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         Pension Application for Jacob Noble

            I, Eager Noble of Westfield in the County of Hampden of Massachusetts depose and say—that I was seventy eight years old the sixteenth day of May last—that I was acquainted with Jacob Nobel from the time he was a boy till his death—And I further testify that said Jacob Noble enlisted in the service in the War of the Revolution the sixteenth day of May in the year 1776, if I remember correctly—I inlisted the same time.  We inlisted under Capt. John Gray—Lieutenant Silas Foseln –and our colonels name was Woodbridge (1)—said Jacob and myself marched to Tyconderoga (2) – about the first of August 1776.  I should think we remained in the service there till about the first day of December there following—While we were at Tyconderoga Arnold (3) was defeated by the British on the lakes—no serious engagement was had with the enemy during this Campai[g]n.  I further state that said Jacob again inlisted in the service in the summer of 1777—It was about harvest time.  I inlisted at the same time.  Our officers were Col. John Mosely (4) –Capt. David Mosely Lieut Zachariah Bust—We marched from Westfield through Pittsfield, new Lebanon, the furthest place to which we marched was to Fort Edward—I think said Jacob was out in the service at this time six or seven weeks—said Jacob again enlisted the time I cannot recollect I think it was in the fall of the same year.  I inlisted but did not go with him.  Col. Brown was the Colonel was killed at Stone Robby. (5) Said Jacob has often told me he was in the battle at Stone Robby others have told me the same.  Said Jacob Showed me on his return some blood on his clothes of Jared Noble his cousin who was killed in said battle.  I feel confident that this last enlistment and service were for the period of three months.  I further state that said Jacob was with me to guard some prisoners in Westfield about three weeks.  Eager Noble.

Hampden SS
            September 17, 1838—Personally appeared the above named Eager Noble to me personally known as a credible and respectable person and made solemn oath to the truth of the foregoing affidavit by him subscribed—and I certify that the word about interlined in the above affidavit was written before said affidavit was subscribed and sworn to.
            Before Patrick Boise Justice of the Peace.

January 25, 1934
Mr. Charles H. Lovett
225 Sheridan Road
Winnetka, Illinois
Dear Sir:
            Reference is made to your request for the Revolutionary War record of Jacob Noble.
            The data furnished herein were obtained from papers on file in the pensions claim, W 21853, based upon the military services of Jacob Noble.
            While a resident of Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, he enlisted and served with the Massachusetts troops as follows: from about May 16, 1776, until December 1, 1776, as private in Captain John Gray’s company in Colonel Woodbridge’s regiment; from September 21, 1777, until October 11, 1777, in Captain David Moseley’s company in Colonel John Moseley’s regiment; from July 20,  1780, until October 22, 1780 as sergeant in Captain Levi Ely’s company in Colonel John Brown’s regiment and was in the battle of Stone Arabia; also served about three weeks and was engaged in guarding prisoners taken at Westfield.
            He married at Westfield, Massachusetts, November 29, 1792, Eunice Moseley of that place.  It was not shown that she was related to the officers of that surname under whom Jacob Noble served.
            Jacob Noble died at Westfield, Massachusetts August 2, 1828, aged sixty-nine years.  It was stated that he was a native of Westfield but the exact date of his birth was not given.
            His widow, Eunice, was allowed pension on her application executed October 2, 1828, at which time she was sixty-seven years of age and was living in Westfield.
(The rest of the letter is missing and there is no more in his file.)

End Notes

  1. Colonel Benjamin Ruggles Woodbridge of the Massachusetts Militia.
  2. Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain, NY.
  3. General Benedict Arnold with flotilla of boats were defeated near Valcour Island, Lake Champlain, on the 11 October 1776.
  4. Colonel Brown Mosely of the Massachusetts Militia.
  5. Colonel John Brown was colonel of a regiment of Massachusetts Levies in 1780.  He was killed at the Battle of Stone Arabia on the 19th of October 1780.

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