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Pension Application for Philip Schuyler

State of New York
City of Albany SS.
            John Bulson of the City of Albany being duly sworn says that the Deponent is about ninety six years according to his best knowledge & belief of this Deponent—That this deponent has a recollection of past events of his life, pretty well for one of his age, though this Deponent is not at all times enabled to recollect dates & minute & particular circumstances.—The Deponent is well acquainted with Philip S. Schuyler of the Town of Watervliet in the County & has known him intimately since the boyhood of said Philip --& during the Revolutionary was lived about one mile & an half from the residence of said Philip S. Schuyler, --that this Deponent Served in the war of the Revolution & is now a pensioner of the United States.—That the said Philip S. Schuyler was also called into actual Service in said War in the militia and served for different periods of time—though this Deponent is unable to state the [?] times of said service—this Deponent Served in the same Company in which said Philip S. Served in a Campaign along the Mohawk River—Capt. Ostrom commanded said company referred to.--& one Jacob Weaver Lieutenant—This last service was against the forces of the British & Indians commanded by Sir John Johnson.—
            This Deponent further says that he was unable, as he believes, to state in his application for a pension, the particular times & places of his Service & has too indistinct a recollection to recall the particulars of the said Philip S. Schuyler’s Service—That this Regiment to which this Deponent & said Philip S. Belonged, was frequently called into actual service, or parts of said Regiment so called out.—but the particular times this Deponent can’t recollect. – That he does not write his name.  (Signed with his mark)  John Bulson
            Sworn this 24th December 1835? Before me, C.B. Mesing Commissioner &c
State of New York
Albany County SS.
            Philip S. Schuyler being duly sworn says that he resides in the Town of Watervliet, County and State aforesaid—and born & has always lived in said Town, and was seventy three years old last August.
            And this Deponent further says that he served during the Revolutionary War in Actual Service in the Militia, at different periods, and in three Successive years, as near as this Deponent can recollect.—That this deponent was called out repeatedly, sometimes for short periods on occasion of alarms, on the Western frontier, and this deponent is unable to state with precision the different dates & times of Service in each.
            That this Deponent belonged to Col. Schuyler’s Regiment which was constituted by Militia residing in Watervliet and vicinity—that before he had rendered any service personally he belonged to a class of the militia which was ordered into active Service.—The company to which this deponent was then attached P. Consisting said class was commanded by Capt. Isaac Bogart, and was ordered into a tour of nine months service.  That this deponent hired a substitute on said occasion, who went off on said tour of Service.
            That this Deponent afterwards belonged to Capt. Ostroms Company, in which Jacob Weaver was a Lieutenant and this Deponents brother Peter S. Schuyler, deceased and Ensign. [Lieutenant]
            That this deponent was first called into active Service in the year 1778, as this deponent believes, at the time of the invasion of Col. Brant [Captain] into the Country designated as the Schoharie Country.  That this Deponent was among the militia ordered to the relief of that part of the country & was marched there, was at CoblesKill & at the Beaver Dam.  That this deponent returned with the militia on that expedition, after the enemy had retreated & the country was deemed safe.  This deponent cannot state precisely the time he was engaged in that Service.
            That this deponent was also in the Service in the same Regiment Commanded by Col. Schuyler in 1780, as this deponent believes, to resist in incursion of the enemy into the Mohawk Country under Sir John Johnson –at the expedition to which this Deponent was attached was under Gen. Robert VanRensselaer of Claverack now Columbia County and intended as this Deponent believes for the relief of a Col. Brown—who was defeated before the arrival of the forces to which this Deponent was attached.  That this Deponent went on to Fort Herkimer where they were Stationed Some time—A detachment was sent to cut off the Boats of the Enemy which said attachment was defeated—Capt. Vrooman of Norman’s Kill was the Commandment of that detachment as Deponent believes.  This deponent remained at Herkimer.  Stone Arabia and at other places on the Mohawk & vicinity until the said Detachment to which this Deponent belonged was Ordered to return.
            That this Deponent was also in an Expedition to the North along the Hudson River—on an expected approach of the enemy in that direction--& marched North as far as Peter Becker’s near the present Village of SchuylerVille--& was guarded with said Peter Becker, and part of the Comapny lay at Col. Van Vechtin’s—
            This Expedition it was, Eventually ascertained, was caused by a false alarm of the approach of the Enemy.
            And this Deponent further says that the whole term of this deponents active service, as aforesaid, in the militia in the revolutionary War according to this deponents best recollection & belief was not less than one year.—
(Signed) Philip S. Schuyler
            Sworn before me this 31st day of May 1836.  C.B. Lanling Commissioner

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