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Pension Application for John Utters or Ulters

Continental (NY?)
See American State Papers Vol. 9.  Claims P 126 which shows on a list of invalid pension applicants from NY, John Utter; Matrose, Col. Lamb’s Artillery, enlisted for the war, on the rolls in May 1783; disabled Dec. 1782 at West Point by lameness from a bruise or wound received when exercising a piece of ordnance; residence West Chester Co.  ALSO--
            The list of invalid pensioners of Westchester Co., NY printed in 1830 shows John Utters, private, army of the Rev. pensioned from Sept 4, 1793 under Act Apr. 20, 1796, increased under Acts Apr 27, 1810 and Apr 24, 1816.  Died June 11, 1828.

Utter, John
            His name appears on a list of applicants for invalid pension – returned by the District Court for the District of New York, submitted to the House of Representatives by the Secretary of War on May 22, 1794, and printed in the American State Papers, class 9, page 126.
            Rank: Matross [Definition: a gunner or a gunner's mate; one of the soldiers in a train of artillery, who assisted the gunners in loading, firing, and sponging the guns.]
            Regt: Col. Lamb’s artillery.
            Disability: Lameness from a bruise or wound received when exercising a piece of ordnance.
            When and where disabled: December, 1782, West Point.
            Residence: West Chester, county.
            To what pension entitled: Three-fourths.
            Remarks: Enlisted for the war; on the rolls in May 1783.
            Evidence, complete, except that the disability is proved but by one evidence.

Office of Disc’t & Depos’t
New York 15th Novem’r 1819
            Sir, I have taken the liberty of enclosing you the original pension certificate issued to John Utters & a certificate of two physicians respecting his disability which were presented at this office with a view of obtaining payment for the last six months.
It appears that his pension has been increased from $3.75/100 to $8 per month & from the physicians certificate herewith that his present degree of disability is Total, but in the body of his pension certificate bearing date the 7th instant his pension is inserted at the rate of $3.75/100 per month to commence from the time to which this pension was last pad by the Agent.  As a [defunlty?] has arisen respecting the present rate of this pension, I have thought proper to enquire whether it is intended to be reduced to $3.75 per month.  Please to return the enclosed papers to this office.
I am very respectfully, Sir your obed’t Serv’t Isaac Laurence, [?] acting as agency for Pensioners.
[Note: physicians affidavits are not in the folder.]

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