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Pension Application for Isaac Overbagh

Greene Co., Private & Sgt in the company commanded by Captain VanVechten of the Regt commanded by Col. Wyncoop in the N. York Line for 4 mos, private, 6 mos. Sergeant.
            October the 10th 1832 at the County of Oyer & Terminer of Green County Isaac Overbough of the Town of Catskill County of Green & State of New York a soldier of the Revolutionary War, makes application for a pention [pension] under the Act of the Congress of the United States passed the seventh day of June, 1832, who being first duly sworn desposet and says that he was born on the 16th day of September in the year 1752 in the Town of Catskill and County and County of Albany now the County of green & has resided in said Town of Catskill until the Revolutionary War and did list in the said Town of Catskill sometime in the month of March in the year 1776 in the compiny [company] commanded by Captain Sammuel VanVechten in Col. Wynkoop’s Regiment for the Company of that year which this deponent believes was nine or twelve months and this deponent was mustered at Albany some time in March of that year and was made Sargent in the compiny at that time marched with the compiny to Lake George thence to ticonteroge [Ticonceroga] thence to Sceanesbourough and was taken sick about the first of October of aid year and by permit of the officers left the company and by permit of the officers left the company to go into the country to restore his health & he this deponent did not recover his health until in the spring of 1777—at which time the tearm [term] of enlistment [enlistment] had expired & did not join the company after he was taken sick.
            And this deponent furder [further] says that he served in the revolution in the summer of 1777 a privet [private] soldier substitute for a person whose name he does not recollect that he joined the company commanded by Capt. Of Lieutenant English at Fort Independence and this deponent served there, three months being the full end of the term he was to serve and was discharged by the officers, does recollect that Major Hermance served at the fort.
            And this deponent furder says that he was drafted and served in the compiny commanded by Lieut. Peter Baunk was mustered in the County of Schoharry in the summer of 1778 and did serve a privet soldier in said company the tearm of one month at Old Schoharie and was discharged by the officers.
            The before mentioned services ware [were] rendered in the Militia and in the line of the State of New York.
            And this deponent furder says that he has received pay for the first three months services in the year 1776 which is all the pay he has received form government for his services & that he has at no time received any written discharge—and that he has not been entered on any pension list or received any pension under any former law and hereby relinquishes all claims that he has or may have for a pension to the same except the present pension—and that he was not been in any battle or engagement during his services.  (Signed) Isaac Overbagh
            Sworn and subscribed the day & year first aforesaid in open court.  William V.B. Hermance, Clerk

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