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Pension Application for Joseph Van Ingen, Surgeon’s Mate (Lieutenant)

State of New York
Lewis County
            On this twentieth day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared in open court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Lewis now sitting Joseph Van Ingen of the Town of Denmark in the County of Lewis and State of New York aged seventy years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the pension of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.
            That in the year 1778 he entered the service of the United States as a Surgeons Mate under Derick Van Ingen, (1) Physician and Surgeon of the Western [Northern] Department and pay of First Lieutenant.
            That he entered the Hospital about the first of November 1778 and served untill May 1779.
            That in the month of June 1779, he again entered the Service of the United States by the approval of Doct Stephen McCrea Physician and Surgeon General of the Flying Hospital, (2) as Clerk and Surgeons Mate, with the rank and pay of First Lieutenant.
            That he was during this term of service in the Expedition commanded by General Sullivan. (3)
            He marched from Albany to Canajoharie then to Otsego Lake, thence down the Susquehanna River to Tioga; when he Joined General Sullivans Army; Thence to Chemung, and from Chemung to New Town and was in the battle (4) at that place.
            That he remained in this department until the month of November 1779 when the army returned and he was then transferred to the Hospital department in the City of Schenectady in the same capacity and remained there until the following spring as clerk and Surgeons Mate under Dirck Van Ingen Physician & Surgeon aforesaid.—at which time he was attached to the Quarter Master Generals Department in the Capacity of Clerk under Tunis Van Waggon Quarter General of the Brigade of Troops of the New York line commanded by General James Clinton.  That he served in this capacity until he arrived at West Point in the spring of 1780.  When he was Transferred to the commissary Generals Department under Commissary General _____ Marshall under whom he acted as clerk of that Department for about two months after the arrival of the Brigade.
            That he then received an appointment from General James Clinton as Conductor of Ordinance & Military Stores with the rank and pay of Lieutenant and acted in this capacity for more than nine months—That he remained at West Point a short time then marched to Tappan & remained there till winter then returned to Schenectady to winter quarters.
            That at the Expiration of the term last mentioned he received a commission as Lieutenant in the four months Levies of the State of New York and was attached to Captain [Aaron] Hales (5) Company in the Regiment of New York State Troops Commanded by Colonel Marinus Willet and was discharged at the Expiration of said term of four months.
            The he was in Continental service of the United States from the time he Entered the Hospital as Surgeons Mate in November 1778 until he was discharged as a Lieutenant of Levies about the first of October 1781 making about three years actual service & that his rank and pay during all said time was that of First Lieutenant.  That he resided at the time of entering the service as above stated in Schenectady, New York.
            Her hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any State.  (Signed) Joseph Van Ingen
            Sworn & subscribed the day & year aforesaid.  Carles P. Scovi, clerk

Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed July 7th 1838.
State of New York
Lewis County
            On this twenty first day of July 1843 personally appeared before me Calvin Lewis one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, in and for the County of Lewis in Said State of New York Eleanor Van Ingen a resident of the town of Diana in said county aged Eighty one years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 entitled “An Act granting half pay & pensions to certain widows.”
            That she is the widow of Joseph Van Ingen late of the town of Diana in said County deceased.  That her husband the said Joseph was at the time of his death a pensioner of the United States under the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832 receiving the sum of two hundred & twenty six 60/100 dollars per annum under said act.  That said pension was awarded in consideration of the services of said Joseph Van Ingen during the War of the Revolution.  That this declarant has often heard her husband the said Joseph Van Ingen state the particulars of his Revolutionary services and among many she can remember the following to wit?  That he was a conductor of Military stores and was a Lieutenant in the regular service but cannot relate further particulars.  And this Deponent further saith that she was married to the said Joseph Van Ingen on the tenth day (6) of March 1784.  That previous to her said marriage she resided in the town of Canajoharie New York and bore the maiden name of Eleanor Van Alstine.  That she was married as aforesaid in the Village of Caughnawaga New York by the Rev’d Mr. Romine & that Philip Van Alstine John Van Ever and a brother and sister were present at her said marriage all of whom have since departed this life.
            And Declarant further saith that her husband and the said Joseph Van Ingen departed this life on the 5th day of November 1842 at Diana aforesaid.  That from the time of her said marriage until the day of his death she lived with him the said Joseph as his lawful wife and that she now remains his widow single and unmarried.  That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but that her marriage took place previous to the year 1794 to wit at the time above stated.  (Signed) Eleanor Van Ingen
            Subscribed and sworn the day & year aforesaid before me & I certify that the Declarant Eleanor Van Ingen is unable to attend Court by reason of old age and bodily infirmity.
            “Alstine” written in an erasure on top line.  Calvin Lewis, Judge & c.

End Notes

  1. Derick or Dirck Van Ingen was Joseph’s father.
  2. A Flying Hospital or Flying Camp usually refers to a moving hospital or camp as battles or campaigns dictate them to be moved sometimes at a moment’s notice.
  3. Brigadier General James Clinton’s part of this campaign gathered at Canajoharie in May and June and Joined the forces under General John Sullivan.
  4. The Battle of Newtown was fought on the 29th of August 1779.  The battlefield is an historic site near Elmira, NY.  The British forces at Newtown were under Major John Butler.  Butler was later promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel.
  5. According to Captain Hales payroll Abraham Ten Eyck received Joseph’s pay of £53..4..6.  The roll is dated 28 October 1785.  Many soldiers were owned money when their service ended and people would buy the certificates for a lesser value.  Abraham Ten Eyck had served as a Lieutenant and paymaster in Willett’s Regiment.
  6. According to Simon J. Veeder’s affidavit dated 15 August 1843 Joseph & Nyltye [Eleanor] Van Alstyne were married 1784 March 13 by the Reverend Thomas Romeyn [Romaine] of the Reformed Cutch Church of Caughnawaga [now Village of Fonda, Montgomery County].  Apparently a pay increase was granted on the 9th November 1850 to $309.16 per annum.  It was payable to his only surviving children: Margaret Plank, Nancy Van Duzen and Richard Van Ingen.  Joseph is listed in the Federal 1796 census as living in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, NY.  Then letter was written for the increase on the 20th day of July 1850 by Richard J. Van Ingen who was then living in St. Lawrence County, NY.  In other papers Eleanor’s death is listed as January 5, 1845.  Margaret her daughter is listed as the widow of Henry Plank and Nancy the wife of Malachi Van Duzen

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