Morrison's Pensions

Persons Are Confined in Goil [Jail]
Gen. Philip Schuyler Papers, New York Public Library (Microfilm Reel 20, New York State Library.)

Peter Bruner
Jacob Algire
John Frees
Paltes [Baltus] Ergesinger [Argersinger]
John McCrur
Dan McGregory [McGregor]
Mich’l Stoller
John Toon
Aron Brad
Thoms Butler
James Linck
Sam’l Patterson
Trueman Christy
Rich’d Robbinson
Symon Strador
Own [Owen] Connor
Nicholas Pradhour
Hannes [John] Ald [Ault]
Nich’s Shafer
George Shink [Schenck]
Ad’m Shnider [Snyder]
John Saver
Mich’l Rossel [Russel]
Conrath Schmitt
Wm Boisn
Francis Prime
John Daviae [Davis]
Cornel Phillips
John GibsonHenry Brown
Wm Knight
Jacob Eambagh [Rambaugh?]
David G. Rocks
Hans [John] Hartel
Sam’l Mersy
Ian Anneble
George Ruppert
Fred’k Bernard
Peter Servise
Rich’d Hansen
John ReylySam’l Wilks
Johan Jost Petry
Dirk [Richard] Bell
George McGines [Maginess, etc.]
John Hackney
Adam Halmer [Helmer]
John Weber [Weaver]
Peter Yhost [Yost]
Jacob Shiud
Mich’l Carman
Mich’s Callinger [Gallinger]
Adward Gay Inlist
Sam’l Thompson
Andrew Mitchell
John Jhost Petry Jun’r
Sam’l Platow
Peter Ehe

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