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Pension Record of Samuel Tallmadge
The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780
The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783
by Samuel Tallmadge and Others
with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782 and John Barr, 1779-1782
Prepared for publication by Almon W. Lauber PH.D. of The division of Archives and History
Albany, The University of the State of New York, 1932.

State of New York

Montgomery County

On the sixth day of April in the year Eighteen Hundred and eighteen, before me the subscribed First judge of the Court of Common pleas for the County aforesaid, personally appears Samuel Tallmadge aged Sixty two years resident in the town of Charleston & County of Montgomery & State aforesaid who being by me first duly Sworn according to law, doth on his oath Make the following declaration, in order to obtain the provision made by the late act of Congress, entitled "An Act to provide for certain persons, engaged in the land and naval Servises of the united States in the revolutionary War; That the Said Talmadge enlisted upon long Island County of Suffolk and State of New York in a Company Commanded by Captain Daniel Roe, in Colonel Henry B. Levingstons Regiment, that said enlistment was in the Month of May Seventeen Hundred Seventy Six, in the New York line, and continued in the Servise of the united States untill the Close of the war-And this Deponent further saith that he was promoted to the rank of an Ensign to take Rank as such from the Ninth day of November Seventeen Hundred & Seventy Seven, and on the twenty Seventh Day of October Seven Hundred Eigty One took rank as a Lieutenant, as will appeare by the accompanying Commission, in which capacity he this deponant Served untill the Close of the war, when he was dismissed at Newburgh county of Orange & State of New york-And this Deponent further saith, that he is in reduced circumstances and needs the assistance of his country for Support and that he doth Hereby relinquish all and every claim to any and every desision heretofore allowed him by the Laws of the united States-And this Deponent further saith that he was at the taking of Burgoyne and Cornwallis, and was also in Seventy Nine with General Sullivan on a Western expedition against the Six Nations of Indians


Subscribed Sworn & Declared the day & year aforesaid Before me

ALEXR SHELDON First judge of Montgomery County

I Alexander Sheldon First judge of the court of Common Pleas for Montgomery County do certify, that it appears to my Satisfaction that the said Samuel Tallmadge did serve in the revolutionary War as Stated in the preceeding declaration, against the common ennemy, and I now transmit the proceedings and testimony taken and had before me to the Secretary of the Department of War, pursuant to the Directions of the aforementioned act of Congress Dated at Charleston County of Montgomery & State of New York Agent 6m. H H

ALEXR SHELDON First judge of Said County

State of New york
Montgomery County
I John McCarthy Clerk of the Court of common pleas for the said County do certify that Alexander Sheldon whose name appears signed to the annexed Certificate, and before whom the annexed declaration appears to have been made and Sworn to was first Judge of the Court of common pleas in & for the said County on the 6th day of April 1818. In Witness Whereof I have hereto Set my hand and affixed the Seal of the Said Court the 13th day of of July 1818.


In a letter written in 1819-one of the few preserved-he said: "I hava received my certificate from the War Dept., [No. 7865] giving me a claim on the Branch Bank N. Y. of U. S. $20.00 per month, first payment due Sept. 4th, next, when $360. will become due."61 With the hope of increasing his pension he made the following affidavit in 1820:
Northern District of the State
of New York Montgomery County
On this 13th day of June 1820 personally appeared in Open Court before the Judges of the Court of Common pleas, in and for the County of Montgomery, It being a Court of record having original Jurisdiction in all civil cases arising within said County according to the principals of the Common law, this Court haveing existed prior to the adoption of the Constitution the first Judges thereof being recognized In the 25th Article of the Constitution of the State of New York & the powers thereof defined & stated in the 2d. Volume New York R Laws page 141-Samuel Talmage residing in the Town of Charlestown said County aged Sixty four years, on the twenty third day of November last, who being first Sworn according to law doth on his Oath declare that he served in the revolutionary War as follows, that he entered the army as Clerk or orderly serjeant in the 4th New York Reg: Commanded then by Colonel Levingston in a Company Commanded by Captain Daniel Rose in the year 1776, that he served as serjeant un till the 28th. June 1779 when he was appointed Ensign in the 4th. New York regt. then Commanded by Col (1). Levingston and his Commission bearing the above date is here presented in Court that he afterward received the Commission of Lieutenant in the 2d. New York Regt. Commanded by Col (1) Van Court landt which Commission is now in the Office of the Secretary at War at Washington that he served in the whole Seven Years and until The Army was disbanded and that he was a pensioner of the United States and the number of his certificate is 7865 & his declaration the 6th. April 1818

(1) Mary Tallmadge Root. History of the Tallmadge Family. (Unpublished manuscript in State Historian's office. Albany, N. Y.)

And I the Said Samuel Talmage do further Solemnly Swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United on the 18th. day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time, by Gift Sale, or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to deminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an Act of Congress entitled and Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval Service of the United States in the revolutionary War passed on the 18th. March 1818 & I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or Securities contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income than What is Contained in the Schedule hereto Annexed & by me Subscribed Real and personal property None, except some cloathing and bedding all my property having been surrendered to my Creditors & that far from sufficient to pay 1/4 my debts


Subscribed Sworn to, and declared on the 13th. day of June 1820 in Open Court


The Said Samuel further Says that his only occupation is that of a farmer which he is now unable to pursue on account of age & debility that he has a wife by mame Mary aged 66 years & One daughter Named Mary aged 37 belonging to his family living with him & that he supposed the daughter may be able to support hereself.


State of New york Montgomery County Clerks office

I John McCarthy Clerk of the said County do hereby certify that the foregoing Oath and the Schedule thereto annexed are truly copied from the Record of the Court of common pleas of the said County and I further certify that it is the Opinion of the said Court that the said Samuel Talmage has no property to value. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the Said Court on this 22d. day of June 1820


The following letters relate to the pension and hence are included:

Springfield, Ohio July 30 [1850]

Samuel Tallmadge, an uncle of Ex-Senator Tallmadge of New York, Served in the continental army, in the War of the Revolution, as an officer, from the commencement to the close of the War. A part of the time he was a Lieutenant, and a part Captain. He drew a pension for some two or three years before his death. He died 25 years ago. His sons suppose he drew under the resolution of Congress of 1780, though of this they are not certain. They believe they are entitled to the pension which he failed to draw, except the last two or three years. The papers are on file in the Pension Office showing the rank he held and that he was entitled to pension, and which I suppose they are entitled to draw. They are ready to furnish proofs that they are his children. Will you be kind enough to examine this case and report to me

Y&ours c


In answer to the enquiry Contained in the letter of E G. Dial, as to the Claim of the Heirs of Samuel Talmage lat a pensioner on the New York Rolls Under the Act of 18 March 1818 for Service renderd in the New York Line as a Leiutenant, Which Accompanied Your Communication of the 61 inst I have the honor to State that there is no law giving to Children a pension on account of Service rendered by their Father in the War of the Revolution. In Cases where the Officer or Soldier is entitled to a pension which he failed to receive during his life the Children upon the production of proper proof of Heirship May Obtain What was due him but Nothing Morre
In this Case Talmage received his pension to the time of his death. We Know of Nothing further due him to be paid to his Children
Hon E. B. Olds
House of Rep.
In 1820 he was placed on the pension list as a "Lieutenant of the New York Line. "(2) He drew his pension to the time of his death.

Pension Office
August 16th 1850

(2) Pension List, Washington, 1820, p. 455. The certificate of his pension dated March 20, 1819, was senl 10 his brother Benjamin Tallmadge at Litchfield, Conn., who undoubledly had interesled himself in the case. Manuscript record in Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C.

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