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Pension Application for James Scholefield

B.L.Wt. 609-100
State of New York SS.
            Aaron Palmer and John Palmer of the City of New York Grocers & Being duly sworn say and each forhimself upon oath saith that he was brought up in the Parish of Mamaroneck in the County of West Chester and State of New York the place in which originated the family of the Scholefields herein after mentioned and that James Scholefield mentioned in the annexed document claiming bounty lands for military services during the revolutionary war & who was killed at the taking of Fort Montgomery, died a single man without Lineal Heirs or Children and his collateral heirs or brothers & sisters who are yet alive or who have died leaving issue and all mentioned in the following statement which he believes to be correct.
            The eldest Brother of the said soldier as above stated was Alexander Scholefield who has died & left seven children vizt.  Nelson Scholefield, Isaac Scholefield, Sarah Secor, the wife of Alexander Secor, Seth Scholefield, Anna Post the wife of Abraham Post, Enos Scholefield & James Scholefield.
            The 2nd brother of the said soldier as above stated was Ely Scholefield who has died & left six children viz,  Anna Scholefield, Joseph Scholefield, James Scholefield, Levina Scholefield, John Scholefield and Elizabeth Palmer Deceased (& late wife of Jabez Palmer) and who has since died & left four children viz, Alfred Palmer, Eliza Ann Palmer, Benjamin Palmer & Henry Palmer.
            The first sister of the late said soldier as above stated is Elizabeth Hanyan now alive & the wife of David Hanyan
            The 3d & last of the Brothers of the said soldier as above stated was Major Scholefield who has died and left two children viz.  Arnold Scholefield & Anna Pine, the wife of George Pine.
            The 2d and last Sister of the said soldier as above stated was Sarah Bloomer who has died and left five children vi, Mercy Merritt the wife of Samuel Merritt, Mary Tompkins, the wife of John Tompkins, Arnold Bloomer, John Bloomer & Anna Bloomer.  (Signed) John Palmer, Aaron Palmer
            Sworn this 15th Feby 1812 before me.  Jno. Wadworth, Not. Public

Residence, New York, of heirs in 1812.
            To his Honorable the Secretary of the War Department or to the Congress of the United States of America.  The Petition of Elizabeth Hanyan, Seth Scholefield, Joseph Scholefield & others respectfully sheweth That the late James Scholefield brother to the said Elizabeth Hanyan & uncle to the others herein interested inlisted in the year 1777 to serve as a private for and during the late revolutionary war and joined the army of the United States in a company commanded by Thomas Machin & in a Regiment Commanded by John Lamb of the New York Artillery. (1)  That he continued so to serve without default until the storming of Fort Montgomery October the 6th 1777 when & where the said James Scholefield fighting in behalf of the United States was killed by the Enemy.  In Proof of the facts herein stated your Petitioners annex several affidavits which they trust will be found satisfactory.  They therefore pray that your Honor or your honourable Body will grant unto them as Heirs of the said James Scholefield such bounty lands or a warrant therefore as the law of the United States have in such case promised and provided.
            As an excuse for Delaying this Claim your Petitioners state that Captain Machin mentioned in one of the annexed affidavits & on whose testimony they principally rely was unknown to them and they know not but that he was dead until a very short time before the date of this Petition.  (Signed) Elizabeth Hanyan, Seth Scholefield, Joseph Scholefield, George Pine in right of myself and wife.
            New York, Feby 4, 1812

End Note

    1. Second Regiment of Continental Artillery.

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