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Pension Application for John VanOsdoll

New York
Court of Common Pleas.
City, County and State of New York SS.
            On this twenty second day of November 1828 personally appeared in open court, the same being a court of record, for the City & County of New York, in the State of New York, John VanOsdoll, aged Seventy two years resident in the Eleventh War of said City and State, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath declare, that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows:  That he entered the Army of the United States in the year 1775, as a private in a company commanded by Captain Wnnkoop, that he continued until the month of May in the year 1779, when he was made a Sergeant, in a company commanded by Catpain Vanderborough, in the 5th Regiment of United States Troops commanded by Collonel Willett, continued in the same until the year 1781; that owing to the reduction of the New York Regiments in 1781, he was transferred to the 2nd Regiment commanded by Colonel VanCourtland and served until the end of the war.  That with the except of five months he was in service during the whole Revolutionay War.
            And the said John VanOsdoll did further solemnly swear, that he was a Resident Citizen of the United States, on the 18th day of March 1818, and that he has not since that time by gift, sale, or in any manner, disposed of his property or any part thereof with intend thereby so to  diminish it as to bring himself within the provisions of an Act of Congress, entitled, “An act to provide for certain person, engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War”, passed on the 18th
Day of March 1818.  And that he has not nor has any person in trust for him, any property or Securities, contracts, or debts, due to him, nor has he any income, other than what is contained in the Schedule hereto annexed and by him subscribed.  (Signed) John Van Osdoll
            Sworn to and declared in open court on the twenty second day of November 1828.  N. Dean, Clerk Com. Pleas New York
Inventory of the effects of John Van Osdoll taken November 1828.

1 wooden clock 3.00
1 ray carpet 2.
1 old desk 1.50
1 pair andirons 2.
1 sword 1.
8 old commaon chairs 1.00
2 pots 1.50
½ doz knives & forks 1.00
1 doz cups & saucers 1.00
1 wood saw  .50
1 Corkin box & corkin irons .50
2 wash tubs 1.00
1 odl brass kettle 2.00
1 old chests  .50
1 pair pitchers .50
1 pair decanters 1.00
1 grind stone  .25

2 Bibles  3.00
1 shove & tongs 1.
1 spider .50
1 looking glass 1.
2 old tables 1.
1 Pitcher of Washington 1.50
1 green powder horn & shot bad 5.
1 stove 4.
1 tin pan 1.50
1 doz. Plates .50
1 wood axe [Boetle?] & wedges  .50
2 plains and 1 Hand saw  .50
2 Pails .50
1 Walking canes
1 trunk 1.50
½ doz tumblers & wine glasses 1.00
2 pine benches .75
6 or 8 books old 2.00
1 tea kettle 1.50
1 lot rubbish 3.00
Total $51.00

United States of America
City and State of New York
            Marinus Willett of the City of New York, late Lieutenant Col. Commandant of the 5th Regiment of U. States Troops then under his command and was attached to the Company of Captain Vanderbergh and during the whole period of his service proved an attentive & valuable non commissioned officer until the period of his transfer into the 2nd Regiment under the command of Lt. Col. Courtland—and the said Marinus Willett further states that he has known the said John VanOsdoll from the termination of the Revolutionary War until the present time and has always considered him an Excellent Citizen and a man of respectable character.  (Signed) Marinus Willett.
            Sworn this 29th day of August 1828 before me.  Evert A. Bancker commissioner.

Letter dated October 23, 1939 written in reply to a request for information
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the records of all soldiers with the name John VanNosdall who served in the Revolutionary War from New York State.
            You are furnished herein the record of the only John VanOsdell, under any spelling who served from New York in the Revolutionary War records of this office.  The data therein were obtained from the papers in pension claim, S.23462, based upon his service in the Revolutionary War.
            The date and place of birth of John VanOsdoll and names of his parents were not given.
            While living with his brother, Tunis VanOsdoll, in Montgomery, Orange county, New York, John VanOsdoll enlisted in 1775, served as private in Captain Wynkoop’s company, Colonel Richmore’s (probably meant for Ritzema’s) New York regiment at Quebec and after having served a year, returned to New York State.  He enlisted in April, 1777, served as private in Captains Palmer’s and Stewart’s companies, Colonel William Allison’s New York regiment, then served as corporal in Captain Hutchins’ company, Colonel Dubois’ New Your regiment, stationed on the frontiers of Orange and Ulster Counties, was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Fort Montgomery, October 6, 1777, in which his brother, Tunis was also engaged but escaped capture, while John was confined in the North Dutch Church, Sugar House and Old Jersey Prison Ship, then in the Hospital, and was exchanged October 26, 1778.  He enlisted May 10, 1779, was appointed sergeant in Captain William Faulkner’s company, served also in Captain Vanderbergh’s company and under Colonels James McClaughrey, Albert Pawling, Marinus Willett and VanCortland in the New York troops and was discharged January 1, 1780  He served a tour from May 2, to December 15, 1780 but did not give names of officers or other details.  He served a tour in 1781, length of which was not given, as a sergeant in Captain John Burnett’s company, Colonel Albert Pawling’s New York regiment.  He served also, a tour of eight or nine months in 1782 as sergeant in Captain John L. Hardenbergh’s company, Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Weisenfels’ New York Regiment. 
            The soldier was allowed pension on his application executed January 30, 1829, at which time he was aged seventy-three years and a resident of New York City.  He died there August 14, 1836.  At the time of his death, he was First Lieutenant of The Independent Veterans Crops of Artillery for New York City.
            John VanOsdoll’s wife, name not designated, was aged sixty–eight years in 1829.  She did not survive the soldier.
            The soldier was survived by children, all of whom were residents of New York City in 1847. Their names were as follows, but ages were not given:
            David C. VanOsdoll, still of New York City in 1855.
            Deborah, Widow of John Phillips
            Jane, Widow of Jacob G. Theall
            Mary, wife of Andrew Dorgan. She died prior to 1855, leaving several heirs.
            Reference was made in the claim to another brother of John VanOsdoll namely, Abraham VanOsdoll who, during the Revolutionary War, was employed in a mill on Murderers Creek, in Orange County, New York, and who died prior to 1844 in New York City.
            In 1834, James Riker, son-in-law of John VanOsdoll, stated in New York City before one Richard Riker, Recorder for New York City, that he had known John VanOsdoll nineteen years ten months, but did not state the name of soldier’s daughter whom he married, nor give any relationship to Richard Riker.  In 1840, James Riker, soldier’s grandson was living in Harlem, New York City, and still living there in 1855.  One D. Phoenix Riker was then Commissioner of Deeds for New York City; his relationship to the other persons of that name not stated.  In 1840, Mrs. Jane VanOsdoll, widow of soldier’s brother, Tunis VanOsdoll, was aged ninety-four years and still living in the same house in Montgomery, Orange County, New York, in which she was living during the Revolutionary War.

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