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Pension Application for John Pickard

W.2632 (Widow) Margaret
State of New York
County Of Chautauqua  SS.
            I Abraham Pickard child of said [?] at law of John Pickard dec’d and Margaret Pickard, his widow deceased, do upon oath testify and declare to the best of my knowledge and belief that my late father the aforesaid John Pickard did enter the service at or near Johnstown New York in 1779 for the term of two years as a private in a company Commanded by Capt. Kock in the Regiment Commanded by Col. Klock of the New York Levies and that he continued in the service aforesaid until December A.D. 1782 and that he was taken prisoner, I make this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension to which the aforesaid John Pickard and Margaret Pickard his widow would have been entitled under the Act of Congress passed 7th June 1832 or Act of Congress of the 4th July 1836 or 2nd February 1848 or any other Act of Congress granting pensions for Revolutionary service—And that it may be paid to Charity Stone, Peter Pickard, Nancy Ludden, Sylvanus Pickard, Henry Pickard, Albert Pickard and Abraham Pickard who are the only surviving children and heirs at [?] of the said John Pickard and Margaret Pickard [?] (Signed ) Abraham Pickard
            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of June A.D. 1851.
            James Pickard Justice of the Peace.
State of New York
Chautauqua County SS.
            On this 5th day of April A.D. 1852 personally appeared before me Emory F. Warren Surrogate of said County of Chautauqua & State aforesaid, James Pickard and Mary Pickard, his wife residents of Ellery in the County & Sate aforesaid, residents of [?] in said county who being duly sworn according to law declares as follows—The said James Pickard states, that he is upwards of sixty five years old, that he was intimately acquainted with the late John Pickard and Margaret his wife and their family as he was a nephew to the said John Pickard, that his said uncle the said John Pickard removed from Herkimer County NY to Madison County NY about fifty six years ago and that he removed from Madison County to Ellery in the County of Chautauqua about thirty five years ago where he died on the 30 day of August A.D. 1824—That his Father and uncle the said John Pickard lived as neighbors in Herkimer County and also in Madison County aforesaid and from that circumstance and also from the fact that he married for his first wife Catharine a Daughter of the Said John & Margaret Pickard—and has lived as a neighbor to his said Uncle & Family from his infancy, he has always been intimately acquainted with his said uncle & family.  That he has repeatedly heard his uncle the said John Pickard (commending with his earliest recollections) relate the facts about his service as a soldier of the Revolutionary War, that he was taken prisoner by the Indians on the Mohawk River near Little Falls in Herkimer County NY—and that he remained a prisoner among the Indians about two years.—
            That he has often heard his said Uncle sing the Indians sons, and seen him dance their dances, which he always stated in [?] of the Indians during his captivity among them in the war aforesaid—That his knowledge and remembrance of his said Uncle and his family extends back about fifty years from which time he knew them to live together as Husband and wife until his death as aforesaid on the 30 August 1824.  That their children’s names were Magdalene Catharine, Charity, Adam I., Peter, Nancy, Sylvanus, Henry, Albert and Abraham and that several of them were born after his recollections of the family commenced—from which he is as positive as he well can be—that they were the children of the said John & Margaret Pickard—and that the said Margaret Pickard remained a widow till her death at Ellery on the 26 day of March A.D. 1857—
            The said Mary Pickard states, that she married for her first husband Adam J. Pickard a son of the above named John & Margaret Pickard—that he knowledge of the said John Pickard and family extends back about fifty years—during which time she the said John & Margaret were then to tine? Together as Husband & Wife until his death at Ellery on the 30 August 1827.  That she has repeatedly heard him state the said John Pickard about his being taken a prisoner by the Indians in the War of the Revolution – and often heard him sing the Indian sons and has been him dance their dances which he always stated he learned while a captive among them.  And they swear that they are disinterested witnesses.  (Signed) Jas Pickard, Mary Pickard.
            Subscribed and sworn to before me the day and year above mentioned—And I hereby certify that James Pickard and Mary Pickard are credible witnesses.  E. F. Warren, Surrogate.

Reply to letter of inquiry dated March 3, 1926.
            I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, W. 2320, it appears that John Pickard, while residing in Herkimer County, New York, enlisted at or near Johnstown, New York, in 1779 and served as a private under Captains Kock, Ruff and House, Colonel Jacob Klock’s New York Regiment, he was captured during the war, by the Indians on the Mohawk River near Little Falls and kept a prisoner about two years.
            Soldier’s father, James Pickard, lived near Little Falls, New York during the Revolution.
            Solider married January 6, 1784 in Herkimer County, New York Maria Margaret Garlock.  He died August 30, 1827 at Ellery, Chautauqua County, New York, and she died there March 26, 1851.
            Their children were—Charity (whose Dutch name was Gertrude), Peter, Nancy, Sylvanus, Henry, Albert, Abraham, Magdalen, Adam I., and Catharine.
            Pension was allowed the following children—Charity Stone, Stoan or Stom, Peter Pickard, Nancy Ludden, Sylvanus Pickard, Henry Pickard, Albert Pickard, and Abraham Pickard.
            Adam I Pickard married Mary, her maiden name is not given; Catharine Pickard married her first cousin James Pickard, James Pickard married for his second wife, Mary, the widow of Adam I. Pickard.
            Albert Pickard died June 14, 1852, at St. Orme, Decatur County Indiana, leaving now widow, but the following children survived him—John M. Pickard, Porter Pickard, Philena Sollet, and Margaret Pickard.
            Nancy Ludden died November 5, 1852 at Ellery, New York Leaving no children.

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