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George Anthony

Transcription and notes are from James F. Morrison

George Anthony NYS234 27 Aug 1832
Sussex Co., NY
Aged 70 Yrs.

“That in January of the year 1779 (1782) according to the best of his belief he enlisted at Fort Willett under (Capt. John Dennie in Col. Hays’ Regiment [this part was crossed out] James Cannon under Col. Willett for nine months that they were stationed at Middleburg, Schoharie Co., until they were marched to Fort Willett and remained until they were dismissed. No discharge given.
That in the winter, January he thinks, of the year 1780 he enlisted at Fort Willett under Capt. John Dennie, Col Hays’ Reg’t.” *

[*There is more in his declaration on the service which was edited, but this year is correct for Col. Hays’ Reg’t.]

“That in the spring of 1781 he was accepted in the company of drafted militia under Capt. Lawrence Grose, who was personally known to this deponent and whom he thinks is still living at Canajoharie NY, for John Gansevoort of Albany, in the Reg’t of Col. Willett for nine months. That they were stationed at Fort Willett, where (sic) he remained until the expiration of his time, when he immediately inlisted in the year service under Capt. Fundy.” *

[*Jellis A. Fonda. J. Fonda was not appointed Cap’t until Nov. 1782. But Fonda was the Sergeant.]

Cap’t Grose of Therwerds took command, Captain Fonday being Adjutant of the Regiment. That in February the Regiment were ordered to Oswego, that expedition failing. The regiment returned to Fort Willett, where they remained till the term of service (one year) expired when he was dismissed, no discharge given. That in the year 1781 as he believes under Capt. Grose, he was in the Battles of Worcester*

[*Sharon, his mistake.] and of Johnstown, under the command of Captain Fundy.

[In this declaration he claims to have enlisted in Captain McKean’s Company in 1778 in Col. Willett’s Reg’t. He of course is mistaken, he claimed to have had served at the German Flatts, that means 1779 under Capt. McKean in Col. ??? K. Van Renselaer’s Reg’t which as stationed at a blockhouse called Fort Moke? And Fort Dayton.]

New application, 30 May 1833 age 70
Hardstor, Morris Col., JN.
Born May 28, 1762

[He would be able to serve in 1778-JFM. He again mixes up years and service.]

“When the War of the Revolution began, he was living in Schoharie County, New York, upon the Valley of the Mohawk River, which was then an Indian frontier, and frequently subject to Indian depredation and outrages.

And his military services were principally performed in that section of County when Indian cruelty in it worst form, was often visited upon the frontier settlements.”

[I now skip some of his boat service, he has times and officers mixed up but that happens over time.]

“His first tour of service or his first enlistment, was about two years before Andre was taken prisoner. Hen then lived at Canajohary and early in the month of April as he believes, he enlisted for the term of nine months at Canajohary in Captain McKeen’s Company who lived at Cherry Valley, to service in Colonel Marinus Willett’s Regiment of the New York Line.”

“He was stationed on the German Flatts and Fort Herkimer the whole time, guarding the frontier against depredation. He served out the nine months in this duty and was discharged in time of the h9olidays, the last of December or 7th of January, following the enlistment.”

“During this term of service he was personally and actively engaged in the Battle of Sharon in Otsego County [Wrong, Schoharie County.] against the combined army of Indians, British and Tories. His captain (McKeen) was killed in this battle which was fought a little time after wheat harvest and Lieut. Thornton commanded the company the remainder of this campaign.”

“His second enlistment was at Albany, in Captain James Cannon, [or perhaps Kennon’s] Company in Colonel Willett’s Regiment of the New York Line, early in the month of April for the term of nine months.”

“About two weeks after his enlistment, the company was marched to the Mohawk Valley and was stationed at Johnstown, Schoharie, and Fort Willett, guarding the frontier against the Indians till the nine months expired, when he was discharged at Fort Willett, in time of the holidays about the 7th of January.”

“He again, enlisted, a 4th time, in the early part of April, in Captain Lawrence Gross’ Company at Canajoharie and in Col. Willett’s Regiment, was stationed at Fort Willett and Fort Herkimer, to defend the frontier against the Indians. In June or July of this summer the Battle of Johnstown was fought, in which this deponent was personally engaged under Colonel Willett.”

“In the month of November following his last mentioned enlistment and about one month before it expired, Colonel Willett expressed a strong desire to enlist a regiment for one year; and this deponent accordingly enlisted for one year in November in Captain Yellis [Jellis A.] Fonda’s Company of Infantry. This same Captain Fonda, was acting Adjutant in Col. Willett’s Regiment, during the whole of this Deponent’s service under Col. Willett. He remained at Fort Willett, till the dead of winter, January when having been reinforced by a regiment of Long [Rhode] Island troops.”

“Colonel Willett taking command of both regiments marched forthwith to Oswego, to reduce that fort, as this deponent was informed. An Indian guide deceived the army, the enemy having tiding of Willett’s approach, he returned immediately to Fort Willett without storming the fort, as he had intended.”

“In the spring following peace having been proclaimed, he was discharged at Fort Willett before the term of his enlistment expired, on or about the 15th October.”

“He never received a written discharge, nor a commission. He always performed duty as a private soldier, except when in Captain Gross’ Company of 9 months service, the sergeant having sickened and died, this deponent was appointed to perform sergeant's duty in his stead, which he did until the enlistment expired. But for this he did not receive a sergeant’s warrant or commission.”

[JFM Notes: Capt. Gross’ Muster Roll. George Anthony is a private only, no death of any Sergeant’s. George enlisted on 21 May 1781 to 1st Jan 1782, dated 20 Nov. 1781. Corporal Joseph Crawford of the same company claims also to have been a sergeant but again he is listed as a Corporal from 23 April 1781—1 Jan 1782.

Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783—series M 246, Roll 78, National Archives.

For his 1782 enlistment it is listed as 27 May 1782 by Capt. Cannon, which is the company he served in.

Source: Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783. Series M 246, Roll 78, National Archives. “A Return of Recruits Inlisted” (The title is a whole paragraph.) by Jacob Jno. Lansing, Commiss. Of United States of New York Muster, Lansighs. Return & C. of Levies and or Bounties of Inappropriated Lands.

Rec’d 5th June 1783.
For the Council of Appoint. This date of enlistment is the same as Willett’s Descriptive Book No. 4, NYSL DOC No. 11105.
Where Born: New York, Tryon County, Canajophary
State of Residence: New York Tryon County, Canajohary
Age: 18
Size: 5 ft, 7 ½ inches.
Complexion: Dark
Hair: Brown
Eyes, Brown
By Whom: Capt. Cannon
Term of Service: 2 yrs
Date of Muster: 27 May 1782
Scars or Marks: Pock Mark
(Copy of the headings of columns are not exact.)
Pay Abstract for 1783
Capt Cannon’s Co. George Anthony, Private, 12 mos. Of service. Amt of Pay 80 Dollars, Sums received 26 Dollars (90th/60)
Balance due 53 Dollars 90th/30) by Abraham Ten Eyck. Lt and P. Master
Soruce: Revolutionary War Rolls, Roll 78]

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