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Pension Application for John Sanford or Sandford

W.5976 & S.34482  (Widow: Catharine.  She applied for pension in June 1851 aged eighty five years, a resident of Pequannock Township, County of Morris, State of New Jersey.)
John died 15th February 1851.  Catharine Sanford died 22 Feby 1852.
Children. Sarah M. Cormick, Paul D. Sanford, Charles H. Sanford, Catharine Payne, Garrett Sanford, Perigrine Sanford, Wm Sanford.
            District of New Jersey SS.  On this ninth day of April 1818 before me the [?] one of the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States for the said District personally appeared John Sanford aged fifty nine years resident at Bloomingdale in the County of Morris in the said District who being by me first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the late act of Congress entitled “An act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war”.  That he the said John Sandford enlisted on the sixth day of March 1776 in the City of New York in the company commanded by Capt. VanWyck’s in the first New York Regiment commanded by Col. Alexander McDougall, that he served in the said corps until the thirty first day of December 1776 when the tour of his enlistment expired.  That in less than a month after his said term expired he reenlisted at Fishkill in the State of New York in the company commanded by Captn. Smith in the first New York regiment commanded by Col. Livingston in the New York Line, that he continued to serve in the said corps or in the service of the United States until the eleventh day of June 1783 when he was discharged from service at Newburgh in the State of New York. That he sold his bounty land & at the time of the sale gave up his discharge which was required by the purchasers.  That he was in the Battle of Long Island, Haarlam Heights, White Plains, Beames Heights, and at the taking of Cornwallis at York Town, and that he is in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of his country for support, and that he has no other evidence now in his power of his said service, except the affidavit of Theodosius Fowler a Captn in the 2d New York Regiment to which he was transferred & from which he received his discharge hereto annexed.  (Signed) John Sandford.
            Sworn to and declared before me the day & year aforesaid.  William S. Pennington, District Judge.
Family Record from the family Bible
John Sandford was born Sept. 1, 1758.  Catharine Debow was born 11th May 1766.  John Sandford Jr. was born July 2, 1785.  Sarah Sandford was born Sept. 2, 1787.  Jane Sandford was born Sept. 19th 1789.  Elna S. Sandford was born Nov. 26, 1791.  William Sandford was born April 15, 1794. 
John Sandford and Catharine Debow, Daughter of John Debow was married 6th day of November 1783 by the Rev. Mr. Dodd at Newark Mountain.

Letter in folder dated March 17, 1931, written in reply to a request for information.
            Your are advised that it appears from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim W.5975, that John Sanford or Sandford was born September 1, 1758, place not stated.
            He enlisted in the City of New York, March 6, 1776, and served as a private and drummer in Captain VanWyck’s company, Colonel Alexander McDougall’s New York regiment, was in the battles of Long Island, Harlem Heights, White Plains, and was discharged December 31, 1776.
            A short time after the expiration of the above service, he enlisted in Fishkill, New York, and served in Captains Smith’s Theodosius Fowler’s, John Francis Hamtramck’s companies, Colonel Livingston’s New York Regiment; he was in the battle of Bemis Heights, the taking of Cornwallis, and was discharged June 11, 1783.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed April 9, 1818, at which time he was living in Bloomingdale, Morris County, New Jersey.
            In 1828 he was residing in Pompton, Bergen County, New Jersey.
            He died July 15, 1851 in Pequannock Township, Morris County, New Jersey.
            The soldier married November 6, 1783 in Newark Mountain, Catharine Debow, daughter of John Debow. She was born May 11, 1766.
            The widow Catharine was allowed pension on her application executed June 18, 1851, at which time she was living in Pequannock Township, New Jersey.
            She died February 22, 1852 in Morris County, New Jersey, leaving the following children:
            William Sandford
            Peregrine Sandford who was aged 58 years in 1854 and then a resident of Paterson, New Jersey.
            Paul D. Sandford
            Garret Sandford
            Charles H. Sandford
            Sarah McCormick
            Catharine Payne
            The following names are copied from the family record:
            John Sandford Jr. was born July 2, 1785. 
            Sarah Sandford was born Sept. 2, 1787. 
            Jane Sandford was born Sept. 19th 1789. 
            Elna S. Sandford was born Nov. 26, 1791. 
            William Sandford was born April 15, 1794. 

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