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Pension Application, Widow of Jacob Flanders
Thanks to Paul and Buzz Flanders who donated this application

State of New York

Montgomery County
On this the 8th day of October 1838 personally appeared before the undersigned a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of said county (being a court of record). Catharine Flander a resident of the Town of Oppenheim in the County and State afore said aged sixty nine years who begin first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following Declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed in July 7th, 1838, entitled "An Act Granting Half Pay and Pensions to Certain Widows." That she is the widow of Jacob Flander who was a private soldier in the Militia and a Boatman in the Naval Service of the United States during the Revolutionary War; that from the evidence she has been able to procure, she as reason to believe that her husband the said Jacob Flander then a resident of the Town of Palatine in said county entered the service of the United States as a Batteauman in Captain William Petersons (1) Company of Boatmen in the year 1778 or 1779 and served nine months and from which period he continued to render service until the close of the war, particularly nine months in Captain Lawrence Gros' company of New York State Troops attached to Colonel Marinus Willet's Regiment in the year 1781, all of which service she has reason to believe will be found to appear by reference to records at the War Department the proof hereto annexed and on which she rests her claim.
            She further declares that she was married to the said Jacob Flander on the seventh day of October seventeen hundred and ninety one and that her husband the aforesaid Jacob Flander died on the seventh day of April Eighteen Hundred and Sixteen that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the first of January seventeen hundred and ninety four viz at the time above stated.
            Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before
Stephen Yates.

Judge of Montgomery County Courts
State of New York

Montgomery County SS
            On this 8th day of October 1838 the above named Catharine Flanders to me known to be the person described in & who made the foregoing declaration and affadavit and came before me.

Jacob Flander (3) W16258

            I certify the following to be a true translation of the following Record. Jno. J. Wack
Jacob Flanders Born Jan 1st 1762.
Catharine Fox Born Jan 9th 176?
Maria Flanders Born February 23, 1792
Elisabeth Born Jany 31 1784
Catharine Born Feby 28 1796
Margareth Born April 18th 1798
Jacob Born Oct 17th 1800
Eve Born Dec 29th 1802
Abraham Born April 13th 1804
Christopher Born April 18th 1808

State of New York
Fulton County
            On this 12th day of March 1841 personally Appeared before the Undersigned a Justice of the peace in and for said County, John J. Wack who being duly sworn doth depose and sweear that the translation aboe by him certified is true and correct.             Jno J. Wack
            Sworn to and and Subscribed this 12the March 1841 before me.
            Thomas R. Benedict Justice

End Notes

1. I have not found a payroll or muster roll of this Company of bateaumen. Jacob also served as a private in Captain John Hess' Company and Captain Peter Wagner's Company in Colonel Jacob Klock's Regiment of Tryon County militia [Second Regiment].
2. Jacob enlised on the 22nd of May 1781 in Captain Lawrence Gros' Company in Colonel Marinue Willet's Regiment of New York State Levies. He was discharged on the 31st of December 1781. He fought in the battles of New Dorlach [Sharon Springs] on the10th of July 1781, and the Battle of Johnstown on the 25th of October 1781.
3. The name was spelled various ways, Flander, Flanders. In recent years the family has spelled the name Flanders. In this transcription, the various spellings are presented as they appear as in the original documents.

Recently discovered letter of inquiry dated August 5, 1938.
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War records of Jacob Flander, who served in Captain John Hess’ Company, Colonel Jacob Klock’s New York Regiment said Jacob Flander, who served in Captain Lawrence Gross’ Company, Colonel Marinus Willett’s New York Regiment; also, record of Fredrich Beel, who served in Colonel Clyde’s New York Regiment.
            There is no claim for pension or bounty land on file based upon service in the Revolutionary War of Fredrich Beel (Beal, Beale, Bell, etc.) who served in the New York troops.  Such claims are the source of the data furnished by this office.
            Your are furnished herein the record of Jacob Flander or Flanders, the only soldier of that name who served in the New York troops, that is found on the Revolutionary War records of this office, the data for which were obtained from the papers on file in Revolutionary War pension claim, W.16258, based upon the military service of that soldier in said war.
            Jacob Flander or Flanders was born January 1, 1762, place of birth and names of parents not shown.
            While residing in Palatine New York, Jacob Flander of Flanders enlisted in 1778 or 1779, and served nine months as a bateau man under Captain William Peterson in the New York troops; he enlisted in 1781, and served nine months as a private in captain Gros’ Company, Colonel Marinus Willett’s New York Regiment, and was in the battles of Turloch and Johnstown.
            [In handwriting in margin] Did not find Capt. Peterson at service found sol. In NY in the Rev. in 2d service.
            He died April 7, 1816, at Oppenheim, Montgomery County, New York.
            Jacob Flander or Flanders married October 7, 1791, Catharine Fox, daughter of Christopher Fox, of Palatine, New York.  They were married by the Reverend Mr. Dyslin, pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church of Palatine. Catharine was born January 9, 1769, place of birth and name of her mother not shown. [Name of the church was officially The Reformed Calvinist Church of The Upper Part of Palatine in the County of Montgomery.  It was known as a German Reformed Church.]
            Soldier’s widow, Catharine, was allowed pension on her application executed October 8, 1838, while residing in Oppenheim.
            The following names of children are shown:
            Maria Flander. . .Born February 23, 1792 (baptized March 4, 1792, in Dutch Reformed Church at Palatine, New York.
            Elizabeth Flander. . .Born January 31, 1794.
            Catharina or Catharine Flander. . .Born February 28, 1794.
            Margreth or Margareth Flander. . .Born April 18, 1796.
            Jacob Flander. . .Born October 11, 1800.
            Eva or Eve Flander. . .Born December 29, 1802.
            Aperham of Abraham Flander. . .Born April 13, 1804.
            Bengimen or Benjamin Flander. . .Born June 21, 1805.
            Christopher Flander. . .Born April 18, 1808, in 1841 residing in Fulton County, New York.
            In 1841, Augustus Dennis Flander, brother of the soldier, Jacob Flander or Flanders, lived in Fulton County, New York and gave his age as eighty-two years.  He had lived formerly in Montgomery County, New York.  In 1838, Henry Flander another brother of the soldier, lived in Montgomery County, New York, and stated that he served with his brother, Jacob Flander, in Captain Lawrence Gros’ Company, Colonel Marinus Willett’s New York Regiment.  In 1841, Henry Flander was living in Fulton County, New York.  The name Philip Flander is shown, also, but no relationship to the family was stated.

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