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   Letter Recommending Officer Promotion

Cahnawaga, 22d November 1776    
            I have been considering about persons proper for officers, according to your desire, and am of opinion (without any private view or interest) that Captain McKeen and Ebenezer French, now his  Lieutenant, Albart Van Dewark his Second Lieutenant, and Garrit    Pottman and Major Robert Cochran, who is an active good soldier -  those persons I know are good men and true to the cause, and will make good officers as any that I know of, and if they had warrants would soon be able to raise a quantity of men. Major Cochran would choose to be in the Rangers, as he is well used to that business, and understands the woods as well as any man.
            I am, sir, your most humble servant,  R. Yates,Esq.
            Jellis Fonda      

Source: A Documentary History of the United States of America, ed. Peter Force, American Archives, Fifth Series, 1853, Vol. III, p 814.    

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