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Pay Roll of Capt John Woods Company of Exempt Militia in the County of Orange in the Service of the United States on Different Towers [Tours] of Duty from the 7th July 1778 to the 26th of July 1779 Both Days Included

John Wood Capt
Jonathan Baley 1st Lieut
Jacob Dunning 2nd Lieut
William Thompson 2nd Lieut
Hadmial Moore Ensign
William Barker Sergt
Gilbert Veal Sergt
Nathaniel Roe Private
Joseph Grummun
George H. Jackson
Ephraim Maston
Joshua Davis
John Davis
Phenias Case
James Butler
Joseph Wood

Jonathan Thompson
John Brinson
James Sawer [?]
James Napp
Jacob Arnet
Richard Gale
William Ludlum
James Clark
Jacob Cole
Coe Gale
James Everitt
Jorel Wills
Daniel Everitt
Samuel Carpenter
John Denton

City of New York SS
            The within names John Wood being Duly Sworn Saith that The within Pay Role Contain a Just account of the times Services of the within named Persons according to the Best of his Knowledge.
            Sworn before me this 31st December 1790.  John Wood
           Peter S. Curtenius State Audr [Auditor], Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Series M 246, Roll 78, National Archives, Washington D.C.

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