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Pension Application for John Weed

State of New York
Oswego County SS.
            I, John Weed of the town of Richland, County of Oswego do testify and say that he was born in the Town of Norwalk in the State of Connecticut Fairfield County on the 28th day of April 1764 according to information derived from my parents—When four months old I was carried to Long Island as I have been told to the Town of Selaeket?, County of Suffolk.  State of New York there lived till I was 12 years old which was April previous to the declaration of Independence.  And in 1776 I remember hearing the roaring of Cannon at Long Island—York Island—Flat Bush & also when the Phoenix & Rose went up the N. River also at the White Plains, also at Fort Mongomery [Montgomery] in 1777.  Also saw the Hessians when they went to East Hampton and put out for winter quarters in the fall off ’76 I think.  My Father a whig & 3 sons were then in the United States Army – In 1777 my father came home—got his family off the Island in ’78 & landed near Norwalk Connecticut—then into South Salem Westchester Co. where the family resided until 1782—In 1780 being liable to Military duty then 16 years old belonging to Capt. Joseph Benedict’s Company, Col. J. Benedicts Regt., we were called out—went on to [?] near White Plains Mile Square—Kings Street & Bedford near North Castle I think between the 15th of October & 15 Nov’r we found [?] & cider secreted among the Toreys of which we made [?] our stay on the lines did not exceed 3 weeks—In a short time after we returned we were called out again to go to Pines Bridge as we heard Delansen’s Corps had gone to Crumb Pond our object to prevent his crossing a Pine Bridge to North [?], our stay at the Bridge and returning about one week—No further service this year except watching Toreys & Cow Boys—In 1781 as near as I can recollect in the months of June or forepart of July Delansens Corps came out and burnt Bedford & killed Stephen Ambler I was sent into the Country with the family—In the fall after I was on scout from the lines with Captain Mead who had the charge of that scouting party, and who belonged to Capt. Samuel Lawrence’s Company, Col. Benedict’s Regiment & after time our number being small our business was to watch for skinners & Cowboys and horse thieves, went to Quaker Ridge – round hill—Middle Patten & returned by Bedford—gone about a week as near as I can recollect.  In 1782 in February there was a levy made on the Inhabitants to raise a corps of men how extensive this deponent cannot now ascertain—the men were classes Enoch Mead of South Salem was head of the class, then called lower Salem, Westchester County.  Early in the Spring of ’82 I think I enlisted into Capt. Thomas Hunts company to clear Enoch Meads class each class being bound to furnish a soldier for nine months—this deponent has no certain data by which to determine the exact time of service except that he enlisted early in the spring & continued in the service till the snow fell the next fall or – winter when this Deponent was discharged at Poughkeepsie—Capt. Hunts Company was not attached to any particular Regiment his company serving as a Company of Rangers on the lines—Shortly before this deponent was discharged this deponent with about 28 men were sent by Capt. Hunt under Lieutenant Youngs on a scout in pursuit of some Light horsemen whatever in search of some Cocks for New Years—we pursued them at full speed to Rye Bridge for which place they had departed a few minutes before our arrival & we returned to camp which circumstance leads this deponent to believe that it must have been on or about the 1st of January ’83.  That he was discharged—During which service of nine months as this deponent was mustered at Bedford on or about the first April ’82 Our head-quarters being generally at Bedford—this deponent further saith that Col. Sheldens Regt of Light Horse—unfrequently there—at one time Baron Steuben reviewed the troops, at which Review Capt. Hunts Company served as a guard, this deponent being a Centinal hailed the Baron on his approach—at another time Gen’l Geo. Washington reviewed the troops about 4 miles east of Dobbs Ferry.  Capt. Hunt’s Company were paraded on the left of Col. Sheldens light horse.  This deponent being there [?] serving as a private in s’d company.   Our service was very hard scouting on the lines from Bedford to the plains by Maroneck sawpits—Rye—Kings Street & North Castle, the whole country having grown up to grass made it wet & unpleasant scouting in the evening which was frequently our principal duty.  This deponent further swears that during said nine months service one of the sergeants belonging to [?] Hunts Company was tried by a court martial the principal officers of said company were as follows, Thomas Hunt Captain, Azariah Tuttle 1 Lieut., Samuel Youngs 2d Lieut., 1 Serg’t ____ Edwards, 2d___Stuart, 3d Spenocia__Charles Weed 2d Corporal, hired one Blanchard as his substitute who was chosen 4th Sergt, Corporals Narrin & Chs. Weed, the others this deponent cannot now name.
            This deponent further states that he was present at the taking of Colomon Blindbury, the man that butchered Ambler at the Burning of Bedford—at the taking of a yoke of oxen stolen from Wm. Hobbe & two horses loaded [?] others stolen from Stanwich near Horsesneck, killed one man the other fled—The rason of my being discharged at Poughteepsie were as follows—two days before our term of service expired there were 12 prisoners boatmen brought in to camp—Sergt Edwards, Corporal Nerrin with 12 men this deponent being one were ordered to take them to Poughkeepsie said—the first day near night the prisoners having treated our serg’t to intoxication said sergeant having dismissed several of his men to meet us again the next morning at upper Salem the prisoners having staves & clubs to walk with Jackson one of the prisoners cries out found them boys upon which they immediately commenced and attack knocked down the front guard took their arms & turned upon the rear, after some sharp fighting 4 of them made their escape—the rest we secured & marched them down the mountain to upper Salem & drest their wounds and bruises.  The next morning High Sheriff Hunt sent Serg’t Edwards under guard back to camp and proceeded on with us & the prisoners in our crippled state to Poughkeepsie, how long we were on the march, this deponent does not now recollect—The prisoners being safely lodged in [?] the corporal marched us to the Governor Geo. Clintons house one mile south of the Court house and requested of him a discharge—having learnt from him & conversed with the sheriff who was father to our Captain that our time of service had been out several days – he treated to a good breakfast, gave a pass to our several places of abode—cautioning us to behave Civil & c, we presented arms thanked him for his civil treatment and pass & marched [?] at Support arms—
            This deponent further states that he was acquainted with Col. Sheldens officers before they were cut to pieces at Pound Ridge—Lieut. Col. Whiting, Major Tallmage, Capt. Wadsworth, King—I am & Dole? Of the Brass Caps & has seen Milens Regt many times during his service, they wore leather caps—He further states that after the war he moved to the Town of Rumport Bennington [?] Vermont where he lived more than 30 years.  That during the last war he commanded a company of Riflemen Col. Isaac Clark’s Regt—and was at Plattsburgh in 1813 in service as will appear by referring to the books.  That for the last 7 & ½ years he has & now does reside in the Town of Richland County of Oswego & State of New York, in which last mentioned neighborhood this deponent further says he is known to the Reverend Ralph Robinson Pallor of the First Congregational Church in said Town of Richland—William Hale Sheriff of the county of Oswego, Hiram Hubbell Esq. Postmaster in the town aforesaid, who can testify as to the character of this deponent for veracity and their belief of his services as a soldier of the Revolution.  This deponent further says that he knows of no person living excepting his brother Charles, whose deposition is hereto attached, who can testify to his services in the war of the Revolution and that he had no documentary evidence of his said service in the Revolution.
            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed) John Weed.
            Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid.  D. McPherson Dep. Clk

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