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Pension Application for Richard Sackett

W.18994 (Widow: Tabitha)
Richard died 24th November 1827.  Captain in the NY Regt, Col. Willett’s Regiment, NY Line, 2 years.  Pension For Tabith Sackett widow of Richard Sackett Decd.  Inscribed on the Roll of Albany at the rate of 480 Dollars 00 Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1831 and ending 24th April 1838.  Tabita died 24th April 1838 and after her death pension was paid to Elizabeth F. Cogaswell, Catharine T. Sackett, and Louisiana Blanchard, only surviving children of Tabitha Sackett.
Declaration: In order to obtain the benefit of the third section of the act of Congress of the 4th July 1836.
State of New York
Conondaga County SS.
            On the 7th day of January 1837 personally appeared before James Mauthlin a judge of the court of Common Pleas in and for said County of Onondaga, Tabathy Sackett a resident of the town of Salina in the said county of Onondaga and State of New York aged 72 years & upwards, last past who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of Congress passed July 11th 1836; that she is the widow of Richard Sackett who was a captain in the War of the Revolution in the New York Malitia of Volunteers for the State of New York that he was stationed in the county of Westchester in said State, and continued in said service until the close of said war that he resided in the town of Bedford during the war and entered the service as early as the year 1776.  That he served under col. Thomas Thomas a part of the time, but the particular periods of  his service she does not recollect, that he was taken a prisoner by the British previous to the year 1782.  That he was in the same battles & was several times wounded, that this said deponent has the commissions and some of the pay books to the said Richard Sackett.
            She further declares that she was married to the said Richard Sacket, in the year 1782 the first day of April according to her best recollection and belief that she had a record of her marriage in her Bible, which was burnt a few years ago together with the house in which she resided—that she knows of no other record of said marriage; that she was married at the house of said Col. Thomas who resided at Harrison’s Purchase in the Town of Rye in said county of Westchester.
            That her husband the aforesaid Richard Sackett died on the 24th day of November 1827, and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as willmore fully appear by the proofs hereto annexed.  (Signed with her mark)  Tabathy Sacket
            Sworn to and Subscribed on the day and year above written.  Seth Allen Judge of Onon. Com. Pleas.

Letter dated November 16, 1936, written in response to a request for information.
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the record of Captain Richard Sackett, who served in the 2d Midland Regiment, Revolutionary War.
            The data which follow are obtained from the papers on file in Revolutionary War pension claim, W.18994, based upon the military service of Richard Sackett, the only soldier of that name that is found on the records of this office.
            The date and place of birth and the names of the parents of Richard Sackett are not shown.
            While residing in Bedfore, Westchester County, New York, Richard Sackett was commissioned May 29, 1776, 1st Lieutenant in Captain Elijah Hunter’s Company of grenadiers, Colonel Thomas Thomas’ New York Regiment; was promoted captain May 2nd, 1778, name of colonel not given.  May 11, 1780 was commissioned captain in Lieutenant Colonel Albert Pawling’s New York Regiment; April 27, 1781, was commissioned captain in same regiment ; April 10, 1782, was commissioned captain in a regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonels Marinus Willett and Frederick Weisenfels for the defense of the frontiers; it was stated that he also served as captain in Colonel James Hansen’s New York Regiment and was in this service in 1777, that he was wounded several times, names of engagement in which wounds were received not show; and that he was taken prisoner the latter part of November 1781 and exchanged in March 1782, and that he continued to serve until the close of the war.
            They were married at the house of Colonel Thomas Thomas in Rey, New York.  The date and place of birth and the names of the parents of Tabitha are not stated.
            Pension was allowed Tabitha, widow of Richard Sackett, on an application executed January 9, 1837, at which time she was aged seventy-two years and resided in Salina, Onondaga County, New York.
            She died April 24, 1838, place not shown.
            She was survived by the following children: Elizabeth F. Cogswell, Katherine T. Sackett, and Louisiana Blanchard.  In 1843, daughter Elizabeth F. was aged fifty-one years, was the wife of Q(?) W. Cogswell and resided in Syracuse, New York.  The ages of the other daughters, and the Christian name of the husband of Louisiana Blanchard war not stated.
            Soldier had a brother, James, who served in the Revolutionary War.  There are no further data in regard to said James Sackett.
            In 1837, one Horace B. Smith was town clerk of Rye, New York, and in the same year one James H. Smith was clerk of the court for Westchester County, New York, no relationship to the soldier’s widow, Tabitha Smith Sackett, was shown.

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