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Pension Application for James Saxton

R.9242  (Widow: Huldah)
State of New York
Chautauqua County SS.
            On this 8th day of June 1837, personally appeared before the Court of Common Pleas of said county Huldah Saxton a resident of the town of Pomfret in said county aged seventy four years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836.  That she is the widow of James Saxton who was a private soldier in the militia in the army of the revolution that she was acquainted with him several years before they were married and recollects his being out in the service several times before they were married and particularly at at [sic] Fort George & Lake Champlain and at Saratoga but how long he served at these several places she does not recollect, he was also as she recollects at Fort Stanwix at the siege of that place and on the Mohawk at the time Warrensbush was burnt and destroyed by the Indians and Tories but does not know how long he served at these two last mentioned time or under what officers.  That the summer a year after they were married he was out in the service at the north and on the Mohawk about two months and that they then resided at Green River (now Spencertown) in the County of Columbia in this state but that she knows no person now living who was out in the service with him.   That whenever he was in the service he was called out as a militia soldier but that she does not now recollect under what officers and that she knows of no documentary proof of her late husband’s service.
            She further declares that she was married to the said James Saxton on the 12th day of June the year that she was seventeen years of age, and that she was seventy four years of age on the 17th day of April last and that they were married by Esqr. Fitch of Egrumont in the State of Massachusetts that Calvin Saxton born October 12th 1782, Ora Saxton born February 4th 1784, Sarah Saxton born October 9, 1785, Fanny Saxton born October 21, 1787, Daniel Saxton born arch 11th 1790, John Z. Saxton born October 24th 1792 and Calissa Saxton born October 10th 1796, were children born of her and the said James Saxton and that her husband the said James Saxton died at the town of Pomfret aforesaid on the 24th day of August 1831 and that he was seventy four years of age at the time of his death as she believes, and that she has remained a widow ever since that period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.  (Signed) Huldah Saxton.
            Sworn in open court this 28th day of Jun 1837 before G. W. Tew, Clerk

Letter dated April 29, 1924 written in reply to an inquiry.
            I have to advise you that from the papers in the Revolutionary War Pension claim R.9242 it appears that James Saxton married June 12, 1780 Huldah born April 17, 1763, her maiden name not stated.  In 1781 they were residing at Green River (later called Spencertown) in Columbia County, New York.  He died in Pomfret Chautauqua County, New York August 24, 1831 aged seventy-four years.
            His widow Huldah applied for pension June 28, 1837 while a resident of said Pomfret, and it is alleged that he served as a private in the militia at various times during the Revolution and was at the siege of Fort Stanwix and was at the taking of Burgoyne with his four brothers and his father Lieutenant Saxton (whose names are not given).  In one of his tours he served under Captain Bartholomew Barrett, the only officer named.
            The claim was not allowed as she failed to furnish proof of six months service as required by the pension laws.
            She died November 1, 1848 at Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois. Their children were:
            Calvain born October 12, 1782.
            Ora or Asa born February 4, 1784.
            Sarah born October 9, 1785, married . . . . . Dickerson, given name not stated.
            Fanny born October 21, 1787, married . . . . .Wood, given name not stated.
            Daniel born March 11, 1790, resident of Concord, Erie Co., Pa. in 1853.
            John Z. born October 24, 1792.
            Clarissa born October 10, 1796.

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