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Pension Application for John Snyder

W.16415 (Widow: Margaret)
Declaration: In order to obtainthe Benefit of the Section of the Act of Congress Passed the 4th July One thousand Eight hundred and thirty six.
State of New York
Montgomery County SS.
            On this 2nd day of February 1838 personally appeared before me David F. Sacia a Judge of Montgomery County Courts being a court of record, Margaret Snyder widow of John Snyder deceased a resident of the Town of Stark, in the County of Herkimer and State aforesaid, aged Seventy Six years past, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836 that she is the widow of John Snyder who was a militia soldier in the company commanded by Abraham Coopman [Copeman] in the Regt. commanded by col. Ebenezer Cox, and that her dec’d husband had commenced in rendering service to his country in the year 1775, and that he has been from his place of resident with his arms and accouterments when ordered out at least the length of one month to 15 days on duty as a Militia Soldier in Augt [?] and Claimant further saith that forepart in the winter at the time of the surrender of Sr. John Johnson with his associate tories, when ordered out the whole Brigade under Genl Herkimer as always understood by her dec’d husband, marched to Caghuawaga [Caughnawaga, now Fonda], there joined together and from thence marched to Johnstown causing surrender of Sr. John with his associates the length of ten days vizt, 10 days.
            The Applicant further declares, that from the early part in spring same year until latter part of July or forepart of August that her husband often and frequently was ordered out in consequence of alarms, the threatening danger of the Enemy, once drafted, and gone, she believing [?] to Fort Stanwix, that claimant verily believe that her husband at least did render the length of service to the United States from the early part of spring until latter part of July said year. 2 Months.
            Claimant further state as she always understood by her dec’d husband while living, and at the time of his enlistment, that he was enlisted under a company of Rangers commanded by Capt. John Winn, Joseph House, Lieut, Peter Schramling 2d Lieut, that the said company was enlisted, and organized on or about the first day of Augt in the same year 1776 for and during the space of tern of nine months, according to the best of Claimants memory and belief.
            And Claimant further state that her husband did continue for the time of his Enlistment or being placed on the muster roll of any of the co[r]porals of the said company, and that her said husband did render service to the United States the full length of 9 months, Vizt, that according to the best of Claimants knowledge and belief, that her husband hat continued until some time in May 1777 vizt, nine months. 
            Applicant further state, that after the expiration of the nine months service, that her husband again rendering faithful service under his former Capt. Vizt, Abraham Coopman in the Militia, umpracticable to specify all the numerous tours, from the foregoing mentioned time, but that she doth recollect, that he was drafted, & went under the command of Gen’l Herkimer and Col. Cox to Unindela [Unadilla] there mett Capt. Brandt, the Indian Chief of the Indians, previous to Oriskany Battle Vizt. 21 days
            6th Augt.  Under the Command of Gen’l Herkimer she says that always understood, by her husband as well as other, that her deceased husband hath been actually engaged in Battle at Oriskany, under the command of Genl. Herkimer & Col. Cox, against Gen’l St. Leger, and his army  composed of different [discritition?] of Incendiaries from Canada, when the Gen’l  was seareously [seriously] wounded, and soon after he was brought home died, and Col. Cox slain in battle—and that her husband hath been out almost continually on United States service after Oriskany battle until late in fall, impossible to specify, but do say that her husband at least, did render the length of four months United States service from May until late in fall, exclusive of the draft to Unndela [Unadilla].
            1778, The applicant further state that her husband from the early part in Spring during the whole season, until late in fall, has been ordered out, at different times by Regt. often and frequently drafted in rendering Garrison duty, at some of the Forts, also at times was out on Scouts, spying the enemy, that she finding it impracticable to specify particularly, after such great length of time, only doth recollect three different occurrencies which hath been perpetrated by the Incendiaries during said summer & late in fall, vizt at the time of the Genl Conflagration at Springfield, then in Tryon County now Otsego, she beliefs sometime in July said year, when ordered out by Regt under the command of Col. Samuel Clyde, 8 days
            Oct, Again ordered out by Regt., at the time of the Genl Conflagration then in Tryon County now County of Herkimer on both side of the Mohawk River down to Fort Dayton, and all around the same and on the south side of the said River, all made desolate to and around Fort Herkimer being gone the length of 3 weeks.
            11th November Claimant saith that the militia again ordered out at the time of the Gen’l massacre and desolation at Cherry Vallee, by Regt. gone 8 days.  The applicant declares that her husband exclusive of the last foregoing spefications [specifications] at least during the season from the early part in spring until forepart in the winter did render to the United States the length of 4 months United States service Vizt 4 months.
            1779, Claimant further declare and saith, that her husband sometime in July again was ordered out under the command of Col. Clyde with the Regt, at the time of the Gen’l Conflagration, from Fort Herkimer down to fall hill all made desolate; including fall hill, 3 weeks.
            Same season, Claimant further saith at the time of the Gen’l conflagration at the Royal Grant, Snells Bush, Youkers Bush, Krings Bush and Remensniders Bush, on the north side of the Mohawk River some distance off, from the said river, all made desolate, when the Militia all were ordered out by Regt, being gone at least 8 days.
            From the early part of spring until late in fall, often and frequently alarmed in Consequence of the enemy, sometimes drafted, to rendering Garrison duty at Fort situate at a distance from their respective places of residence, and when not ordered out chiefly constrained to their forts erected most near to their respective places of residence, watching, guarding, and in rendering Garrison duty, Claimant State, that of each service not particulars specified, her husband did at least the length of three months United States service exclusive of the foregoing specifications, vizt 3 months.
            1780, The applicant further declares and sys, that her husband has been more than half of the time engaged in rending services to the United States from the early part in Spring until late in fall, or forepart in winter.
            22d May, at the time of the Genl; Conflagration, from Tripes Hill, up along the Mohawk, distance of at least ten miles, and the adjacent farther into north at a distance of two & three miles at some places, all made, desolate, by Sr. John Johnson from Canada, with about 800 Incendiaries from Canada, Murdering and Scalping, burning and a great number of Prisoners taken to Canada, when she says, her husband was ordered out under the command of Col. Sam’l  Clyde as always understood and Instructed by her husband, and others & marched to Johnstown, there joined Col. John Harper, but not pursuing the Enemy, when her husband being gone at least ten days vizt 10 days.
            19th Oct.  Claimant further saith, at the time of the Gen’l Conflagration again from Tripes Hill at a distance of at least twenty miles, part of their way on both sides of the Mohawk river and on the North Side at least distance of twenty miles, not [?], those two old settlements of Stonearabia and Oswegagee [Oswegatchie?] and then from Stonearabia to Palatine & also beyond Fort Timmerman, near St. JohnsVille, and the husband of Claimant, there engaged in Battle, under the command of Col. Dobois [Dubois] on Klocks & Failings field, when after on the same day, Col. John Brown’s Battle in Stonearabia where Col. Brown was slain in battle besides 44 killed and several wounded.—
            Claimant further saith, that not until the day after battle when her husband returned him alone with a prisoner vizt a British Sergeant by name Egberd Lancey to Fort Plain.  Vizt 2 days.
            Latter part of July & forepart in Augt, the widow says that her husband was ordered out with the whole Regt. under Col. Clyde and under the Genl’l command of Gen’l VanRensselaer at the time when Capt. Sam’l Gray with his Company of boat were and boats  By Capt. Brandt saith with about 400 Indians from Canada, way laid between Fort Manion and Old Fort Schuyler, when Gen’l Van Rensselaer with the too Regt, vizt—Col. Jacob Klock’s & Col. Samuel Clyde’s Regts in guarding Capt. Gray with his company & boats to Fort Manion, while Capt. Brandt with his associate Incendiaries from Canada went down the Mohawk River, causing a general desolation of the upper part of Canajoharie now Minden, being gone fifteen days. Vizt.  15 days.
            Claimant further saith that during said year she know and doth recollect, that her husband had been drafted frequently during said year, often and frequently called & ordered out in consequence of threading [threatening?] alarms, generally stationed at Fort Plank rendering garrison duty.  Once ordered out to Bowman’s Creek by Regt. In consequence of a serious alarm.  The length of 8 days. Vizt 8 days.
            Claimant further says that is inpracticable to describe the many tours and the length of such service, not otherwise mentioned in the foregoing, impossible to specify but that her husband did render at least the length of 3 months and 15 days service not particularly specified vizt—3 months & 15 days.
            1781.  The applicant further declare and saith that she has reason to belief that her deceased husband, had been actively Engaged in Turlough Battle under the Command of Col. Marinus Willett, forepart in July same year, 6 days.
            Claimant further declare and saith, that at the time of the Gen’l Conflagration believing latter part of September or forepart in October—at and around Fort Timmerman then in the Town of Palatine, that he her said husband under the command of Col. Willett, has been pursuing the Enemy for some several days, 4 days.  The applicant further saith that she often heard her husband say, and verily believe to be true, that on the 25th day of October same year he hath been actually engaged in Johnstown Battle, again under the command of Col. Willett against Maj’r Ross and Capt. Butler with their Incendiaries from Canada, and that on the day after Battle, again under the command of Col. Willett, went along in pursuit of the enemy or always understood to the West Canada Creek, at a distance of at least seventy miles, where Capt. Butler & others were killed, that on said tour her husband has been gone for at least 10 days.
            Claimant further declare, and saith that in consequence of the numerous occurrencies and depredations, caused by the common enemy from Canada, the Militia from the early part in Spring during the whole season, until late in fall almost continually alarmed, sometimes drafted, in watching, and guarding, in rendering garrison duty, at some particular fort, and more [effiecally?] at the fort nearest to their place of residence, there stationed, in rendering garrison duty almost continueally, if not drafted or otherwise ordered out in consequence of alarms and occuriencies.
            Claimant declare and saith that her dec’d husband, exclusive of the foregoing mentioned and specified service that her husband did at least render the full length of service of four months and fifteen days to the United States vizt, during said year, 4 m & 15
            1782—The applicant further saith, that during the course of this year the enemy did not appear with great force, but generally with smaller parties, and continually from the early part in spring until late in fall, lurking and sculking around the old settlements annoying the inhabitants on both sides of the Mohawk river, burning, murdering and taking of prisoners to Canada, land in consequence of the many and frequent occurrencies, and depredations, the militia of Col. Sam’l Clyde, or [?] on those in the Regiment commanded by Col. Jacob Klock, constraint continually being on the alert, watching, and guarding their forts respectively in rendering garrison duty and generally stationed at their forts most near to their places of residence, pursuing the enemy on each and every occurrence, continually alarmed, impracticable to enumerate the many and frequent occurrences, and the number of tours, which have occurred from year to year, from the commencement of the said Revolutionary War, to the conclusion thereof, that your claimant declare that her dec’d husband did at least render the length of three months service during said year, vizt 3 months.
            Claimant further declare and saith that she has neither memorandum nor any documents left, by her deceased husband of this services rendered to the United States during the most arduous struggle in the said Revolution, only the impression which was made on her mind from time to time during the aforesaid Revolutionary War, by her said husband & others, besides that which has occurred to her own observations at the time thereof.—
            And the applicant further saith and declares, that she was legally and lawfully married to the said John Snyder in the fall of 1775, by the Rev’d Johann Daniel Gross, who did perform the marriage Covenant and services and that they had lived and cohabited together until the 15th day of November 1825, when her husband died, and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.
            That applicant further declares that through search having been made for the church records which as been kept by the said Rev’d Johann Daniel Gross, and his consistory, in the Reformed Dutch Church near Fort Plain but none are to be found, generally purposed and believed that the said records were left and kept in the said church at the time of the Gen’l Conflagration, then, Upper part of Canajoharie now Minden, when church and every other building, chiefly all was made desolate by the Incendiaries from Canada, which happened either latter part of July or forepart in Aug’t 1780.  (Signed with her mark) Margaret Snyder
Reply to a letter of Inquiry August 15, 1930
            You are advised that it appears from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, W.16415, that John Snyder enlisted, place not stated, in 1775 and served until sometime in 1782, specific dates not given, on various tours, amounting to over two years in all, as a private and corporal under Captains Abraham Copeman, John Winn and Joseph House, Colonels Ebenezer Cox, Samuel Clyde, Marinus Willet and Dubois in the New York Troops, during all of which time he was actively engaged in scouting, doing guard duty at the forts and defending the settlements along the Mohawk River and adjacent territory against the depredations of the British and Indians.  He was at the battles of Oriskany, Unadilla, Klock’s Field, Turlock and Johnstown.
            He died November 15, 1825.  His age is not shown.
            The soldier married in the fall of 1775, Margaret, daughter of Johannes Countryman.
            She was allowed pension on her application executed February 2, 1838, at which time she was aged seventy-six years and resided in Stark, Herkimer county, New York.
            Son Daniel Snyder was a resident of stark, New York in 1840, and in the same year Jacob Wendell stated that he was a grandson of Margaret Snyder.  There are no further family data.

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