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Pension Application for William Pettingell or Pittengell

S.18163 (Awarded pension $48.33 per annum)
State of New York
Otsego County SS.
            On this 16th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared in open court before the court of Common Pleas now sitting at the court house in the Village of Cooperstown in the county of Otsego aforesaid William Pettengel a resident of the Town of Milford in the County & State aforesaid aged 74 years on the 2d of May 1832 who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.—
            That he entered the army of the Revolution as a Soldier in the year 1776—as a volunteer in the Militia and at different periods afterwards and served for the following periods & under the following circumstances to wit.
            That in May 1776—at Florida in the County of Montgomery, & State of New York where he resided he volunteered to join a company of Militia under his Father Capt. Lawrence Pettingel.  That said Corps was ordered to Fort Herkimer on the Mohawk River and arrived there in a few days and were stationed there for three months during all which time he was on duty at that fort or [?] with a small detachment from the Fort in driving back the Indians who were occasionally committing depredations against the Settlements near the fort—that he remained there three months when the company was dismissed and their place supplied by another company of Militia—
            In September 1776 – volunteered at Florida aforesaid & went with a company of Militia under this Father Capt. Pettengel to a Col. Butlers (who was a Tory) near Johnstown in Montgomery Co. NY to take some Tories who had colleted there & succeeded in talking 10—This excursion was under the order of the committee of Safely of what whas then called Tryon Co.—and was out not less than 15 days.—
            That in in [sic] April 1777—he again volunteered to join the company of Militia under his Father and went to Herkimer on the Mohawk River and was stationed there on duty till in the month of July—when they were ordered to Fort Stanwix further up the River and was then engaged in fortifying that place and remained there till the British Tories & Indians under St. Leger to [?] was there standing engaged in the Battle called the Oriskana Battle in August -- and that his Father Cap. Pettingel was killed at that time.  The American Militia were under Gen. Herkimer & Schuyler—Soon after the battle and about the Middle of August 1777—he was discharged & sent home was out this time about four months—got home about the 20 August during this summer he was out with Gen. Schuyler who was making a treaty with the Indians.
            In the month of June 1778 was called out with the Militia of Canajoharie under Capt. Snook.  The Militia were ordered out at this time by the Committee of Safety of Tryon Co. and went to Stone Arabia in the present County of Montgomery was were stationed then at a Block house to guard the settlement from the Indians & Tories & Staid there about one month then went to Johnstown about 20 miles and were stationed there on similar duty, till the first of August and then he went with a part of said Corps to what was called Wemps Settlement to guard that place during the harvest and remained there till about the 10 of August and was then dismissed & sent home and was out this time a little more than two months.
            In May and about the 20th of that month in the year 17779—he was called out with the Militia & went in a company under Capt. Peter Yates and went to Caughnawaga and was stationed there about one month and was then ordered to Johnstown in Montgomery Col. and were stationed there about three weeks and then ordered & marched to Fort Plank in Montgomery Co. and was stationed there on duty for five weeks and was there discharged & went home that he served this time in all about three months.
            That he has no documentary evidence of his service nor does he know of any person by whom he can procure the same and he has no other evidence of his service except the affidavit which is hereunto attached and he hereby relinquishes all claim to a pension except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any state.—
            That he was born in Florida in the County of Montgomery on the 2d day of May in the year 1758—There was a Record of his age in the Family Bible of his Father, which is now in possession—that he lived there till he was 46 years old and then moved in to Milford, Otsego Co. NY where he has resided ever since.
            He refers for [?] of his character to Mr. Wellman, Jun. [?] William Barnard Judge Morell Hon NY Judge.  (Signed) William Pettingell
            Sworn & Subscribed in open Court the 16th day of October 1832.

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