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Pension Application for Stephen Saddor

W.24331 (Catharine Newell, former widow)
Continental  (New York) Private in Hazen’s Regiment
Declaration:  In order to obtain the benefits of the Acts of Congress passed 7th July 1838, and 23d August 1842, Entitled “An act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows.”
State of New York
County of Wayne SS.
            On this 12th day of April 1845, before the subscriber, one of the Judges in and for the County aforesaid, personally appeared Catharine Newell, of Galen in the County and State aforesaid , aged seventy seven years and upwards, who after being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on her oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 entitled “An act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows.”
            That she was formerly the widow of Stephen Saddor who was before the Revolutionary War a resident of Greensburg in the County of Westchester and State of New York, and who toward the close of the Revolutionary War, (about the year 1781 or 1782), entered the service of the United States—that at the time he entered the service he enlisted in a Regiment called “Congress Regiment” under the command of Col. Hazen, for during the war and served to the close,--which she knows from the fact that he received bounty land some few years after he returned home, and that he had his discharge which was in his possession for sometime after his return from the Army.  That she was married to the said Stephen Sodder in the winter of (1788), one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight and (1789) one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine in the Town of Easton Westchester County at the house of her father David Storms,--that she has never kept any record of the marriage, but has for upwards of fifty years kept a family record wherein has been recorded the births of her children, born while the wife of aforesaid Stephen Sodder.  That the same is hereto annexed which is the identical old original record which in the hand writing—and war written (the last line excepted) by her former husband the aforesaid Stephen Sodder.  That the said Stepheon Saddon formerly this deponent’s husband died in the town of Schaghticoke, County of Rensselaer State of New York in the year 1815.  That she remained his widow for about fifteen years when she again married John Newell in the town of Butler County of Wayne and State of New York in the year 1830, that said John Newell died on or about the first of April 1842, one thousand eight hundred and forty two in Auburn Cayuga County New York.
            That since the death of John Newell aforesaid she has not intermarried but still remains a widow.   That she was not married to him previous to the expiration of his services but previous to the first day of January 1794, viz at the time aforestated, the exact date for which she has forgotten and also the service of the name of the clergyman by whom the ceremony was performed.  (Signed with her mark)  Catharine Newell.
            Sworn to and subscribed before me this 12 day of April AD 1845, Amos Snyder, a Judge of Wayne County Courts.

Family Record
Tanner Soddor born September 2, 1789
John Buckhout Soddore born September 6, 1792
Elizabet Soddore born April 16, 1794
Nansy Soddore born September 7, 1795
Jacob Soddore born June 4, 1799
Coonradt Soddore born November 4, 1800
David Storms Soddore born July 18, 1804
[?] banker Soddor born June 12 1806
[?] hount Soddore born March 5, 1808
Sally Sodore was born October 29th 1809

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