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Pension Application for Christian House

The pension file for Christian House contains the following letter from a previous inquiry.

June 18, 1936

Mrs. James A Venable
1434 Iroquois Ave.
Detroit, Mich.


I have to advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim W 7759 it appeared that Christian House was born October 14, 1756, place not stated.

He enlisted in 1775 and served nine months as private in Captain Jacob Sauer’s New York Regiment; and immediately after enlisted and served nine months in Captain John Winn’s New York Company.

He enlisted at Canajoharie in March 1777 and served in Captain Robert McKean’s Company, Colonel Goose VanSchaick’s New York Regiment, he was at the taking of Burgoyne, the Battle of Monmouth, and was taken prisoner in July 1779 near Fort Stanwix, and carried to Canada, from where he made his escape in June 1781, and returned to his regiment, and was discharged at close of war.

He was allowed pension on his application executed April 9, 1818, while a resident of Florida, Montgomery County, New York. He died March 11, 1844.

Soldier married December 22, 1822 at Minden, Montgomery County, New York, Mrs. Huldah Schuyler (widow of John Schuyler). She was allowed pension, on account of the services of Christian House, on her application executed May 19, 1855, while a resident of Minden, New York, aged eighty years.

In 1819, soldier’s son-in-law, is referred to, his name is not stated, nor that of his wife. There is no further data on file as to family.
Winfield Scott, Commissioner

State of New York
Montgomery County
Christian House of the Town of Florida in the County of Montgomery afore said being duly sworn doth depose and say that he served under the Continental establishment for the Revolutionary War from the time of his enlistment till the end of the war and that he entered the services in the year seventeen hundred and seventy five he thinks and enlisted under the command of Capt. Jacob Sauer first for nine months and at the expiration of the nine months he this deponent enlisted under Capt. John Winn for nine months more and served the time out faithfully this deponent then enlisted under Capt. Robert McGee for during the war and then this deponent served under commander till the close of the war and then received his honorable discharge which discharge this deponent was lost.

This deponent further said he was in several battles, namely, the Monmouth Battle and the taking of Burgoyne and several at this engagement not mentioned.

This deponent further said that by reason of his advanced age and extreme ??? he is unable to provide evidence from a distance that are now living to prove the facts above stated and this deponent further said that by reason of his reduced circumstances in life and old age than stands in need of assistance from his country for support and further said not—

Sworn and subscribed before me on this 9th day of April 1818.
Benedict Smath? Judge of Com. Pleas
Christian House (his mark)

State of New York
Montgomery County
Christian House this applicant in the annexed papers named being duly sworn says that he this deponent in the month of March in the year of our lord 1777 at Canajoharie in the said county and state enlisted in a company commanded by Robert McKean and in Robert McGee’s as mistakenly wrote in his first declaration hereto annexed in the regiment commanded by Goose Van Schick as Colonel in the first New York regiment in the line of the state in the Continental Army of the United states the Revolutionary War, for and during the war and continued in said regiment until the month of July 1779 when he was taken prisoner by the British near Fort Stanwix now Tow of Rome in the County of Oneida in said state and was taken from thence to Canada and remained there as prisoner until ;about the month of June 1781 when he affected his escape and returned from Montreal and came to his regiment at and between Stillwater and Albany in said state and then in consequence of his being a prisoner of war his officer gave him a permit to return to his home and there remain until farther orders of that he was not thereafter called upon for any service although he continued were ordered.

Subscribed and sworn to this 2nd day of August 1819, before me, Aaron Haring, First Judge of Montgomery County.
Christian House (his mark)

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