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 Pension Application for Hendrichus Schneider or Henry Snyder

R.9925 (Widow: Maria)
State of New York
Ontario County SS.
            On this 21st day of May AD 1846, personally appeared before the Court of Common Pleas holden at Canandaigua in the said county, said court being a court of Record and before the Judges thereof, Levi Snyder a resident of the Town of Gorham in said County aged sixty six years and upwards, who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration for himself and Elias Snyder the only two children of Hendrickus Snuder late of Gorham in said County of Ontario deceased, to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836, Entitled “An act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows”.  That his father the aforesaid Hendricus [sic] Snyder was a private and soldier in the Revolutionary War and also held the office of sergeant in said Revolutionary War, that his said father resided at the commencement of the Revolution at the town of Kingston, Ulster County, State of New York, that he has frequently heard his father the said Hendrickus Snyder speak of the services he performed in the Revolutionary war; that he has heard his said father say that he was in service under Major Albert Pawling at the time Gen. Sullivan went to the Genesee Country, at the time when Boyd was killed; that being too late to join Sullivan’s Army he went in to the Susquehanna Country; that at another time he was under Capt. John L. Dewitt and wintered at Fort Montgomery; at another time he was in service three months at Marmacottan near Neversink; that he was also in the battle of Schoharie, and that he was at different times in service either as sergeant or private in the Revolutionary War during the whole continuance of said war under officers some of whom deponent remembers to be the following Captains John L. Dewitt, John P. Dewitt, Abraham VanAken, David Ostrander, Majors—Adrian Wynkoop, Albert Pawling, Peter Norman & Lieut. Martin Hommell.
            That he this deponent has heard his father say that he was married to Maria Hummell in the month of July 1774 at Kingston Ulster County, State of New York by a man by the name of Cuck a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, a record of which marriage deponent has seen in a book called a Lecture Book which his said father used to read in morning and evening.  That Elias Snyder brother of this deponent was born July 12th 1775 And is now living in Port Byron in said State.  That this deponent was born the 23d day of June 1779; that the said Hendrickus Snyder died at Gorham in said County the first day of January 1832; that the said mother of this deponent died at Gorham in said county the eighth day of July 1843, and that she left at her death the said Elias Snyder and this deponent her only children both of whom are not living; and that both the said father and mother of this deponent died at the house of this deponent at the times above stated, and that the said mother of this deponent never married after the death of her said husband Hendrickus Snyder, that this deponent makes the application with a view to obtain the amount of pension due to his said father from the 9th of March 1831 to the 1st day of January 1832 and to obtain the amount of pension due to his said mother from the 12 day of January 1832 to the 8th of July 1843.  Said Application made on behalf of this deponent and his said brother Elias.  (Signed) Levi Snyder.
            Subscribed and sworn this 21st day of May 1846 before me in open court.  Chester Loomis, A Judge of Ontario County Courts.

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