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Pension Application for Henry Seeber (Seber)

County of Herkimer SS.
Ehrny Seber, Private in Captain Van Yarzen’s Company of Col. Cox NY Regiment.  Ratio of disability four fifths.  Inscribed on the roll of New York at four dollars per month and increased to $6.40 to commence on 24 April 1816.  Increased to $8 per month 1 April 1828 from 7th march 1838, and new certificate found & sent to Hon. M. Hoffman H. H.?
            On this 20th day of April 1824 before me John Dygert Esqr, one of the Justices of the Peace of the County aforesaid, personally appeared Henry Seeber who on his oath declares he is the same person who formerly belonged to the Company of Capt. Reynier Van Yarren in the Regiment commanded by Col. Cox in the Service of the United States that his name was placed on the Pension Roll of the State of New York, but has never received a formal certificate and now wishes to obtain one.  (Signed) Henry Seeber
            Sworn and Subscribed to before me the day and year aforesaid.  John Dygert, Just. Peace

State of New York
County of Herkimer SS.
            Be it known that before me a Justice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid, duly authorized by law to administer oats personally appeared Suffrenus Seeber a resident of the Town of Warren in the County and State aforesaid who being duly sworn according to Law, States that he is a son of Henry Seeber deceased who was also a resident in said County & State & who was a revolutionary Solder & pensioner and that he this deponent believes the United States are still indebted under Existing laws for pension that was due under the applications heretofore made, that he is directly interested, as a claimant in the pension for which application was heretofore made as aforesaid & constitutes and appoints George C. Ames D. C. my true and lawful attorney with irrevocable power to examine into, investigate and establish the claim for said pension and do all acts necessary thereto.
            Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 17th day of February 1858.  (Signed) Suffrenes Seeber  Witness, Joseph R. Petri
            Signed, Sealed, acknowledged and sworn to before me this 17 day of February 1858.  Leonard Edwards Justice of the peace.

Letter in the pension folder.
August 16, 1934
Mr. Edward J. Seeber
705 Broadway
Rochester, New York
Dear Sir:
            Reference is made to your request for information in regard to the Revolutionary War pension claim of Henry Seber.
            The data which follow were obtained from papers on file in pension claim, S.37469, based upon the disability of Henry Seeber, which disability incurred during his military service.
            Henry Seeber enlisted in 1777 and served as private in Captain Ryner Van Everen’s company in Colonel Cox’s New York regiment.  He was wounded in the thighs at the battle of Oriskany.  The place of his enlistment and length of his service are not given.
            On account of the disability resulting from the wounds mentioned above, he was pensioned from November 25, 1786, at which time he was forty years of age and was living in Johnstown, Montgomery County, New York.
            In 1828 he was living in German Flats, Herkimer County, New York.
            He died prior to December 29, 1853.
            His son, Suffrenes, was living in Warren, Herkimer County, New York, in 1858.  The papers in this claim contain no further data relative to the soldier’s family.
            Very truly yours,  A.D. Hiller, Assistant to administrator.

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