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Pension Application for John Winn

Continental, John Winn, private Co. Capt. Orr & Regt Colo. Spencer in the army of the US.  Inscribed on the roll of the New York agency at the rate of $4 per mo. Increased to $6.40/100 by the Law of the 24 April 1816 to take effect from the passage of the act.  Formal Certificate paid 17 April 1823 and sent to Wm. Ovington Esqr.  New York
Application for a New Certificate
City of New-York, SS.
            On this fourteenth day of April 1823; before me, the Subscriber, a Notary Public for the state of New-York, personally appeared John Winn of Newburgh formerly of Wallkill, who, on his oath, declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Captain John Orr, in the regiment commanded by Colonel Oliver Spencer, in the service of the United States; that his name was placed on the Pension Roll of the state of New York that he received a certificate copy of, that fact, under the signature of Richard Varick & Richard Plantz, Esqrs and that he has never received any certificate of pension from the Offices of the Secretary of War.  (signed) John Winn.
            Sworn and subscribed to, before me, the day and year aforesaid.  Wm. Ovington, Notary Public.

Invalid 26922, NJ Line  Index:--Vol. 2, Page 454.  Arrangement of 1870.
This request for information received a special and lengthy response.
June 22, 1914.
Hon. William P.Borland, House of Representatives.
My dear Mr. Borland:
            In response to your letter dated the seventeenth instant, I have the honor to advise you that the name “Wynn” or Wynne” does not appear on the Revolutionary War records of this Bureau, and to furnish you the history of all the pensioners named John Winn and John Winne found on said records.
            If further information concerning these pension claims is desired, any one designated by you will be allowed to examine & copy the papers on file.

            Sur. File No. 26,922, John Winn, who served as a Private under Captain James Orr, Colonel Oliver Spencer, in the War of the Revolution was allowed pension at the New York Agency, from August 1, 1780, on account of disability.
            In April 1823, he resided at Newburgh, New York, having formerly lived at Wallkill.  He died January 8, 1827.
            There is no further information concerning him.

            In claim R. File No. 2,889, it is stated that John Winn served upwards of two years as Orderly Sergeant in Captain Hoogland’s company, Colonel Sheldon’s regiment of Cavalry in the Connecticut Line (32d Continental Dragoons) and was in the battle of Brandywine.
            He married at Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, New York in January ---1790, Thankful-----; he died in November 1806, at Easton, Washington County, New York; she married in October 1813, Nehemiah Denton who died September 17, 1826.  In 1839 Thankful Denton was seventy-three years of age and a resident of Vienna, Oneida County, New York. She died March 10, 1839.

            W. File No. 20,132.  John Winn of Lancaster, Massachusetts served as a Private in the Massachusetts troops as follows: from July 1776, under Captain Manasseh Sawyer, Colonel Nicholas Dike, eight months: June 1777, under Captain Francis Wilson, Colonel Keyes, between six and seven months; from March or April 1778, under Captain Ebenezer Belknap, Colonel Nathaniel Wade, nine months; and from July 1780, under Captains Dix and Watson, Colonels Wesson and Gimat, six months.
            He was born April 17, 1760, at Lancaster, Massachusetts, and died November 28, 1843, leaving his widow Abigail (Cross) Winn who was also pensioned.

            Sur. File No. 35,140, John Winn enlisted at Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, February 3, 1776, under Captains William Rippey and Parker, Colonels William Irvine and Hartley, he was in the battles of Three Rivers, Brandywine, White Horse, Paoli, Germantown, Monmouth, Springfield, and Yorktown.
            In 1818 he was sixty-six years of age and a resident of Halifax County, Virginia aged sixty-nine years in 1832, was allowed pension on account of his services of eighteen months in the Virginia troops, from Septebmer 1780, under Captains Bowyse and Huffman; he was in the battles of Guilford Cort House, Camden, Eutaw Springs and Siege of Ninety-six.

            Sur. File No. 39,127, John Winn, enlisted “for the War” in Virginia in May 1777, as Private in Captain Moore’s company, Colonel William Grayson’s regiment, and served under Colonel Gist, land in Colonel Lee’s Cavalry; he was wounded in the leg at the battle of Brandywine, engaged in the battles of Monmouth, Guilford Court House and the siege of Ninety-Six.  He was allowed pension on his application executed October 27, 1820, at which time he was seventy-seven years of age and a resident of Pendleton District, South Carolina and referred to his wife Hannah aged about eighty-four years.
            R. File No. 11,723, John Winne Senior was allowed pension on his alleged service in the New York troops, viz. nine months from May 1779, in Captain Benjamin Dubois’ company, and four months from June 1781, in Philipp Conine’s company under Colonel Anthony VanBergen.
            He was born in 1763, at Catskill, Albany County, New York, where he married August 15, 1782, Maria Egbertson.  In 1832, he resided at Cairo, Greene County, New York, and died August 17, 1840.
            Sur. File No. 11,806, John D. Winne, who was born October 8, 1759, enlisted in 1776 and served sort tours in the New York Militia, at various times, under Captains William Winne, Henry Oothout, John VanWie, Colonels Henry Quackenbos and Volkert Veeder.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed August 1, 1832 while a resident of Bethlehem, Albany County, New York.  He died April 30, 1837.
            Very truly yours, G. M. Saltzgaber, Commissioner

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