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Pension Application for John Winn

R.2889  (Former Widow: Thankful Denton)
State of New York
Rensselaer County SS.
            On this 13th day of February 1839 personally appeared before me Archibald Bull one of the Judges of the Court of common Pleas of the county aforesaid (the same being a court of Record) Thankful Denton a resident of the Town of Vienna in the County of Oneida & State aforesaid aged 73 years who being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 entitled an act granting half pay & pensions to certain widows; That she was the wife of John Winn a Revolutionary soldier who died in the latter part of Nov’r 1806, leaving the said applicant Thankful Denton his widow.  That since the death of John Winn her said husband she married to Nehemiah Denton deceased that she claims a pension under the aforesaid act as the widow of John Winn. That her husband John Winn about the commencement of the Revolutionary War by enlisting into a company of Cavalry she has always understood the name of the Capt. to be Hoglin (1), Lieutenant Seymour, Col. Shelden’s Rgt., that she always understood that her husband held the Rank of Orderly Sargeant in said company & served during the war and was in a number of Battles during said service, one was at Brandiwine (2) and that he was at West Point and on the lines between Connecticut & New York and was in Battle there at the time the British Burned Norwalk, that she has often heard her husband speak of loosing his discharge from service.  She does not know of any person now living who was in the service with her said husband or any one by whom she can prove any part of his service. She thinks that James Dole who formerly lived in Lansingburgh in this county, who is now dead, was in the Regt. aforesaid with her husband that she does not know of any documentary evidence except the certificate from the office of the secretary of this state hereunto annexed that she can prove the service of her husband by, and she further declares that she was married to the said John Winn in the latter part of the month of Jan’y 1790 according to the best information she can obtain and to the best of her knowledge and belief and that according to the best information she can obtain & the best of her memory her husband John Winn died in the latter part of Nov’r 1806 in the town of Stillwater or Easton, being away from his residence to wit the town of Lansingburgh County and state just above written when he died that she has thoroughly enquired in Lansingburgh, Troy & other places to ascertain if there was not some records of herself and said John Winn but she has not been able to find any that she was married to said John Winn as aforesaid in the town of Lansingburgh by the Rev’d Mr. Lupton a Presbyterian Clergyman in the latter part of Jan’y 1790 as she thinks that she was not married prior to his leaving the service but he marriage took place prior to the first of Jan’y 1794 viz at the time above stated.  That she was also married to Nehemiah Denton in the month of Oct 1813 and that said Denton died as above stated and that she is his widow.  (signed) Thankful Denton
            Sworn to and subscribed the day and year first above written.  Archibald Bull, Judge &c.

To the best of his knowledge & belief, sworn and subscribed &c. 15th day of Dec’r 1838.  Horatio Hickok, Henry Hewitt, Justice of the Peace.
State of New York
Saratoga County SS.
            Betsy Berger of the town of Stillwater in the county aforesaid being duly sworn says that she is now 56 years of age that in the year 1806 she lived in the Town of Easton county of Washington & state aforesaid within a few rods of the Residence of Rensselaer Schuyler, Esqr., that in the latter part of the month of November or December of the same year a man by the name of John Winn of the town of Lansingburgh county of Rensselaer aforesaid came to said Schuyler’s House where he was taken suddenly ill and in about 24 hours died that the father of this deponent laid out the body of said John Winn & that the said John Winn was Buried on the premises of said Renssalaer Schuyler near his house in Easton aforesaid that this deponent was at the [house] as she says of said Schuyler at the time of the death of said John Winn & hereof the facts and circumstances above stated & this deponent now lives in the town of Stillwater & County aforesaid & further this deponent saith not.  (Signed with her mark)  Betsy Burger, Witness: Avery Thomas.
            Sworn this 11th day of Feb’y 1839 before me Ashbel Palmer, Justice of the Peace.

End Notes—John Winn R2889

  1. John enlisted March 6, 1778 as a Corporal in Captain Jeronimus Hoogland’s Company in Colonel Elisha Sheldon’s Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons (Second Regiment).  Size Roll of the 2d Regt Light Dragoons Benj’n Tallmadge, Late Major 2d Regt Lt Dragoons, Litchfield, Conn. Augt 8, 1819.  PP 14 & 15.  Second Troop Corp John Winn enlisted March 6, 1778, War.  Hartford, Cooper 5’7”.  Complexion Dark, Eyes Dark, Hair Brown.  FROM: Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Series M-246, Roll 15, folder 12, National Archives, Washington DC.
  2. The Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania was fought on September 11, 1777.
  3. Possibly he is referring to the time of 12th July 1779.

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