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Pension Application for John D. Failing


May 17, 1837. County of Montgomery, at age 72 years, John Failing lived from a quarter to two quarters of a mile from John Zimmerman, Lieutenant in the company of Christian House, Captain, Regiment of Jacob Klock and was well acquainted with the Lieutenant in the said war. He saw him frequently in the war in the years 1775 through 1781.

He was called out with his company to go with General Herkimer to Unadilla to see the Indian Chief, Joseph Brant.

In the month of August 1777 John Zimmerman, Captain House and Sergeant Conrad Zimmerman sent word they were needed while he was out in the field one morning working. He was told they needed to because the enemy was at Wood Creek and going to Fort Stanwix. He was on his way with the company to Oriskany when he was ordered into a different service.

(He sounds like the time is mixed up.)

He says that he was ordered about the commencement of this war to go with some men to Johnstown and take Sir John a prisoner, and upon the return of some of the militia from this service. Upon return, he used some sleighs near the house of his father. He recollects his whole company was engaged in this service. He further states that Johnson was taken a prisoner from his house in Johstown in 1776.

His company was called out to Fairfield and Manheim now in the County of Herkimer but was in Tryon County at the time, when there was trouble there.

They were called to the house of one Adolphus Walrath with Captain Rector’s Company. (Can’t read a large section.)

At a different time from last service, the company of Captain House was stationed at the house of his father for about one week. The deponent thinks that Theobold Moyer stayed up to Failing and another who was standing sentry and took their guard away and the two guards were taken away as he recollects.

He corrects a statement made previously and thinks he knew the Lieutenant Gros??? from 1775 to 1781 inclusive, when this deponent was taken prisoner and detained a prisoner until peace. Believes that when he was a prisoner in Canada he was informed that said Lieutenant had been killed and scalped by the Indians. When released from imprisonment he was told about the death of said Lieutenant.

He said the Zimmermans who were numerous and always active, willing and served faithfully to their country, he always understood and has never to his recollection heard that any one of the name of Zimmerman was a Tory or imposter. This said Zimmerman was in the Zimmerman Fort, and guarding the fort and this deponent fourteen days that before in and since this was said it was common that Zimmerman saw him frequently. Lieut and Elizabeth Zimmerman (whose maiden name was Failing) he said they were lawfully married. Before the ???

The orderly sergeant of Captain Christian House’s company was Conrad Timmerman or Zimmerman.

This pension was very difficult to read.

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