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Pension Application for Thomas Zielley


State of New York
Montgomery County

On the 21st day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty two, personally appeared in open court before the court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Montgomery and State of New York now sitting.

Thomas Zielley a resident of the Town of Ephratah same county and state aforesaid aged sixty eight years five months and fourteen days.

That this applicant declares that he did perform Militia duty as a volunteer in watching and guarding some of the inhabitants at Fort Keyser during the summer season fo rat least two months in the year 1779 when yet under the age of sixteen and that this applicant further declares that the foregoing, services as mentioned were performed under the command of a Sergeant generally and that “Emmediatly” (Immediately) after he arrived to the age of sixteen he was enrolled in the company of his father who had the Command of the Company of Militia previously and until the memorable battle at Oriskany on the 6th day of August 1777 when Capt John Breadbag had the Command over the same ? and Company who in the same battle received a serious wound after which time 1st Lieut John Zielly the father of this afterwards succeeded to the Command of the said Company belonging to the Regiment Commanded by Col. Jacob Clock’s 2nd Battalion.

That this applicant declares that he hath been ordered by his Commd’t of the Company to watch and to assist in guarding the families those which had moved into the fort, occasionally alternating his services and duties performed in guarding against the incursions of the incendiaries until Spring 1780 at an average of 2 month service annually.

That this applicant further declares that in the month of May vigt 22d, in the year 1780 when Sir John Johnson at a distance from and at around about Caughnawaga terrorizing the inhabitants with his incendiary crew, merciless tomahawk, scalping ? and combustibles to set fire almost to every building ? with murdering and taking prisoners, both men and women and children at which time this claimants marching along under the command of Lieut Zielley with his company to Caughnawaga then in pursuit of the enemy in running, Col. Harper when then under the Emmediant Command of Col. John Harper marching to Johnstown Village when they see the enemy marching away from the Hall and across the hall farm into the woods, and afterwards ? followed by the incendiaries for women and children to return those respective homes but alas but for who found shelter after their arrival at their former places of residence but suffice it to say that the raiding commenced before he arrived to the age of sixteen and continued to the close of the war that from the commencement of his services he has always kept himself in constant readiness well armed and alert in compliance with the orders and directions given by his superior officers or also in conformity to the resolution passed on the 27th day of May 1773. Whereas it was resolved that the Militia of New York by armed and trained and in constant readiness to act at a moments warning and this claiment declares that he was born at Schoharie on the 7th April in the year 1764. That emmediently previous to the Revolutionary War his father with the family removed from Schohary to the Town of Palatine, then County of Tryon now County of Montgomery when this claiment resided Emmediately previous, during and since the Revolutionary War with the exception that since last spring this claimant residing in the Town of Ephrath and same county aforesaid and further this applicant saith not----

Sworn to and subscribed this day and year aforesaid, George D. Ferguson, Clerk
Signed Thomas Zielley.

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