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Pension Application for Charles Tillinghast
Donated by Kenneth Lifshitz

Continental (New York City)
Army Artillery, Officer, NY 2nd
Catharine Lamb Tillinghast
Date of Birth 1748
Date of Death 1795
            Rank was Captain.  Was a friend of High Hughes DQMG and Timothy Pickering the QMG and corresponded with them regarding the framing of the Constitution.  Married Catherine Lamb daughter of John Lamb of Lamb’s regiment, (NY 2nd Artillery).  In the late 1780

Washington, September 4, 1931
Mrs. W. N. Searcy
Dear Madam:
            You are advised that Revolutionary War data furnished by this office are obtained from claims made to the United States for pension and bounty land based upon military service of soldiers in that war.
            You are furnished herewith the history of the only solider named Charles Tillinghast, that is found on said records.
            From the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, W. 16444, it appears that Charles Tillinghast was a native of New York City, the date of his birth is not stated.
            While residing in New York City, he served from early in 1776 as Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General under Deputy Quartermaster General High Hughes, with rank of captain from May 14, 1777 until General Hughes resigned, and then served under Quartermaster General Timothy Pickering, a part of the time as Assistant Quartermaster General, service until late in 1784.
            He married, November 3, 1785, Catharine Lamb.  Marriage recorded in Trinity Church, New York City.
            He died, September 17, 1795, aged forty-seven years, and was buried in Trinity Church Yard.
            His widow, Catharine, was allowed pension on her application executed November 14, 1838, at which time she was living in Geneva, Ontario County, New York and was aged seventy-four years.
            She died there, June 1, 1843, leaving the following children—John L. Tillinghast, Martha Tillinghast, Mary Tillinghast, Charles Tillinghast, and Catharine, the wife of Isaac Q. Leake.
Very truly yours
A.D. Hiller
Assistant to Administrator

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