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Wounded At Oriska

Fort Dayton Jany the 6th 1779
            This may certify that the following persons Declared on oath they being sore of their wounds received August the 6th 1777 in General Herkimen [Herkimer] Near fort Schuyle [Schuyler]----
            Doctr Wm. Petry two months
Ut Geroge Hellmer two months & a half
JohnShell tow months [Schell]
Frederick Raspak Eleven months [Rasbachetc]
George Henry Bell two months
            All of the above were wounded at the Battle of Oriskany on August 6, 1777.
SOURCE: NYSL, Special Collections and Manuscripts, Doc. No. 11965:16, Albany , NY

These certifies that G. Henry Bell Esqr. Of Fall Hill Montgomery County was Wounded at the Battle of Oriska on the 6th Day of August 1777.  That the s’d G. Henry Bell was for the space of Two Months and a half by means of s’d wounds unfit to perform any Duty for the Publick or himself.  The s’d G. Henry Bell Esqr Acted as Guide on Several Occasions during the late War on the frontiers Voluntarily.  Given under our hands the 6th day of October, 1784.
Peter Bellinger colo
Patrick Campbell Lt
Little Falls Montgomery County
            This node [for payment is crossed out] to obtain payment in this case is pointed out in the Militia Act passed the 11th March 1780—in the 39 Claws [Clause] Page 125—I have given Colo Klock the form of the certificate.
            He had a Right to charge half pay during the time he was disabled and to charge the Doctr Bill—
SOURCE: DOC No. 11965:15, NYSL, Special Collections and Manuscripts, Albany, NY.

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