copied from his Fathers Family Bible into his own Family Bible now in his possession.  But does not know what has become of his father’s Bible.  That he lived in Florida when he entered the Service & has lived there ever since. That this deponent was drafted part of the time; and volunteered the residue of the several times engaged in the service, that he has stated the names of principle officers engaged in the service as near as he can recollect them and the circumstances of his service, he is [?] to be able to prove some of his services by witnesses that he has no documentary evidence in his possession.  And hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present.  And declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state or of the United States.  And this deponent expects to prove by Nicholas Hill and Henry Snook who can testify as to their veracity of this deponent and of their belief as to this deponents services as a soldier of the Revolution.  (Signed) Garett Newkirk
            Subscribed and Sworn to this 17th day of September 1832 before me.  James Sunman, Justice of the Peace.
            Reply to letter of inquiry dated January 17, 1929 about the soldier’s service record.
            I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, W. 24339, it appears that Garret (son of Garret C. Newkirk) was born in 1760 in Florida, Montgomery County, New York.
            While residing at said place, he enlisted in 1777 and served as a private at various times in Captain William Snook’s Company, Colonel Frederick Fisher’s New York Regiment, served until 1782, amounting in all to one years, five months and nine days.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed September 17, 1832, while a resident of Florida, New York and he died there November 12, 1839.
            Soldier married June 2, 1787, at Caughnawaga, Tryon County, New York, Rachel Gardinier.  She was allowed pension on her application executed August 31, 1840, while a resident of Glen, Montgomery County, New York, aged seventy-seven years.

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