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Invalid Pension Application for Gideon Warren

State of New York
City of New York SS
            Gideon Warren of Hampton in the County of Washington Farmer being duly sworn maketh Oath that during the late war to wit in the Year 1775 he was a Captain in the Garrison of Ticonderoga then consisting of Militia on duty in the Service of the United States commanded by Captain Thomas Lusk; that while in the Garrison & Service aforesaid to wit on or about the Middle of May 1775 a certain Abial Brown then in the said Garrison being a Tory or a Madman hand having to Possession of a Quantity of Arms, he the Deponent in attempting with several others to pacify or disarm him the said Abial Brown received a Wound in his right Wrist by a Stroke of a Cutlass which almost cut off his Hand & has so much injured his Arm that he is incapable of obtaining his Livelihood by Labor; that on the 12th Day of Decr last he was fifty five  Years of Age & now actually resides at Hampton aforesd.  Gideon Warren
            Before me Rich. Varick, Recorder

The following is the story about Brown:--
            I Ebenezer Kellogg Being of Lawful age Do testify that In May AD 1775 I was Detaitched from Williamstown to Ticonderoga Which place We accdingly took then most of the army Were Detaitched to crown point & St. Johns and a fellow fell Behind By the Name of Brown Blonging to Pwonal and the Company that he Belonged to Were Detayched and the fellow came into the Same Mess to Which I Belonged and I heard him often to Say that he had No thoughts of taking up arms against the King and he Would talk and Rage almost Like a Mad fellow after he had Benn With us two Days a party Returned from Crown points With some prisoners and Several of the party Came Into the Same Room In Which I kept and Set up their guns and all Left the Room But My Self & one more and I Was a going out of the Room Brown Spoke to Me thus With a gun In his Hand there Was a party here and they Intend to kill Me and I Entend to kill one first and Drew up, his gun at Me twice and I Run to Call one of our Sergeants Which had pacefyed him Several time and as We Were agoing to Enter the Room again Brown Insisted that he Would kill as Many as he Could and he had By him fifteen guns all Loaded With hanger and a Cutlas and he gave out Such threats We Steped Back and the Door fell to and he fireed and Shot one partly through the Body By the Name of Cammel at Which the Man Cried he Was killed I instantly took hold of him to Lead him away and Some Body Spoke and Says Brown What Do you Mean to act So Says he I have Killed one and I Entend to kill as Many as I Can and Soon fired agin.  And there was one Steped up help Lead Cammel By the Name of Harris and as We Were agoing off Brown Shot out of the Window and Shot Harris throught the knee and as Soon as We had got the Wounded Safe the Next Cry Was he had Cut off Capt. Warrens hand Who I understood Was Endeavouring to pacify him Soon after the Cry Capt. Warren Now Colol Warren Come In Where I Was and the Blood ran Whole Streams and his wrist appeared to be Bigest part Cut off and farther Deponanth Saith Not.
From: New York in The Revolution Volume II, pg 32. 1898, Roberts & Mather 1901

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