Morrison's Pensions

List of Tories from Tryon County to be sent to Hartford [Conn] June 25, 1776
Gen. Philip Schuyler Papers, New York Public Library (Microfilm Reel 20, New York State Library

James Linck a
William Boon [Brown] Dasarted
George Shank [Schenck] a
Nicholas Bradhower a
Jacob Sheets [crossed out]
Daniel McGrigor a
Richard ______ [crossed out]
Michael Russel a
Owen Conner deserted
Samuel Patterson a
Jacob Ramback deserted
Michael Callinger [Gallinger] a
Conard Smith a
John Saber [Seeber] deserted
David Jason [crossed out]
Francis Prime Jun’r [Stololer] a
John Davis deserted
Cornelius Philips deserted
Peter Bronnon deserted
John Gibson deserted
Nicholas Shaver a
Henry Bowen deserted
Daniel Fike deserted
Thomas Butler a
Adam Snyder a
Richard Robertson a
Truman Christy a
Ludwick Frederick Bernard a
Casper Couwer CT
Peter Cazrman CT
Hendrick Whitmose CT
Andrew Thompson a
James Wilkas deserted [deserted crossed out] in Town
Meler Night deserted[crossed out]
George McGinnes [crossed out]
__________? [crossed out]
Peter _______?
James Masey deserted
George Link [crossed out]
Samuel Patterson [crossed out]
John Hannibel deserted
Richard Bell deserted
Adam Helmer deserted
John Jost Petrie deserted
Johhn Riley a
Edward [crossed out]
James Platoo a
Samuel Thompson sick
John Pederdrick not here
Andrew Mitchell a
Donald Camerson a
John Dockstader a
Barnabas Cane In Town
Jacob Markle a
Henry Markle Jun’r a
Dedrick [Richard] Loucks a
Godfrey Syphert a
Henry Dillenbagh deserted
Christian Dillenbagh a
Peter Service [Servis, Servos] a
Michael [crossed out]
Aront Bratt
John McGruer
David Cox a CT
Philip Cooke CT
Colo Henry bFrey CT
John A. Holsman CT
John Hannis a
John Myers a
Johnh Loney a
Peter Ehll a
Johan Jost Petry Jun a
Adam Loucks CT a
Frederick Young CT a

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