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Pension Application for Henry Shaver

S.11393 (Awarded pension of $106.66 per annum)
            Declaration.  In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832.
State of New York
County of Albany SS.
            On the tenth day of August 1832, personally appeared in open court, before the Justices Court of the City of Albany now sitting, Henry Shaver, a resident of the Town of Guilderland in the county of Albany and state of New York, aged 15 Feby last Seventy four years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832.  That he entered the service of the United States, under the following named officers, and served as herein state:  That in the year 1776 this Declarer entered as a volunteer to serve for five months in a company commanded by Abraham Veeder as Captain, Jurian Hogan as first Lieut., and Teunis Slingerlandt as 2nd Lieut., that he then resided in the Town of Bethlehem now Guilderland, that he marched from the City of Albany to Lake George, from thence to Ticonderoga, from thence to Skenesborough, and then returned as far as New City  (now Lansingburgh) the company was ordered to march back as far as Fort Ann (now in the County of Washington) and were stationed there until the first day of December following and were there discharged; having then served five months—Early in the ensuing Spring, he this Declarer was ordered out with the Company to apprehend disaffected persons in the South western parts of the county of Albany, amongst whom was the noted Hewson and also one Lantman, who were afterwards both executed as Traitors and as having attempted to enlist men to fight against the liberties of America.  In the same year 1777 he this Declarer was ordered out with the company under Captain William Winne of said Town of Watervliet, to march to Fort Edward, and after remained there for a considerable time on duty, they were dismissed and permitted to return home—After a short interval, the company was again ordered to march to Bemis’ heights at the time Burgoyne’s Army was marching towards the southern part of the State, and remained there until near the event of his capitulation; when it was concluded between Capt. Winne (2) and other of his neighbors, that the prospect of Burgoyne and his army being made prisoners was more than probable, it would be well for some of the men of the company to return home & endeavour to attend to having their grain sown, which was accordingly concluded upon and therefore this Declarer and a number of the men from the company who werefarmers obtained leave to return home to attend to their farms having in the course of the said year 1777 been in actual service for the period of three months—That in the year 1778 on the 4th April he was appointed an Ensign in Capt. Philip Luke’s Company and in Col. Henry Quackenboss’s (3) Regt of Militia in the County of Albany, and accepted the said Commission, and that within in the year following, he this declarer was ordered out with the Company to march to the relief of the Inhabitants of Schoharie, and was on that Service and in garrisoning the three forts there known as the lower, middle and upper forts on three general tours of about one month each, That frequently he this Declarer as Ensign as aforesaid, associated himself with a considerable number of his neighbors who were staunch friends to the American cause, and formed themselves into a Company of Rangers of whom this Declarer and one Thomas Isbee alternately had the command for the purpose of breaking up the gang of Tories and disaffected persons who infested the neighborhood of Hochkatsch & Passick, and after having been engaged in that service for about five months, the said company was disbanded, as their original object had been completely effected.  That this Declarer has subsequently been called into Service in the militia, but mostly for short tours of duty, the length of which this Declarer cannot now recollect, after the great lapse of intervening time.
            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed) Henry Shaver
            Sworn to and subscribed the day and hear aforesaid.  J. G. Wasson, clerk.
Response to a letter of inquiry dated January 9, 1939.
            The data furnished herein concerning Henry Shaver were obtained from papers on file in claim for pension S.11393, based upon the military service of Henry Shaver in the Revolutionary War.
            Henry Shaver was born February 15, 1758, place not given, nor are the names of his parents shown.
            While a resident of Bethlehem (later called Guilderland), Albany County, New York, Henry Shaver volunteered in 1776, served as a private at various times, in Captains Abraham Veeder’s, William Winne’s New York regiment; he marched to Ticonderoga, and was stationed at Fort Ann, and Fort Edwards, length of service eight months.  He was commissioned April 4, 1778, Ensign in Captain Philip Luke’s company, Colonel Henry Quackenbos’ New York regiment, and served at various times, length of this service eight months.
            Henry Shaver was allowed pension on his application executed August 10, 1832, at which time he was a resident of Guilderland, New York.
            Reference was made to the children of Henry Shaver, only one name stated was Peter Shaver who was a resident of Guilderland, New York, in 1849.
            The name of the wife of Henry Shaver is not given, and there are no further discernible data in this claim concerning the family. 

End Notes—Henry Shaver—S.11393

  1. Captain Abraham Veeder was in Colonel Stephen Schuyler’s Regiment of Albany County Militia (Fifth Regiment).
  2. Captain William P. Winne Was in Colonel Francis Nicholl’s Regiment of Albany County Militia (Third Regiment.)
  3. Henry Quackenboss was the Colonel of the Fifty Regiment of Albany County Militia. 

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