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Pension Application for Isaac Jacob Vrooman

State of New York
County of Albany
            On this twenty-second day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty four, personally appeared before the Justices of the Justice Court of the City of Albany, the same being a court of record.  Isaac J. Vrooman, now a resident of the Town of Guilderland, in the County of Albany and State of New York, aged seventy-three years and about ten months who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
            That he served in the Army of the United States in the year 1776 in the Regiment in the New York Line commanded by Col. Wynkoop (1) and of which Courtland Schuyler (2) of Albany was Lieutenant Colonel.
            That this deponent served in the company in said regiment commanded by Capt. John F. Wendell (3) late of the City of Albany, deceased.  John Ten Broeck, now of the City of New York, First Lieutenant of said company, and the said John Ten Broeck now being a pensioner of the United States and John Welch, Second Lieutenant and John Ostrander Ensign of said company.
            That this deponent enlisted with the said John Welch Second Lieutenant in Schenectady on or about the month of May 1776.  That he went from Schenectady to Albany and from thence to Ticonderoga when he joined the said company.            
            That the said company with this deponent remained about three months at Ticonderoga according to the best recollection of the deponent and from thence was ordered to Skeensborough.  That the said regiment was discharged at Skeensborough in January succeeding from a belief founded on his best recollection that it was after the holy days, and that on his return home to Albany he came part of the way & crossed Wood Creek on the ice. 
            That this deponent enlisted in said company for six months but that he remained in the service of the said army eight months.  After the said time of service this deponent returned to Norman’s Kill now the Town of Bethlehem in the County of Albany which was the native place of this deponent and where he resided until he enlisted with the said John Welch.
            And this deponent further says that after the said term of service as aforesaid he served in the militia in active duty when he was drafted for such purposes.
            That his first tour of service in the militia was in the Regiment of New York Militia commanded by Col. Peter Vroman (4) who was a second cousin of this deponent, Capt John Grote (5) was captain of the company in which the deponent served, Bartal Mynders First Lieutenant, Levi Van Auken 2nd Lieutenant and Adam Vroman Ensign (6) who was a brother of this deponent.
            This deponent was an Orderly Sergeant in said company.  He was drafted for the defense of the Posts at Schoharie; the militia at said Posts were relieved every fortnight.  This deponent served for said time, this way near as he can recollect in 1778.
            And this deponent further says that he afterward served in two successive years in the same service in garrisoning the posts in Schoharie during two weeks of each year for which periods the militia were drafted for the above service & this deponent was ordered and served in each of said drafts.
            The names of the officers of the company in which the deponent served in the first of the two last years aforesaid were Capt. Hager (7)—Peter Hager (8), 1st Lieutenant, and Ebenezer Olen Ensign. (9)
            On the last tour of service Capt Walter Vroman (10), the oldest brother of this deponent was the Captain of his company and Jellis Fonda (11) late of Schenectady, deceased was First Lieutenant.  Col. Peter Vroman was also the Col. Of the regiment to which said Companies belonged and Commanded the forces assembled at Schoharie Part of the time this deponent served at said Posts.  This deponent was stationed at the Middle Fort so called at Schoharie when an Expedition of the British & Indians under the command of Sir John Johnson was directed against it.  This fort was partially invested by him but was soon driven off though there was not a great deal of fighting.  This deponent was stationed at different times at all of the three posts at Schoharie.
            And this deponent further says for more than forty years past he has been without any family & during said time has had no permanent place of abode.  He went into the Western Country (Ohio) about twenty-five years ago.  He was engaged in collecting furs from the Indians – after having returned to the State of New York he again went to Ohio & from thence to Michigan.  That the deponent left Michigan in May last for this part of the country for the purpose of getting evidence necessary on this deponent supposing to obtain his pension.
            That he went to the City of New York to see Lieut John C. Ten Broeck the First Lieutenant of this deponents company, saw him there, but that his mind was said to be too much broken by age & disease to admit of his making any deposition in favor of this deponent.   
            That said Ten Broeck did not recollect this deponent, but seemed to recollect some incidents that were mentioned by this deponent to him.
            And this deponent further says that his Christian or given name is Isaac Jacob that he used to use his middle name in making his signature.  There was an Isaac Vroman & an Isaac A. Vroman & this deponent signed his name Isaac Ja’b Vroman to distinguish between them and him.  This deponent has seen a receipt now forwarded him dated 2nd April 1776 at Skeensborough for 5 £ six S & 8 d [pence] as received of Capt Wendell.  This receipt was signed by this deponent at the time it was dated and the same period is mentioned & included in said receipt.
            And this deponent hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present.  And declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any State.  And is unable to write his name.
            Sworn this 22nd day of September 1834 in open court.
Isaac J. Vrooman (his mark)
John G. Wasson, clk

Isaac Jacob Vrooman S 11612
Albany County
            Catherine Wendell of the City of Albany being duly sworn says that she resides in the City of Albany and is the Daughter of the late John H. Wendell deceased of the City of Albany—That her said father was an officer of the Army of the Revolution as she has always understood & believes, And in the year 1776 was a Captain in the said Army as she has understood & believes.
            She has found among the papers of her father a Receipt purporting to have been signed by “Isaac Jacb Vorman” (by his mark) which receipt is hereto annexed, and is in the hand writing of her said father.
            And this Deponent further says that the Signature “John H. Wendell” on a Small piece of paper attached to the said Receipt & also hereto annexed, is also in the hand writing of her said father—
            And this Deponent further says that the above Receipt was found among the papers of her deceased father at a request made by [?] Hedhouse of Watervliet.
            That a search should be made for some document relative to the Revolutionary Services of an Old man calling himself Isaac J. Vroman & that said Receipt had not been previously Known to be in Existence by the said Vroman to the Knowledge of belief of this Deponent.  Cath: Wendell
            Sworn to before me this 30th of September 1884.  J. Lansing, Judge of Alby Com. Please Counseller & c.
            This is the enclosed document which was cut from a Pay Roll which was still in her possession in 1834.
            Received this 25th Septr 1776 at Skenesborough from Capt. Wendell the Sum of Five pounds, six shillings & eight pence being in full of my pay as a private from the 1st day of July to the 31st Augt as witness my hand.  (Signed with his mark) Isaac Jab Vrooman
£ 5,,6,,8..
            Another small piece of paper has John H. Wendell written on it.

The following letter is part of the pension folder.
December 29, 1937
Mrs. Eula R. Spencer
The American Red Cross
125 ½ South Ohio Street
Bedalia, Missouri

Isaac Jacob Vroman-S.11612
Dear Madam:
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the record of Jacob Vrooman, a soldier of the Revolutionary War.
            You are furnished herein the record of Isaac Jacob Vrooman or Vroman, the data for which were obtained from the papers on file in Revolutionary War pension claim, S.11612, based upon his military service in that war.
            Isaac Jacob Vrooman was born at Norman’s Kill, Albany County, New York.  The date of his birth and names of his parents are not shown.
            While residing in said Norman’s Kill, Isaac Jacob Vrooman enlisted in May, 1776, served as a private in Captain John H. Wendell’s Company, Colonel Wynkoop’s New York Regiment, marched to Ticonderoga, where he served three months, thence to Skeensborough, where he was discharged in January following: he enlisted in 1778, for the defense of the forts at Schoharie and served as orderly sergeant in Captain John Groot’s Company, Colonel Peter Vroman’s (soldier’s second cousin) New York Regiment: his brother Adam was ensign of said company: Afterward, he served on short tours of two weeks each, over a period of two years as part of the garrison at Schoharie under Captains Hager and Walter Vroman (soldier’s oldest brother) in the New York troops, on one occasion, while at the middle fort in said Schoharie, they were attacked by a party of British and Indians under command of Sir John Johnson and succeeded in driving the enemy away.
            Isaac Jacob Vroman stated that for more than forty years after the Revolution, he had no family; that about 1809, he went to the western part of Ohio and collected furs from the Indians, that he made several trips between his old home and Ohio, and finally went to Michigan in the vicinity of Detroit from which place he returned to New York State in May 1834.
            Isaac Jacob Vroman was allowed pension on his application executed September 22, 1834 while residing in Guilderland, Albany County, New York, aged seventy-three years and ten months.  He was named on the pension rolls as Isaac J. Vroman.
            It is not stated that soldier was ever married.
            In 1835, one Adam Vroman was aged seventy-five years and made affidavit in Schenectady County, New York in support of the pension claim of Isaac Jacob Vroman, but did not state his relationship.
            In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, the name and address of person paid and possibly the date of death of the Revolutionary War pensioner, Isaac J. Vroman S.11612, you should address the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, this city and cite the following data:
            Isaac J. Vroman,            Certificate No. 30112, Issued August 5, 1835,  Rate, $26.66 per annum,  Commenced March 4, 1831, Act of June 7, 1832,           New York (Albany) Agency
            Very truly yours, A.D. Hiller, Executive Assistant To the Administrator

End Notes

  1. Cornelius D. Wynkoop was Colonel of this regiment.  It was designated as the Fourth New York Continental Regiment.  It existed from March to November of 1776.
  2. The Lieutenant-Colonel was Philip Van Cortlandt.  Van Cortlandt was appointed Colonel of the Second New York Continental Regiment on 21 November 1776 when all the New York Regiments were re-organized.  Enlistments were for 3 years or the duration of the war.  At times during the war, it was hard to get recruits and they then would enlist levies which were for shorter terms of service to boost their regimental strengths.
  3. Isaac is correct on the officers and ranks.  This was one of the companies raised from Albany County for this regiment.  Two companies were raised from Tryon County.  They were under Captain Robert McKean from Cherry Valley and Captain Jacob W. Seeber from the Canajoharie District.
  4. Peter Vrooman was the Colonel of the Fifteenth Regiment of Albany County Militia.  Colonel Vrooman was not the Colonel of the regiment that Isaac J. was in.  Col. Vrooman was in command of the Fort in the Schoharie Valley.
  5. Captain John Groot [Groat, Grote, Croat, etc.], First Lieutenant Barent Mynderson, Second Lieutenant Levi Van Auken and Ensign Dirck Hemstreet were officers in Colonel Philip P. Schuyler’s Regiment of Albany County Militia. [Third Regiment.]
  6. Adam Vrooman does not appear as Ensign in this company or regiment.  There is a private Adam in Captain Groot’s Company.
  7. Jacob Hager was the Captain of the Second Company in Colonel Vrooman’s Regiment.  Isaac is not listed for this company or regiment.  Captain Hager was in command of the Upper Fort [Now Fultonham area in Schoharie County] and Isaac would be there under his command at those times but not part of Hager’s Company.
  8. Peter Hager was the First Lieutenant of Captain Storm Becker’s Company in Colonel Vrooman’s Regiment.
  9. There is no one by that name in the Albany County Militia.
  10. Walter Jacob Vrooman was the First Lieutenant in Captain Jesse VanSlyck’s Company in Colonel Abraham Wemple’s Regiment of Albany County Militia [Second Regiment].  Walter also served as a lieutenant in Colonel Henry K. Van Rensselaer’s Regiment of New York State Levies in 1779.  There are no known muster rolls of payrolls for this regiment.  Walter was appointed on 11 May 1780 as Captain in Lieutenant-Colonel John Harper’s Regiment of New York State Levies.  Isaac was not in this regiment nor does it appear that Captain Vrooman served in the Schoharie Valley in 1780.  Captain Vrooman was stationed in the Mohawk Valley and in September Vrooman with the regiment marched to Fort Schuyler to relieve the First New York Continental Regiment.  The regiment was there until November when they were relieved by the Fourth New York continental Regiment.  Captain Vrooman with about sixty men from the regiment were taken prisoner on the 23 October 1780.  Isaac’s name does not appear on any of the payrolls for this regiment.
  11. Jellis A. Fonda was a lieutenant in Captain Jacob J. Lansing’s Company in Colonel Morris Graham’s Regiment of New York State Levies.  Lieutenant Fonda was also the Adjutant for the regiment and was stationed at the Middle Fort.  Isaac’s name again does not appear on the payrolls for this regiment.  A detachment of the Albany county Militia was there in October and Isaac was most likely part of it.

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