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Record of Dennis A. Flander
Thanks to Buzz and Paul Flanders for donating this item

This record was most difficult to read, blurred, the ink bled through the paper and it has big age spots. Many parts were simply illegible.

State of New York
Montgomery County

On this day ? of September 1832 personally appearing before the Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for said County now sitting Dennis Augustus Flander a resident of the Town of Oppenheim, County of Montgomery, stated aforesaid age seventy four years born 15 of October 1757 who being duly sworn on his oath made the following declarations in order to obtain the benefice of the provision made by the act of Congress passed in June 7th, 1832, and he cited that service of the United States in the Revolutionary War in the militia of said state as a private served as herein after stated, viz: that about the first day of August 1777, he was called out to the service as a private and marched in the company of militia of Nicholas Rechter, Cap't; John Scholl, Lieu't; John Yost Schall Ensign in said company in the regiment of Jacob Klock Col. and Peter Waggoner Lieu't Col. I cannot recollect the name of the major, that he resided in the Town of Palatine in the said County where he entered the service, that he marched with the said company in said regiment from Palatine to Fort Herkimer where they stayed over night from thence marched on the north side of the Mohawk River to where Utica ? where they crossed over the river to the south side and on the south side marched up to Oriskany where he was engeged in the Oriskany Battle, the General Herkimer commanded the American militia in said battle where General Herkimer was wounded and Col. Ebenezer Cox of the Americans was killed and that the battle commenced about 10? on the 6th Aug. 1777 and the same evening of the battle, the Americans left Oriskany and went to Rome and around Rome the 8th? of the same month, having served about 8 days.

He has forgotten to state in order, that about 15 March 1776, he entered as a boatman for nine months in Cap't Van Epps Co. having no other officers that he lived in Palatine now Montgomery County aforesaid and that he entered as a boatman of said company and went to Schenectady on foot. There they loaded boats with provisions intended for Fort Stanwix. That took two days to go to Schenectady and were occupied at Schenectady as 23 days loading boats that they left Schenectady in the boats and went up the Mohawk River to Fort Stanwix in the boats with the provisions and that it took ? a week to go to Fort Stanwix. At Fort Stanwix we unloaded the boats and then went to Schenectady again and loaded provisions and carried same to same. Col. Gansvoort commanding at Fort Stanwix at the time, Col. Van Sch? months as ? down the river in the boats to Schenectady from Fort Stanwix. On the first of Jan. 1777 he enlisted services until about ? April 1778. He again enlisted as a boatman for nine months in the company of John Lefler Capt. there were no other officers to the company, that he resided in Palatine, now the County of Montgomery aforesaid, that he marched from Palatine to Schenectady on foot and from thence to Albany where he was ? in giving ? to other places in the loading of the boat ? to fetch and cut wood to Albany loaded ? in a sloop took the wood to Albany, that he was engaged at Albany for about three months, he cannot recollect whether sickness or some other reason he did not serve nine months that he left about April 1778 that about the middle of May 1779 he was called into service and entered ? time in the company of Nicholas Rechter, Cap't; John Scholl, Lieu't; John Jost Scholl was ensign in said company in the regiment of Jacob Klock, Col.; Christopher Fox, Major, that he doesn't recollect the other officers names that he resided in the town of Palatine and in the now County of Montgomery aforesaid when he entered said last mentioned service that he left said company about May 20, 1779, having served about three days in said company that they marched north from where he lived in Palatine aforesaid and came to the house of his Capt. that the next morning when Cap't Rechter was wounded in defending his house against the Tories and Indians that at ? three days he went home together with the others of said company that about 21 May 1770 he entered as a private in the company of John Hess Cap't; John Klock Lieu't the names of the other officers to his recollection and in the Reg't of Col. Jacob Klock that he remained in said company till the year of 1782 or when the war ceased, excepting several times as hereafter stated that he served in Cap't Christian Houses Company and that while in said Hess' Co. he was out repeatedly on scouting parties as a ranger and was called out each month from May 25, 1779 to 1782 and served about fifteen days each month on scouting parties as aforesaid excepting the several times he after mentioned when he served in Houses Co. in the now County of Herkimer and one time ? he cannot say ? out another time was gone ? days on the Royal Grant a place so called and he was ? months called out on scouting parties and served each month about 15 days while in said Hess Co. so each month he was relieved by other of said Co. which is the reason he did not serve out each month or during the whole time he was in Hess Co. that said Co. did not go on scouting parties ? of all the men belonging to it, but they relieved each other as before mentioned while in said Hess Co. he was engaged ? fall of 1780 as near as he can recollect the wheat and other produce was blackened and burned by the British under Sir John Johnson, that he was in the battle under Gen. Van Rensaleer against the British and Tories and the Indians near the Mohawk River at fording place that the Indians and Tories were under the command of Sir John Johnson, said battle was fought at now town of Oppenheim near the house of Richard Failing about three or four yards from the now village of St. John in said town that the British force after a slow start on the day of the battle crossed the Mohawk River from the north to the south side that during that time he served Hess Co. that he was drafted out of said Co. into Christian Houses Co. and went to the Royal Grant for a few days and after a time for 14 days or about ? it as before stated.

Further states that he had no documentary evidence to any claim whatsoever to a Pension or Annuity except this present and declared that his service is not on the Pension Roll of the agency of any state, that he was born 15 October 1757 at the now town of German Flats in Herkimer County has no evidence of his age seventy four, resided in St. Johns of Palatine in the now County of Montgomery that he served as before mentioned and has lived since the revolution in the same place where he now resides that he enlisted twice as a boatman as before mentioned each time for nine months, but served one time three months.

Donated by Paul and Buzz Flanders
Affidavit for Dennis Flander

State of New York
County of Montgomery SS

Henry A. Flander of St. Johnsville in said County and a pensioner of the Militia, states, aged eighty four years and upwards, being duly sworn saith, that he knows his aforesaid that his brother Dennis A. Flander was a private in the Company of Batteauxmen commanded by Captain Evert Van Eps in the year 1776 (Several words crossed out in this spot) that he served in said company, that his said brother served in the militia in 1777 at the battle of Oriskany, that this deponent and said Dennis enlisted together in the spring of the year 1778 into the company of Batteauxmen commanded by Captain John Laffler, and together served in said company pursuant to their enlistment, that in 1780 when Col. Brown was killed said Dennis was on duty with the militia from the Regiment to which ??? longest in the same company with this deponent, to wit in October 1780, that when deponent was on duty under Col. Willett in the fall of 1781 said Dennis was on duty at the battle of Johnstown under Capt. Rightor of said militia and that said Dennis was in a fourth battle at Mud or Mudder Creek or Kill in the summer of 1781.


Henry (X) Flanders


Subscribed and sworn this 12th day of October 1844 I Certify that said Henry Flander is a witness of credibility and that the foregoing affidavit was carefully read over to him and its contents explained to him before he signed or made his mark & sworn to the same.

Laurence Marulley

And the words (at least was in mouth) in the afore were erased before Execution.

L. Marulley.

Note: The name was spelled Flander but in recent years it has been spelled Flanders. The name was signed Flanders above, whether by Henry himself or by another person. Many times the people could read and write, but made their mark or signed and make their mark.

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