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Pension Application for John Conrad Shaver or Shafer

W.15902 (Widow: Dorothy Shepperman)
State of New York
Montgomery county SS.
            On this 1st day of July 1837 personally appeared [before] me David F. Sacia a Judge of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas (being a court of record) Dorothy Shepperman a resident of the Town of Oppenheim in the County of Montgomery and State of New York, aged Eighty-Four years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of congress passed July 4th 1836 and the act explanatory of said act passed March 3rd 1837.  That she was married to John C. Shaver, who was in the service of the United States during the War of the Revolution, that when she first became acquainted with the said John C. Shaver he was a noncommissioned officer (she thinks) a Sergeant in one of the New England Regiments of regular troops the names of the officers under which he served at this time if she ever knew she has at this time forgotten except (if her memory at all serves her) his colonel’s name was Elmore,  She has reason to believe from information derived from her husband the aid John C. Shaver that he served a term of three years in the regular services at this time and before the expiration of which she this applicant became his wife, that when hi service of three years expired, he joined the regiment of Colonel Marinus Willett and was commissioned and Ensign 24th July 1782 and again 27th June 1783 in which capacity he served until the close of the war all of which service will appear as she has reason to expect reference being had to the records in the war department.
            She further declares that she was married to the said John C. Shaver on the twenty fifth day of May in the year seventeen hundred and seventy nine that her husband the aforesaid John C. Shaver died on the twenty first day of November seventeen hundred and eighty four and that she was afterwards married to Christian Shepperman who died on the seventh day of February eighteen hundred and thirteen and that she was a widow on theb4th day of July 1836 and still remains a widow as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.  (Signed with her mark)  Dorothy Shepperman
            Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written. D.F. Sacia, Judge of Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

Letter in the pension application written December 31, 1936 in response to a request for information.
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request information in regard to John Conrad Schaefer, Lieutenant in the New York troops, Revolutionary War.
            The data furnished herein were obtained from pension claim W. 15902, based upon the service of John Conrad Shaver (Shafer) in the Revolutionary War.
            John Conrad Shaver was born (month not plainly written) 15, 1751, place not shown, nor were the names of his parents given.
            He served as private in the “three years service”, no further details of this service shown.  He was an orderly sergeant from early in 1781, nine months in Captain Aylsworth. Company, Colonel Marinus Willett’s New York regiment until the close of this war.
            John Conrad Shaver married May 25, 1779 (he was then in the “three years service”, Dorothy Grim or Crim.  They lived after marriage in German Flats, and while living there, he was drowned November 21, 1784.
            She married, date not given, Christian Shepperman, who died, February 7, 1813.
            The widow, Dorothy Shepperman, was allowed pension on account of the service of her first husband, John Conrad Shaver, on her application executed July 1, 1837, then living in Oppenheim, Montgomery County, New York.  She was born November 16, 1754, place not shown, nor were the names of her parents stated.  He died June 21, 1839.
            The children of John Conrad Shave and his wife, Dorothy, as shown in the claim:
            Mary born March 25, 1782 married, ____Thumb
            Charity born July 18, 1784 married, _____Petrie
            Mary thumb and Charity Petrie survived their mother and were living in 1840 in Montgomery County, New York.
            In 1837 Adam Thumb was of Montgomery County, New York it is not stated that he was related to the above named Mary Thumb.
            The widow’s brother, Henry Grim or Crim, was seventy-eight years of age in 1840; he was a soldier of the Revolution and well acquainted with John Conrad Shaver during that war.

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