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Pension Application for John Salpaugh or Salpagh

W.16395 (Widow: Gertrude)
Private in the company commanded by Captain Rockefeller, Col. Livingston’s Regt of NY Militia.
Married 3 Jan’y 1785.  Died 16 June 1838.
State of New York
County of Columbia SS.
            On this 21st day of November 1832, personally appeared in open court now sitting before the Justices of the justices court of the city of Hudson County aforesaid, John Salpaugh a resident of the town of Germantown in said County, aged seventy seven years, who being duly sworn according to lazw, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.
            That he was born in said Germantown in Nov. of the year 1755 & the only record of his age is the Church Record of said town where he was christened.  That he resided in said town till the Revolution commended & has always resided there since.
            That in the year 1775 the first of September he was ordered to Fishkill in the company of Capt. Tealls Rockefeller.  This company belonged to the Regiment of col. Peter R. Livingston & Major Samuel TenBroeck.  They marched to Fishkill under the command of Lieutenant Jacob Hagadorn & soon after arriving there, a draft was had among the troops, for men to build the barracks.  That applicant was drawn and placed under the command of one Capt. Allen.  He served there a month & was duly discharged the first of October same year.  Again in the year 1776 about the middle of July he was ordered out in the company of said Capt. Tealls Rockefeller, Jacob Hagadorn Lieutenant & Hendrick Wile ensign.  Nearly all the Regiment marched under the command of Major Samuel Ten Broeck to Albany, thence to Balltown & thence secured the woods to Saratoga & remained in service there till they were discharged about the first of September, making six weeks.—
            Again in the year 1777 about the last of April or first of May he was pressed with other to go to the north.  He was ordered to take his gun & equipments & carry the baggage of the aforesaid regiment commanded by said Major Ten Broeck.  He was taken from the company of Capt. Rockefeller & placed under the command of another Captain whose name he has forgotten. 
            They marched to Fort Edward[s] & Lake George.  He was then in the service some times with the teams & sometimes in the ranks bringing stores from lake George to Ft. Edward[s] while with the teams he was always under arms ready for battle.  On the approach of Burgoyne they retreated to Ft. Miller, VanSchaick’s Island & was at Stillwater when Burgoyne surrendered on the 17 October of that year—where he was discharged having been in service five & a half months.  Again in the year 1779 about the first of October he was ordered out in the company of said Capt. Tealls Rockefeller& same officers as before to Fishkill & was in service there three months & was duly discharged about the first of January 1780.
            And this applicant further declares that in the spring of 1776 he marched to [?] in the company of said Capt. Rockefeller & was in service there two weeks when he was duly discharged.  That again in the year 1778 in the same company, he served two weeks in pursuit of theTories & robbers & he further says that he always served as a private & was a volunteer except once when pressed as aforesaid.  That he never had any written discharges—that he has stated all the officers he can possibly recollect.  That he has no documentary evidence & no living witnesses that he can obtain other than those herewith sent.  That he hereby relinquishes all claim to my pension or annuity except the present & that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state—That he was in actual service during said war twelve full months & therefore prays a pension.  (Signed with his mark)  John Salpaugh
            Subscribed & sworn to the day & year aforesaid.  John D. Parker, Clk.

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