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Pension Application for John Spraker

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Letter of reply dated October 21, 1929 in the pension folder.
            I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, S.14555, it appears that John Spracher, Spracker or Spraker was born in Palatine, Tryon (later Montgomery) County, New York, exact date not stated.
            While residing in Palatine, New York, he enlisted in the spring of 1776, and served at various times until the close of the war amounting in all to three years and twenty-seven days as a private and batteauman under Captains Jacob, W. Seeber, John Bradbig, John Leffeler, Samuel Gray and John Dillenback, Lieutenants Zilley and  George Acker, and Colonels Dayton, Cox, Jacob Klock, Lewis, John Harper, Waggoner, Brown and Willett in the New York Troops.  He was in the battle of Oriskany, at the surrender of Burgoyne, and in the battle of Oriskany, at the surrender of Burgoyne, and in the battles of Stone Arabia, Turlock and Johnstown.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed September 19, 1832, while residing in Palatine, New York, then aged seventy-six years, two months and ten days.
            There are no data as to his family.
            The above was taken from the original papers in the claim for pension of John Spracher and not from a printed volume.

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